10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

On hearing the name of the Amazon Rainforest, there is a feeling of thrill and fear in my mind. Actually, this huge forest holds many secrets in itself. The dangerous and surprising animals found in this forest also attract people towards them. That’s why some people really want to know about it through movies or story

That’s why we will tell you about the 10 most shocking animals from the amazon rainforest and also about the most incredible creature of this forest. But before that let’s take a look at the characteristics of the Amazon Rainforest.

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

Facts About Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest has so far remained a matter of mystery around the world. That is, the search is still going on here. From trees to plants and animals, the size of this forest is also quite shocking. About 10% of the world’s fauna is found in this vast forest. Its vastness can be gauged from the fact that every three days a new creature or species is discovered here, which is still continuing.

We get about 20% of the Earth’s total oxygen from the Amazon forests. From South America to Brazil, this forest is spread over about 7 million square kilometers. You will be surprised to know that this Amazon forest passes through 9 countries. Countries like Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela come under the purview of this forest.

On the other hand, if we talk about trees and plants, then more than 16 thousand species of trees and plants are found in this forest. According to a report, several thousand crore trees and plants are present in this forest. Also, there are more than 25 lakh species of insects. It is said that this forest has existed for more than 50 million years.

50% of the tribal species living in this forest have never seen the outside world. So let’s try to uncover this Amazon forest animal.

List of Animals from the Amazon Rainforest

1. Goliath Birdeater

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

The Goliath Birdeater is considered the king of spiders. From its name, it seems that it eats only birds, but it is not so, rather it makes its prey on animals like rats and frogs, apart from insects in the forest, But many of its species have made birds like hummingbirds their prey. That is why it is named Birdeater.

Well, this unique creature is found in the forests of South America and the Amazon. In fact, Goliath bird-eating spider spray neurotoxins on large-sized prey, which helps to weaken the prey. They cannot digest the prey completely. That’s why they suck it. Sensitive hairs found on its body give information about the nearby prey.

2. Harpy Eagle

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

The most dangerous bird of prey in the world is the Harpy Eagle found in the Amazon forests. They grow up to about 42 inches in size and it weigh about 20 pounds (10 kg). But the surprising thing is that the female harpy eagle weighs almost twice as much as the male harpy eagle. The size of its claws is about 3 to 4 inches. They are so strong that they can even lift a child of a monkey or a human.

In the forests of America, Harpy Eagles give a lot of trouble to monkeys. Sometimes even his children are made victims. Apart from this, animals like snakes, rats, and rabbits are its common prey. After all, seeing such a big and powerful eagle can make anyone’s head dizzy. Yes, but even after being a predatory animal, it is at risk from humans.

3. Common Vampire Bat

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

Common vampire bats will often be seen hanging on the wall or trees on the roof of houses. But hardly you have any idea how dangerous these creatures are. Although they cannot do much harm directly, indirectly they can kill anyone. Found in the forests of America and the Amazon, this creature drinks the blood of other animals.

You will be surprised to know that if the common vampire bat is not disturbed, it can drink blood equal to its body weight for 30 minutes continuously. Although the victim does not feel pain during this time, that is why it keeps drinking blood by sitting secretly on the body of animals like cows, buffalo, horses, pigs, and dogs. Now you must be thinking that how much blood can this small-sized creature drink.

But it is not just about drinking blood, you will also be shocked to know the real reason. Bats spread rabies, so here is the real danger. Due to this many times, the victim also dies. Common vampire bats often attack amazonian communities, putting the people there at risk of rabies. That is why the common vampire bat is considered so dangerous.

4. Red-bellied Piranha

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

Piranha is considered very dangerous for fish species. It is mostly found in the Amazon River Basin and the rivers of South America. It attacks very aggressively. Although it mostly eats only dead animals, insects, and plants, sometimes it attacks humans as well.

Red-bellied piranha with sharp teeth to tear its prey. Mostly it likes to stay in the group. It is believed that it does this to protect itself from predators. The red-bellied piranha’s name is also included in the commonly found shocking creature. However, this fish is also eaten in many places.

5. Bullet Ant

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

If someone scares you with ants, would you be scared or would you laugh at it? People are often careless about ants and what harm will the ant do to us. But when you come to know about its specialty, your head will also be dizzy. But this bullet ant found in the Amazon forest animal is very dangerous.

Now, why was it named Bullet? You are thinking the same, aren’t you? Actually, this Bullet Ant does not run at the speed of a bullet. But if it bites someone, then its pain is similar to the pain of being hit by a bullet. Now understand why it is named Bullet.

6. Amazonian Giant Centipede

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

Not only the big and dreaded animals are found in the jungles of the Amazon, but also the deadly small size animals that live in the Amazon rainforest. This creature named Amazonian Giant Centipede has about 46 legs and is about 12 inches long in size. You may remember it as a predatory insect.

Usually, the Amazonian giant centipede eats small insects, but this creature is so dangerous that it also makes the rat its prey. Doesn’t hesitate to attack even frogs and lizards. Its predatory style can shock anyone. This creature follows a special strategy for hunting. Just like a snake, it clings to its prey to hold it.

7. Poison Dart Frog

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

Looking at this colorful frog looks as if it has come from a painter after getting it painted. But whatever it is, it is not surprising. Actually, he has not got any painting done, rather it is a gift of nature. Yes, the name of this frog that comes in the list of Amazonian animals is the poison dart frog, and as its name suggests it is a very poisonous frog.

It is found in Central South America and about 170 species of poison dart frog have been discovered so far. The color of these frogs is very bright. Apart from this, its size is about 1.5 to 2 inches. It is said that due to eating poisonous insects in these dense forests, its body also becomes poisonous.

Now the question must be arising in your mind whether a person can die by touching it, then it depends on the species of frog. According to research, only about three types of these frogs are poisonous, touching which a human can die. So if you ever go to the forests of the Amazon, stay away from them.

8. Electric Eel

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

The name of this giant electric eel is also included in the list of animals from the amazon rainforest. The electric eel is considered to be the deadliest of the fish species. Electric eels use electric power to catch their prey or to defend themselves. Electric eel gives an electric shock of about 400 to 500 volts.

The electric eel is found in the freshwater of the Amazon Basin. Sometimes this electric fish even makes a creature bigger than itself its prey and it can do everything. With just its shocking power, there really is so much mystery hidden in this mysterious forest. It is impossible to guess.

9. Bull Shark

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

Bull shark found in fresh water and salt water of the Amazon is considered very dangerous fish. This is the shark that is most infamous for attacking humans. The length of a Bull Shark is about 10 to 12 feet.

The bull shark is quite aggressive. It often attacks people swimming in water. Although the Bull shark only eats fish, it is sometimes seen eating dolphins, other mammals, and humans as well. Would you still want to swim with it in the water?

10. Green Anaconda

10 Most Shocking animals from the amazon rainforest

In the world of snakes, the name Anaconda is taken with great respect. But if we talk about the snakes of Amazon, then of course no one can take the place of the Green Anaconda. This snake is about the size of a school bus up to 10 meters in length. Its weight ranges from about 250 to 300 kg.

This Green Anaconda found in the Amazon forest is the largest snake in the world. It can attack any animal. It does not spare even jaguars, crocodiles, and humans. Along with hunting on land, it can also swim very fast in the water. The strategy to catch and hold the prey is also very surprising. There is no bigger predator than this in the Amazon forest.

So these were the most Shocking animals from the Amazon rainforest. If you guys liked this article, then you can tell us by commenting.

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