Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

The biodiversity growing in the world’s largest forest the Amazon Forest is nothing short of a miracle. Various types of animals and birds are found here, in which some animals and birds are so attractive that you will be left watching. In this article, we will talk about the 10 most beautiful birds of the Amazon Rainforest, which will touch your heart in the first place itself. So let us introduce you to these beautiful birds.

List of Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

1. Hyacinth Macaw

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

We all must have seen parrots around us, but do you know that Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot and the largest flying parrot species. This amazon parrot is also called a blue macaw. They can grow up to about 100 cm. These parrots are found in the Amazon regions of Brazil and Paraguay.

Hyacinth macaws can weigh up to 3.5 kg with cobalt blue-colored skin and can live up to 50 years. These beautiful Amazon parrots are very fond of eating nuts. When Hyacinth Macaws are flying in the sky, it seems that some piece of sky has come close to us.

2. Montezuma Oropendola

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

Apart from being beautiful the Montezuma oropendola bird also makes its own home very beautiful. The nest of these birds is different from all other birds because their nest can be up to three feet long. These nests hang on the branches of trees.

Just as these Amazon rainforest birds live in a beautiful green environment, their head is also green. Their wings and legs are brown and their tail is bright yellow. Oropendola is mostly found in the humid regions of Brazil. Similarly, they also spread their beauty in the areas of Colombia and Peru.

The beauty of these 18 to 20-inch-long birds is discussed all over the world. Let us tell you that Montezuma oropendola is considered one of the most beautiful birds not only of the Amazon but also of the whole world. Now you can guess from this how beautiful this bird would look when seen from the front.

3. King Vulture

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

Found in the lowlands of the Amazon this beautiful bird can grow up to 26 to 32 inches and weigh 2.5 to 4.5 kg. The more beautiful the king vulture bird, the faster it is. It can fly for hours at a time and cover a distance of miles.

King vulture’s eyes are also very sharp. It finds its prey with its sharp eyes and attacks it. This bird which lives for 30 years, is also an expert in attacking because its smelling power is also very sharp, due to which it attacks its prey by reaching as close as possible. Its strong beak and claws play a very important role in attacking the prey.

King vultures are very attractive and different in appearance, one of the reasons for this is that they have a small piece of meat on their nose which makes them different from other vultures. Now you cannot keep this Amazon bird, but yes you can definitely admire its beauty from a distance.

4. Black-banded Woodpecker

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

These Woodpeckers which look medium size, are mostly found in the areas of the Amazon Forest connected to Brazil. Black bands are made around their neck and head and because of this, they got this name. These colors together give them the form of a beautiful bird.

By the way, the length of a Black-banded Woodpecker can be from 23 to 26 cm and its weight can be from 79 to 105 grams. They eat the larvae kept in the middle of the trees. Seeing the beauty of these birds of Amazon, everyone wants to keep them, but let us tell you that these birds mostly try to stay away from humans.

Not only this, but if the Black-banded Woodpecker feels threatened, it can also harm you. Well, it has to be admitted that this bird is very beautiful.

5. Spectacled Owl

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

If we talk about the most different-looking birds found in the Amazon Forest, then probably the name of this Spectacled owl will be kept at the top of it. Looking at him, it seems that this gentleman is wearing spectacles. These are very big size birds. They can be as large as 16.1 to 20.6 inches. And their weight can range from 453 to 1075 grams.

These beautiful amazonian birds are often found in Trinidad and areas of Central America. The upper part of the body of this Spectacled owl is black and brown, while the rest of the body is only white. If we talk about their beautiful eyes, then part of the iris is black and there are yellow rings around this black color.

All the colors of these birds together make them very beautiful and attractive. If someone sees this beautiful owl once, then its beauty will not be forgotten for their whole life.

6. Chiribiquete Emerald

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

Chiribiquete emeralds are found in most rivers in the Amazon forest and in Sadan Eastern Park in Colombia. That is the color of these beautiful birds is a mixture of bright green and dark green patches. At the same time, the color of their beak is dark green and black.

This Chiribiquete emerald sucks the juice of flowers, filling its stomach by eating small fat insects and the length of these beautiful birds can increase up to 8 cm. At the same time, their weight can be from 3 to 4 grams. By now you must have come to know how wonderful these birds are.

7. Cock-of-the-rock

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

This bird is a bit different because there is a hood on its head, seeing which these birds can be identified from a distance. Because of this hood, the beauty of these birds gets enhanced. This red and black-looking bird is also known for its beautiful eyes.

By the way, in Cock-of-the-rock bird a male and female can be identified from a distance because while the color of a female is very dull, the color of a male is very bright. If we talk about their food, then these birds can eat small reptiles as well as frogs.

The 13-inch Cock-of-the-rock bird found in the Amazon Rainforest lays only 2 to 3 eggs at a time and chooses high rock areas to lay its eggs. These cute rainforest birds get mixed up with humans very quickly and if you want to keep these birds then there will not be much difficulty in this work.

8. Castelnau’s Antshrike

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

This bird found in the Amazon forest is easily seen in places like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Although this Castelnau’s antshrike is the smallest birds. It is often found that in these birds, the head of a male is completely thick hair and along with the hair on their head being thick, some are quite stiff as well, which looks very stylish and cool in appearance.

Castelnau’s antshrike fills their stomach by eating mostly insects. These beautiful birds weighing 30 to 35 grams can grow up to 17 cm. The exploits of these little birds are very amazing because these birds also sing songs. His voice is very melodious. So friends how do you like this beautiful bird?

9. Scarlet Macaw

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

This Scarlet macaw found in Amazon is the most beautiful macaw found not only in Amazon but also in the whole world. Which are mostly found in the Central and Southern American parts of the Amazon Forest.

By the way, these beautiful-looking birds mostly live near the water. Red, yellow and blue color bands are made on them, which are very bright. Perhaps, for this reason, they have got the title of the world’s most beautiful macaw.

The length of these beautiful Scarlet macaws can range from 76 to 99 cm and their weight can be up to 1 kg. The age of this beautiful bird can be from 50 to 75 years. These rainforest birds mostly take a vegetarian diet in which they like to eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and leaves. The better the diet they take, the better they look.

10. Crimson Topaz

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of the Amazon Rainforest

This beautiful bard found in Amazon is from the family of hummingbirds, which is very colorful and attractive in appearance. They have purple and red colors on their chest. On the other hand, just above the chest of Crimson topaz, the color of the throat is yellow. The length of this colorful bird can be up to 8.3 to 9 inches and the weight can be from 11 to 18 grams.

By the way, Crimson Topaz likes to eat small insects. If you are really interested to see the beautiful birds of the Amazon rainforest then you will get to see this pretty bird very easily in tropical and sub-tropical areas along with Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela.

If you have seen this bird of the amazon once then you will feel like seeing it again and again. This colorful bird pulls you towards itself.

So these were the 10 most beautiful birds of the Amazon rainforest. Will definitely tell in the comment that which of these birds do you find most cute and beautiful. Which of these amazon rainforest birds would you like to pet?

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