Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants In The World

Often after hearing the name of ants, the thought of a tiny creature comes to our mind, but do you know that this tiny creature can put humans to death with its sting? You may be surprised to hear this but it is true.

About 12,000 species of ants are found on this earth. While on the one hand, some of these species live among humans, on the other hand, some species are also dangerous for humans. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the 10 Most Dangerous Ants, if you encounter them even by mistake, it is better to run away from them.

List Of Most Dangerous Ants

#1. Bulldog Ant

Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants In The World

This ant is many times more dangerous than its strange name. Bulldog ants are counted among the most dangerous ants in the world. These ants are mostly found in the coastal region of Australia where they make eucalyptus trees their home. These ants are more active at night and rest in their nest during the day.

The biggest specialty of the bulldog ant is that it uses its sting and jaws together during an attack, which is extremely dangerous and fatal. By the way, since 1936, 3 people have died due to the attack of this dangerous ant. The last death due to the bite of these ants occurred in the year 1988.

Known for its aggressive attack and fast speed, this ant is feared among humans. Before biting, bulldog ants grab hold of their prey with their toothed jaws and then inject their poisonous sting into the skin of their prey. Its sting is so poisonous that its victim dies within 15 minutes.

#2. Bullet Ant

Bullet Ant

If you are also wondering after hearing the name of Bullet ants, then let us tell you that when a Bullet ant bites a person, the person feels pain equivalent to a gunshot and that is why this ant has got this name. While biting their prey, these ants inject poneratoxin and neurotoxin poison into their body. Due to this, the person starts feeling unbearable pain.

The bullet ant is counted among the largest ants in the world. It is up to four centimeters long. Like normal ants, these ants do not live in groups but alone. After a bullet ants bite, the pain persists for 24 hours. Bullet ants are easily seen in the areas of Central and South America. So, friends, I would advise you that if you ever go to Central and South America, it is better for you to keep your distance from bullet ants.

Well, it would probably be shocking for you to know that in many tribal communities living in the forests, males prove their masculinity by getting themselves bitten by these ants. So they fill a bag with ants and then keep their hands in it for 10 minutes. You really have to admit that if you have power, it should be like this.

#3. Fire Ant

Fire Ant

These ants which appear red in color are known as fire ants. Well, if you think that it got its name because of its color then you are definitely wrong. Actually, when fire ants bite someone with their small sharp fangs, it causes more irritation than real fire and the wound formed by their bite looks like a burn wound.

By the way, more than 200 species of these ants are found all over the world, some of which also have male wings which they use to fly. Well, it may be shocking for you to know that this species of ants can survive on land as well as in water. In such a situation, there is no doubt that the fire ant is called the most dangerous ant in the world.

It keeps biting its prey until it becomes completely half-dead. You will be surprised to know that many times these ants kill people. These ants always attack in groups, which is their biggest strength.

#4. Siafu Ant

Siafu Ant

Saifu ant is also known as Driver Ant, Safari Ant, and Dorylus Ant. These are mainly found in Central and East Africa. Saifu Ant is known for his aggressive attitude. They destroy everything that comes in their path.

Another big feature of the Saifu ant is that it does not make its own house like other species of ants but keeps wandering here and there, due to which it is also called a nomadic ant. The queen ant in the group of these ants lays about 1 lakh eggs every month, which is enough to increase their number in the group.

Saifu Ant is also very popular for its painful sting. When it attacks someone in a group, the other person starts praying for his own death.

#5. Fish-hook Ant

Fish-hook Ant

Fish-hook Ant is also known as Polyrhachis bihamata. This species of ant found in Cambodia is known for its three pairs of curved spines. These ants use these spines as their defensive weapon. When a hunter tries to catch them, these ants push their curved spine into the hunter’s skin.

Friends, like the hook of a fish, these spines of Fish-hook Ant do not come out easily. These ants are about 1.5 cm long and they like to live in groups. When these ants attack their prey, they connect to each other using their spines. Due to this, it becomes difficult for their prey to get out of their group.

#6. Florida Harvester Ant

Florida Harvester Ant

Friends, these ants, known as Florida harvester ants, are considered to be the most dangerous among all the ants mentioned so far. These ants are found on the east coast of the United States of America. Along with this, these ants have also been seen in North America where they have been seen in different sizes. These ants are more active in the spring and summer seasons.

The nature of Florida harvester ants is quite aggressive. Because of this, whenever it gets a chance, it never lags behind in stinging its prey. Another biggest specialty of these ants is that they keep collecting leaves and seeds most of the time and when fungi start growing in them, they make them their food with great enthusiasm.

#7. Green Tree Ant

Green Tree Ant

The green tree ant is also known as the weaver ant. Weaver ants as the name suggests. Their work is also the same. These ants are especially found in Australia, South East Asia and India. They are known as green tree ants because they build nests on lush green trees.

They usually live on trees and eat insects. Their length ranges from 5 to 10 millimeters. They are called weaver ants because they make their nests by stitching leaves. They use their larvae to sew leaves. These ants have also been seen taking the help of their companions to build their nest.

The bite of green tree ants causes severe pain because they release formic acid into the body of their victim while biting. By the way, these ants are considered a high source of protein, due to which they are also used in food and medicine preparation. Apart from this, their larvae are also used as fodder for birds.

#8. Honeypot Ant

Honeypot Ant

Honeypot ant is also known as Honey ant. This species of ants is found in dry and desert areas of Australia, America, Mexico, and Africa. Food is not easily available for ants in these places. Therefore these ants depend on the juice of flowers to survive.

These ants also collect nectar from flowers like bees. But they do not build any hive to store honey, rather they store it inside their stomach and after a time, their stomach becomes so big that other ants start looking small in front of them. And this is their biggest identity. At such times they remain confined to one place only.

#9. Jack Jumper Ant

Jack Jumper Ant

Jack jumper ant is also known as hopper ant and jumper ant. These ants are seen more in Tasmania and South East region. These ants are also famous as the most poisonous ants in Australia. They are so poisonous that once their poison enters the body of their victim, it is certain that they will die.

However, these ants were first described by British entomologist Frederick Smith in the year 1858. Jumper Ants are named after their jumping ability. Apart from this, another important feature of the Jumper ant is that it is larger in size in comparison to other ants.

These ants are 14 to 16 mm in length and weigh up to a few milligrams. When this species of ants lives in a group, it easily kills and eats every small and big-sized insect that comes in its path.

#10. Army Ant

Army Ant

This species of ant, which is always ready to attack, is known as the Army ant. It is so ferocious that it kills and eats even the biggest prey that comes in its path. On one hand, lions remain dominant in Africa, while on the other hand, there is a fear of them in the corners of East Africa.

Unlike other ants, army ants never make a nest and spend their life roaming around. How hunting is done by living in groups. Even the biggest animals need to learn this art from these ants.

When these ants attack an area in swarms, there is nothing left to eat. She licks every single item of food. They do not lag behind in eating even insects larger than themselves.

So friends, now tell us which of these 10 dangerous ants you think is the most dangerous. Please let me know in the comments section below.


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