5 Unresolved Secrets of the Sea: You will be stunned by knowing.

Let us look at the vast sea, the question comes to our mind that how it was born. Actually, there were no seas at the time of the birth of the Earth. Scientists estimate that the sea was born between 50 million and 100 million years from today. It is difficult to guess how the pits were filled with water. On the other hand, how did such huge pits become that there is still a big question?

Scientists say that when the Earth was born, it was a fireball when the Earth started getting colder slowly, the gas clouds spread around it, it became very heavy when cold, and it started torrential rain for millions of years. Till this time, this huge pit over the earth filled with water later started saying sea.

About 70% of our Earth is on the sea and 90% of all the creatures on the earth are marine creatures i.e. they live in the sea and only 10% of the creatures including humans live on the earth.

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Seas are very mysterious, to date only 5% of the ocean has been discovered in humans. 95% of the sea is still unknown to us. Some scientists even believe that we know more about the moon and less about the sea, so friends, in this article, I will tell you 5 such unsolved sea mystery, knowing that you will be stunned.


1. The secret of the never found seas

The mystery is connected to 2 major oceans of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. These two oceans meet in the Gulf of Alaska, but the most surprising thing is that these two oceans are definitely intermingled but their water does not mix with each other. You can clearly see in this photo that the waters of these two oceans are moving with each other, but are not getting together.

The secret of the never found seas
The secret of the never found seas

Although the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean have not been found together for centuries, the first pictures of this came to light when a photographer named “Tent Sumit” clicked these photos from Alaska in July 2010 and then these images after that Went viral and till date, many marine scientists have come to search at this place

Scientists say that most of the water in the Pacific Ocean is melted by glaciers, which are light blue, because of the high amount of salt in the Indian Ocean waters, it is blue, so there is a difference between the two.  Scientists have different opinions behind this.

Some scientists say that saltwater and freshwater have different densities and temperatures due to which they do not mix, while some scientists say that the melting water of glaciers is sweet, seawater is saline. And where these two oceans meet, a wall of foam is formed and due to different densities, they are not able to mix together.


2. City inside the sea

Some structures have been found off the coast of Japan’s yon Gunai, which appears to be remnants of an old city. Some believe that these are natural structures and built on their own, while some scientists speculate that they were submerged in water. The city was once inhabited by the sea and people lived here thousands of years ago, but due to the rise in the water level due to some reason, the city sank

City inside sea

But when this city was closely studied, some surprising secrets were revealed. Someplace here has pyramids and circular-shaped structures, pillars, and other metrical artwork. These pyramids look much like Egypt. so scientists have started to believe that instead of humans, this city has been built by someone else.

It may be that the civilization belongs to the alien and these aliens live in water and can breathe in the water, even today in South Japan, some unique figures have been found in the sea such that there has been a UFO Land here, although some scientists It is said that there is a fish called “mail offer” which makes such shapes but making such exact shapes does not seem to matter to any fish.

It is more likely that this shape is of UFO in which aliens still come to see their lost city.


3. The secret of the dead sea

There are many things in the world that many people do not know about. I am telling you about a sea in which if you go without a life jacket, you will not drown, you will be surprised to know how it is possible. Actually, there is a sea in the world which is famous as the Dead Sea

This sea is between Jordan and Israel. The specialty of this sea is that no one can drown in it by wishing it. This sea is also called a sea of ​​salt. The amount of salt in the seawater is so high that a person in it Its water does not sink, its water is very saline according to the sea. Famous seawater is very saline in the name of Dead Sea, due to which there is no plant or organism around it, this sea is also called the deepest saltwater lake in the world.


4. The mystery of the sea monster

In the stories and folklore for centuries, the description of the sea species is found. Many people also claim to see it. It is believed that heavy and giant monsters live in the depths of the sea. This creature can be any kind of dragon, snake.

The mystery of sea monster

To date, humans have discovered only 5% of the ocean, and humans have reached a maximum depth of 500 meters in the sea while the depth of the sea is up to 10000 meters. That place has been called Hades in the Purana’s and it may be that these creatures sometimes come up to the sea.

In 2009, a group of Alaskan fishermen shot a video of a giant snake in the Pacific Ocean. Reports of sighting of such large sea creatures in this area had been coming from 1892, it seemed like a strange snake of eighteen hundred. A ship named “Merit Alster” was found in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean in seventy-two, there was no member of the crew on the ship.

And all the belongings of the crew were lying in the same way, then how suddenly all the people in the ship disappeared together, it is estimated that this ship was attacked by some big and very agile creatures and one after the other. Must have eaten all humans on a ship


5. Mystery of mummy

Mummy is the condition of the body in which a particular chemical and method are preserved by protecting the corpse from rotting. This work requires very little moisture and an extremely cold environment along with the chemical, usually the  Mummy She is thousands of years old when she joins the pyramid

Mystery of mummy

The oldest mummies have been discovered to date, the oldest mummies have been around 6000 years old but the mummy found in the sea is very strange. Actually, or the incident is from the sea of ​​southern Philippines. It is believed that some time ago a boat in the sea of ​​the Philippines There was a German sailor in that boat. Due to some unknown reasons, that sailor died suddenly in that boat.

After a long time, when the boat was found, the sailor was found dead. He was sitting in such a way as to think of someone with seriousness. It was a big surprise that the sailor’s corpse became a mummy. When his corpse was examined, it was found that the had occurred 1 week before his death.

Now the question was how can a person become a mummy so soon because it takes too much time to turn a dead body into a mummy. Scientists believe that it may have happened due to salt present in the sea but the first event of a death in the sea There were no such accidents before.

But such a sentence has never come to light that a dying person has become a mummy in a week because it takes thousands of years for the mummy to be ready, these 5 unsolved mysteries related to the sea which even scientists have not solved to date.

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