Albino Animals: Top 10 Rarest White Animals

Who does not like white color and white colored animals also look very attractive and cute. Do you know that there are not only white Palmerian dogs in the world, but there are white lions, giraffes, and many such animals? Although there are many different types of animals in the forest, those animals are known only because of their color.

But in these, some animals are also colorless, which looks so beautiful even after not having any color that even good colors fail in front of them. So let us tell you the 10 rarest white animals in the world, seeing which you will also say wow. what a beautiful animal.



Reason For Animals Being White

Albinism is a type of genetic characteristic in which animals lack pigment in their body, due to which their body color becomes white. Along with this, the color of the eyes also becomes light pink. These are called albino animals. This disease is easily seen not only in animals but also in humans. You must have seen many people whose complexion is very white and the color of their hands, feet, and even eyelids is also white. Such people lack the pigments that make them of this color.


  1. The white or pale appearance of albino animals due to their lack of camouflage makes them more vulnerable to predators.
  2. Many albino animals have pink or red eyes due to the absence of melanin.
  3. Some albino animals display partial albinism, where only certain parts of their body lack pigmentation.
  4. In some cultures, albino animals hold special significance. They are sometimes considered rare and mysterious.
  5. Rarest white animals are often found in zoos and in captive environments where they can be protected and cared for.

List Of Rarest White Animals

#1. White Squirrel

White Squirrel

Now, first of all, let us show you that animal which is found everywhere and it is very cute and small. Here’s the squirrel which already looks pretty cute. But if we talk about White squirrels, then probably no other animal will be able to take their place on this list.

It is very difficult to see this white squirrel because it is very rare in the world. According to research, the number of white squirrels is one in 1 million normal squirrels. This is the reason why it is rarely seen.

In many places, this white squirrel is also considered a symbol of peace and luck. If someone sees a white squirrel for the first time, he may mistake it for a white rat. Because if you do not pay much attention to the tail, then it looks like a white rat.

#2. White Orangutan

White Orangutan

Now the albino animal you are going to see is very rare and special. This is the white orangutan, which is known as Elba and albino orangutan, it has been given this name because of albino.

The local people once saw this white orangutan in very poor conditions in the jungles of Indonesia. After this, these people informed the rescue team. The rescue team took the orangutan with them and took care of it. After a few days, the rescue team left it back in the jungles of Indonesia, but this orangutan was unable to mix with other animals there.

After which the rescue team brought it back with them and kept it with them for about 20 months. Back in the year 2018, it was released in the same forest where it is now living comfortably.

#3. White Giraffe

White Giraffe

The world’s rarest white giraffe is found in Kenya. But, sadly, at this time the white giraffe is the only child in the whole world because two people of its family have been killed by the poachers. This white giraffe is white due to skin pigmentation. To save this special and only white giraffe, a kind of GPS tracking device has been fitted in it.

White Giraffe was first seen in the year 2016 and after some time it became the headline. After coming into the public eye, poachers hunted 2 white giraffes.

People hunt normal giraffes for meat and body parts and hunting white giraffes is a matter of pride for the people. Due to the continuous hunting of giraffes, IUCN has put them on the Red List.

#4. White Lion

White Lion

From children to elders. Everyone knows about the lion, but if you have heard about the white lion, it is a bit difficult. White Lion is very rare, due to which it is not seen in the forests but only in the zoo. The color of these white lions is white only because of pigmentation.

The first white lion was seen in 1938 and in 1970 only three white lions were left, which were kept in the zoo and taken care of, due to which their number has increased from three to about 500.

Due to color mutation, the children of white lions are also mostly white, which helps in increasing their number. In South Africa, the white lion is considered a symbol of leadership and pride.

#5. White Cockroach

White Cockroach

Now let’s talk about that member of the house that is found in almost every kitchen i.e. cockroach. Because it is a common creature, you must have seen it before today in brown color which is its normal color. But today you will see a white cockroach.

The albino cockroach is not a new species but there are only normal cockroaches that have the problem of pigmentation. Many times the color of white cockroaches changes after some time and they become brown in color. This does not happen because of any magic or power, but when a new skin comes over them.

Many times you must have seen the dead skin of a cockroach in your house. This means that a white cockroach in your house is slowly changing its color and developing a new cover, which means its skin exfoliating therapy is going on.

#6. White Humpback Whale

White Humpback Whale

Now the albino animal you are seeing is the rare white humpback whale which looks very cute and adorable. The humpback whale is a species of whale found in the Antarctic Ocean, whose length ranges from 39 to 52 feet and weighs about 50,000 to 78,000 pounds.

Although this whale is found in gray and white color, some of them are completely white, which is called white humpback whale. This big humpback whale’s white color looks very beautiful while swimming in the blue sea. The behavior of these whales with humans is very good and they also maintain a good conversation with other whales.

The special thing about this well is that it emits a strange sound. In which the male humpback whale makes a louder and louder sound.

#7. White Ermine

White Ermine

There would be very few people who would have seen this animal before because this animal is very rare and its white color makes it even more rare. These white ermine animals are found in the forests of North America. Usually, their color is brown and white, but in winter the color of their fur becomes white which is quite amazing.

White ermine’s long body, small face, and white color look very cute, but it is a big mistake to consider them cute and innocent. These animals are very aggressive and fearless. Which is so fast in hunting that it can beat small insects to animals bigger in size than itself.

If you see this white ermine somewhere, then maintain a little distance from it, then it will be beneficial. Otherwise, the result can be bad.

#8. White Elephant

White Elephant

Image Source: Wikipedia

Some people might have seen the white elephant. This elephant is not snow white but light reddish brown which turns light pink when wet. White elephant found mostly in Thailand is not considered albino by the people there. Those people believe that the white elephant is a symbol of purity. Also, these people consider the white elephant as a power and symbol of royal.

According to Hinduism, the white elephant is the vehicle of Lord Indra, whose name is Airavat. In short, people consider the White Elephant very auspicious and worship it.

#9. White Alligator

White Alligator

By the way, you must have seen alligators of black and dark gray color, but hardly anyone has ever heard of white alligators because they are very rare. The white alligator is also called the albino alligator. It is white from nose to tail.

While the eyes of the Norman alligator are black, the eyes of the white alligator are pink. Looking at them, it seems as if someone has painted them white. These white alligators need special care because they cannot live in the sun like normal alligators and their skin is also more delicate than normal alligators.

Not only this, the number of white alligators in the whole world is very low, due to which they are taken care of even more so that the beautiful and different-looking animal can be saved.

#10. White Crow

White Crow

To date, you must have heard and seen a lot about black crows. But have you ever heard of white crows? It is difficult to hear because they are rarely seen. These are also called albino crows. Their features are similar to normal crows, but the color is white.

Along with this, the color of their paws and legs is also light pink instead of black and the beak is also white. They live with the rest of the crows and eat the same food as them, just look more beautiful than them.

These white crows have some problems in the sun due to which they are rarely visible in the sun and are mostly domesticated.

How amazing is it that we find colors in the world and consider attractive colors to be beautiful? But have you ever thought that rare albino animals without color can also look so cute? Now if someone asks you which color you like best? so would you say white?


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