African Bullfrog Life Facts & Information

When it comes to the most terrifying and dreaded predators of the jungle world, some names of the cat family grab all the fame. But believe me, in the matter of hunting ability and crossing all limits of cruelty for hunting, there is nothing lion or tiger in front of this small but great fierce hunter. Yes, we are talking about the giant African Bullfrog, the king of water living in the African forest.

Actually, this Bullfrog is such a terrible predator that it takes every creature trapped in its mouth like a blind well in its stomach. In this article, we will throw light on Bullfrog and everything related to its life and know why it is considered the king of water.

African Bullfrog Life Facts & Information

African Bullfrog

You will easily find these frogs in all the water ponds or swamps in the forests of Africa. It is a carnivorous creature, that is, whatever creature will come in front of it. In a short time, he will be in its stomach. Its only function is to hunt. Every little bit, insect, other small frogs, fish, and insect moths, all are part of its prey list.

Not only this, sometimes it eats frogs of its own community when it is hungry. This devil is so merciless that when he is hungry, he swallows his own children alive. That is, it is always hungry and wanders here and there in search of prey.

African Bullfrog Scientific Name

Scientific name: Pyxicephalus adspersus
Family: Pyxicephalidae
Genus: Pyxicephalus
Species: P. adspersus
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Kingdom: Animalia

African Bullfrog Size

If we talk about a bullfrog’s size, it can be about 8 to 10 inches in length. At the same time, its weight is about 4 pounds. You would never have seen such a big frog in your life. Seeing its size, it can be easily guessed that it is no less than a disaster for animals smaller than itself. Well, the size of the female frog is slightly smaller than that of the male. The female is about half the size of the male.

African Bullfrog’s Speed ​​of Tongue

The biggest strength of the Bullfrog is its massive body, with the help of which it easily makes small animals its prey. At the same time, its tongue reaches the hunter at the speed of a bullet, and in one stroke, it swallows it in its mouth. There is no chance of survival for the victim. If he didn’t even have any reaction time, what would be left? Before he could understand what happened to him, it would have happened in the stomach of the Bullfrog.

African Bullfrog Powerful Jump

The muscles of the hind leg of the African Bullfrog are very strong and are able to bounce such a heavy body to a great height in the air with great ease. Not only this, this frog is in no way less than the Olympic winner in the long jump. This ability to jump is a manifestation of the power of their hind legs.

The structure inside the African Bullfrog Mouth

If we talk about the structure inside the mouth of Bullfrogs, then they have teeth in the upper part of their jaws, but they do not help much in catching the prey. But African Bullfrog teeth which are in the lower jaw are powerful and sharp. Which they use to catch the prey as well as to hurt it. Poor those unlucky creatures who take their last breath of life in this jaw.

Strong Eyesight of the African Bullfrog

If we talk about Bullfrog’s eyes, then you will not believe hearing that they can see all around sitting in one place i.e. full 360-degree angle. This means they are also aware of what is happening behind their back. Because of this, it becomes absolutely impossible for a victim to escape from their clutches. They take any step only after examining the whole area around them very well. Especially when they feel some trouble.


Hiding Ability of the African Bullfrog

Their ability to hide in swamps and bushes is also amazing. The victim does not even know when this Bullfrog came and sat beside them. Their body color, and texture are such that they are not visible at all in mud or bushes. Bullfrog is called such a dangerous hunter because of being proficient in this art of hiding himself better.

Unless these Bullfrogs do any kind of action. It can be difficult for anyone to estimate their presence. In the summer, when the hot sun of Africa absorbs the water of all the reservoirs and only the soil remains in the ponds. Then when life becomes a crisis for the other animal, their art of hiding themselves supports them here as well and saves them even in this bad time.

Actually, the African bullfrog hides under the soil, which makes it easy for them to protect itself during this hot summer. They come out again when the rains return and the river ponds start filling up again. This African Bullfrog, who has been sleeping for months, wakes up, and then the bloody game begins. When this monster, hungry for so many months, wakes up and goes out in search of prey, then you can understand what will create an orgy.

African Bullfrog Life Facts & Information

African Bullfrog Mating Season

It is the rainy season when the bullfrog is in full mood, whether it is hunting or celebrating with a frog. These frogs are very aggressive in the rainy season. When they have to do mating. In fact, expressing love to a female frog openly is not so easy in this community of frogs. These poor people have to cross the river of fire to get their love.

In fact, a female frog only gives mating opportunity to that male which is most powerful and domineering. That is, all the mail Bullfrog will have to prove his ability. They have to compete with each other to win the queen. When they fight among themselves, the view that is created is quite spectacular.

These bullfrogs attack each other like a wrestler, and lastly their strongest weapon, using the lower teeth of their jaws, as well as trying to injure the frog. This fight continues until one of the two dies. This is the reason why finding love in their community is like crossing a river of fire.

Another special thing is that the male frog makes a special kind of low sound to attract a female. Although all frogs make a sound during mating, its sound is somewhat different and some sound like the sound of a bull. This is the reason why this frog is called Bullfrog.


African Bullfrog Babies and Life Span

After the mating, now it is the turn of the children. What is the role of these Bullfrog parents in this journey from their birth to their adulthood? Just try to understand him. Actually, a female Bullfrog gives about 3000 to 4000 babies at a time and after a short time, these babies turn into tadpoles and start eating small fish and insects for their nutrition.

But these tadpoles are not strong enough to protect themselves. In such a situation comes the responsibility for their safety. On male Bullfrog, who has already proved his strength before becoming a father. Taking care of and protecting children is not easy at all because seeing so many children together can make any predatory creature’s mouth water.

These Bullfrogs lay down their lives to save their young from these predators. On many occasions, it also has to confront a dangerous animal like a snake. At the same time, Bullfrog, the other male of his own community, also tries to make these children his food, and Bullfrog has to protect his children from them too.

Apart from this, another problem is related to water. With the onset of summer, the water in the small ponds starts drying up. In such a situation, Bullfrog has to take his children to the big pond or his back strong legs are useful, with the help of which he breaks the bunds of the ponds and brings his children from small canals to the big pond.

Although giant bullfrogs love their children very much and we have also seen that they are ready to face even the biggest dangers to protect their children. But they get very tired of all this hustle and bustle. These frogs, breathless with hunger, find it difficult to hunt and therefore these Bullfrogs start eating the easiest prey, that is, they’re own young.


African Bullfrog Hunting

It is not that the Bullfrogs are such fierce and powerful hunters, so no one lays their hands on them. Its hunters also live in the forest and one of them is a snake. Although it is very common for snakes to hunt frogs and frogs always top the list of snake hunting. But this Bullfrog being hunted by the cobra is a strange phenomenon. These frogs are so large in size that they can comfortably fill their stomach at a time.

That’s why the Bullfrog is the cobra’s favorite prey. One special thing to mention here is that Bullfrog’s art of hiding does not work in front of this snake. The snake easily finds it by its smell and recognizes it from a distance. Therefore, along with finding prey, Bullfrog has to work hard to protect themselves from being preyed upon by snakes.

Apart from this, another enemy of Bullfrogs is humans. Well, it is the enemy of all animals. There is nothing new in this. Bullfrog is eaten with great fervor in Africa. Therefore, their hunting is also done indiscriminately. Fat fresh and full of meat frogs fetch very high prices in the market. Apart from eating, some people also like to keep this big frog in their homes.

So this was the whole story of the life of our hero Bullfrog, so it is said that the small should never be mistaken for small. Where a sword does not work, a small needle works, and then we have already seen that this small Bullfrog.


1. How long do African Bullfrogs live?

African bullfrogs are one of the largest frog species in the world. African bullfrogs can live up to 12 years or more. Fully mature adults usually live between 7 and 10 years, and in captivity, some have been known to live as long as 20 years.

2. Are African Bullfrogs Immune to Venom?

Yes, African bullfrogs are immune to poisons from their own species. And they are, in fact, immune to all but 3 poisons. They can be killed by venom from the Asian Vine Snake, the Australian Blue-ringed Octopus, and the European Green Toad. Is.

3. Do African bullfrogs have teeth?

The African Bullfrog has teeth in the upper part of the jaw, but they do not help much in capturing prey. But the teeth of the African bullfrog, which are in the lower jaw, are powerful and sharp. Which they use to catch prey as well as to hurt it.

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