Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Do not have to do anything throughout the day. Who would not have such a wish to get just to sleep and eat we also wish to do the same during the holidays. Well, this is a matter of humans, but we know that animals are also lazy. If you think no one can be lazier than you, then today meet these animals who will give you top competition in laziness.

Rest is necessary but it seems these animals have taken this thing a bit too seriously and set new records of laziness. So in this article, we will introduce you to the world’s laziest animals.

List of Laziest Animals in the World

#1. Sloth

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Hearing the name laziness, the first animal that comes to our mind is Sloth. Looking at the speed of this animal found in South and Central America, it seems as if this is the definition of indolence. Their speed is only 0.14 miles per hour. Sloths are mammals that live in tropical rainforests sleep for 20 hours of the day and spend the rest of the time eating.

Talking about food, their main diet is the leaves of trees. Although insects and small crawling creatures are also included in their diet. According to the research done on sloths, they cannot be seen in the bright light of the day. But it is said that their sense of smell and sharp memory helps them in finding food and walking.

One amazing thing about this lazy animal is that he goes to the toilet only once a week. And only then got down under the tree. They spend 90% of their life hanging from trees. Well, you would be surprised to know that sloths are the slowest moving animals, but they are very good swimmers.

#2. Python

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

People get scared just by hearing its name. But the lazy people are teased in the name of this animal. This snake named Python is found in Asia, Africa, and Australia. You will not believe Python sleeps 18 hours a day. They grow up to 30 feet in length and weigh up to 200 pounds (90 kg).

Pythons hunt once a week and swallow their prey whole. Due to this, it takes a long time to digest food and hence it remains lethargic. Pythons are said to live on trees during their youth, but then slowly start living on the ground as they grow in size over time.

Everyone knows that Pythons shed their old skin, but do you know that before this process, they sleep for 1 week so that they can prepare themselves for it?

#3. Hippo

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Now we will meet the 3rd laziest animal on this list which is found in the countries of East Africa. The name of this huge animal is Hippo. Hippos prefer to live in herds and a herd consists of 10 to 20 hippos. These creatures, which grow up to 14 feet, weigh about 8,000 pounds and have mastered sleeping.

Hippos sleep for 16 hours a day. Their main diet is grass. A hippo can eat up to 80 pounds of grass in a day. Hippos prefer to sit or sleep in the water to avoid the heat. They can live for 40 years only in the environment of the forest.

Hippos have the ability to hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes. While sleeping in the water, they have learned to breathe by keeping their nose above the surface of the water and hence they do not drown in the water even after sleeping in the pond. Hippos are one of the most aggressive animals in the world and are considered the most dangerous animals in Africa.

#4. Koala

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Our next Laziest Animals is the Koala bear which is native to Australia. They look like small bears, but they are “arboreal herbivorous marsupia” found in the southeast and east of Australia. They are 60-85 cm tall and weigh up to 32 pounds (15 kg).

In terms of sleep, they should be given a medal because they spend 18 to 22 hours a day sleeping and they are so lethargic that they take 2 to 6 hours to eat. Their main food is Eucalyptus leaves, which they can eat up to a kilo in a day. Although the leaves of eucalyptus are considered toxic, due to the strong digestive system of the koala, they are able to digest it.

Koalas do not drink much water because they get a lot of moisture from their leaves. Koalas can also store leaves inside their cheeks to be eaten later. Koalas found in silver, gray, and brown color are also mammals and their life span is up to 20 years.

#5. Hamster

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

These cute rat-like creatures spend 14 hours a day sleeping. Because of their cuteness, many people also keep them at home. There are five species of hamsters that can be kept as pets. Their average size is 6 inches and the average age is from 2.5 to 3 years.

One specialty of hamsters is that they can store food equal to their own weight in their cheeks. Apart from fruits, grains, and vegetables, small insects also become their food.

It is said that hamsters wake up only once a week in the winter season and that too in order to eat stored food, they live in forests by making burrows which are very long and look like a tunnel from inside. Sometimes their burrows are up to one meter deep. Even though hamsters are sleepy animals, it seems that they are no less than an engineer at making burrows.

#6. Armadillo

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

These are called armadillos and a total of 20 species are found in North Central and South America. Their body is covered with armor, but the body inside the armor is made of soft fur. There are also three bands on their armor. Armadillo shrinks into a ball-like shape when threatened.

These sleepy animals spend 18 to 19 hours of the day sleeping. They weigh up to 120 pounds and a large armadillo can grow up to 59 inches. Their tongue is long, with the help of which these ants make termites and small insects their food.

Armadillos go out in the evening to find food. Due to their poor eyesight and hearing, they depend on their sense of smell to find food. One of their specialty is that they can hold their breath in water for more than 5 minutes so that they can easily walk across the river or pond.

#7. Lemur

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Looking at them, it would seem that they are monkeys, but they are lemurs that are found only on the African island of Madagascar. They are much smaller in size than monkeys. Their length is about 39-46 centimeters and the average weight of a lemur is 66 pounds.

Lemurs sleep for about 16 hours a day and their diet includes fruits, leaves, plants, and insects. They find their food at night. Due to their small size, they prefer to live in herds. When they are in a herd, their power is hardly matched by anyone and then they are able to easily defeat any of their hunters.

Even though lemurs are late sleepers, they are very agile when it comes to leaping. When they jump from trees, they cover a distance of about 25 feet in one jump. Lemurs live for about 15 years in the wild. The species of lemur has also been counted among mammals.

#8. Panda

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Now meet the cute and friendly animal Giant Panda. These are black and white colored bears found in the bamboo forests of China. An adult panda can grow up to about five inches and weigh between 100 to 298 pounds. They sleep for more than 10 hours a day and spend about 12 hours eating food.

Panda mostly prefers bamboo sticks in food, but apart from this they also eat fruits, vegetables, and fish. If this animal, which eats 10 to 20 kg of food in a day, is taken good care of, then it can live for about 35 years.

Although pandas are counted among bears, they do not spend the winter sleeping like bears. In winter, they migrate to areas with warmer temperatures. They are tired animals. Their energy level is very low and hence they are very slow to move. But their specialty is climbing bamboo trees and they can climb up to a height of 3000 feet.

#9. Echidna

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

There is a species found in Southern Australia called Echidna. Echidna is also called “spiny anteater”. They measure 13 to 14 inches tall and weigh between 5 to 22 pounds (2.5 to 10 kg). Due to the cold temperature of their body, they find it difficult to live in a place with a hot temperature. This is the reason why they sleep during the day and stay awake at night to avoid the heat of the sun.

The very slow movement of echidnas places them in the category of lazy animals. They can sleep more than 12 hours a day. Their special thing is that they do not have teeth, so they eat their food by grinding it with their mouth and tongue. They make ants and termites their food. Their claws are strong, With the help of which they break the wood and lick the termites sitting inside with their long tongue.

Their tongue reaches about 7 inches inside the wood. Echidna found in black and brown color are also called “monotremes”, which means mammals that lay eggs. Apart from Australia, they are also seen in New Guinea.

#10. Opossum

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Now meet a species called opossum which is found in South and North America. It looks like a large mouse in appearance, but it is not as agile as mice. They are such lazy animals that they spend 18 to 20 hours of the day sleeping. They do not make their own burrows but live in caves left by others. Where they can easily get food and water.

While opossums eat dead animals, insects, and birds, their diets also include eggs, plants, grains, fruits, and frogs. They may be a little lazy, but their disease resistance is very good.

One interesting thing about them is that when they feel any danger, their body automatically freezes. Onlookers feel as if they are dead because they are so lazy that after getting food and water at a place, they do not move from that place until the food and water is over there. And they should not be forced to leave that place due to hunger.

So these were the 10 laziest animals in the world. If you also know any such lazy animal, then do not forget to tell us by commenting in the comment box.


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