Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

Although there are millions of birds flying in the sky, but when the eagle flies with its big wings, it seems as if it has captured the whole sky. It is so powerful that its name is taken first among the top level raptors. Its strong paws, yellow beak and sharp eyes act like weapons.

Eagles are so aggressive and hunters that their fear can be clearly seen from the sky to the animals living on the ground. Although there are more than 60 species of eagles in the world. but we are going to tell you about the top 9 biggest eagles in the world. The size of the wing span of the eagle which is at number one is so big that you will be stunned to hear it.

List of Biggest Eagles in the World

#9. Philippine Eagle – (Wingspan 6.5 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

The Philippine Eagle is also known as the Monkey Eating Eagle and the Great Philippine Eagle. Their physical appearance is quite unique compared to other eagles. Its head has very long feathers which look like no less than a crown.

In addition, the large arched beak and two blue eyes of the Philippine Eagle are quite sharp. You will be surprised to know that the eyesight of this eagle is clearer than that of humans. They are able to see up to 8 times the distance of human eyes. They are good fliers and have an average wingspan of only 6.5 feet. The weight of the Philippine eagle ranges from about 10 to 18 pounds.

For information, let us tell you that this eagle is the national bird of the Philippines. Most of these eagles live in Mindanao. Although this Philippine eagle loves to hunt monkeys, but they also hunt both large and small animals. They sometimes eat bats, flying squirrels, civets and other birds, besides snakes and lizards as food.

#8. Harpy Eagle – (Wingspan 6.5 ft)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

The Harpy Eagle is considered the most powerful eagle in the world. It has strong toes and sharp tail which makes this species a fierce hunter. The size of their wingspan is also up to 6.5 like the Philippine Eagle. The biggest harpy eagle has been recorded weighing around 11 pounds.

The length of the toes of the Harpy Eagle is about 4 to 5 inches. Just like a bear has claws. These strong claws give enough power and grip to lift heavy predators. A harpy is able to fly at speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kmph) to chase prey.

They also know how to dive to catch prey. Their short and wide wings allow the Harpy to fly straight up as well. Therefore it can attack the prey from both below and above. In such a situation, it is difficult to escape from the victim. Because Harpy Eagle’s vision is amazing. They can comfortably see objects smaller than 1 inch from a distance of about 220 yards.

Harpy Eagle is found from Mexico to northern Argentina and prefers to live in wooded areas. Their largest population is in Darien and Panama region. The Harpy Eagle is also very famous as the national bird of Panama. Harpy Eagle also uses its tail as a radar as it navigates through the woods.

This species of eagle lays its eggs on top of emerging trees. After the birth of the baby, the male works to find food and gives it to the mother. The female eagle feeds herself and her young with food.

#7. Verreaux’s Eagle – (Wingspan 7.5 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

This black colored eagle is addressed as Verreaux’s Eagle. This is a very large raptor in which the female is larger than the male. The length of the female is up to 96 cm. Weighing about 9 pounds Verreaux’s Eagle is widely seen in the hills and mountain regions of South and East Africa.

Compared to Philippine and Harpy Eagle, their wing span is quite impressive. This eagle can be identified with the help of wings, which can reach up to 7.5 feet in size. They have dark eyes and a yellow and brown beak. Their feet are also very big.

Even though Verreaux’s is slightly smaller than the Golden Eagle. But their legs are about 20% larger than the golden eagle. Their diet consists almost exclusively of rock hyrax. They mainly like to live in dry and rocky environments.

One of the characteristics of the Verreaux’s eagle is that these male eagles often provide food for the female before laying eggs. When the female does the work of incubating eggs. Even then, only the male brings the food. The male sits on about 50% of the eggs during the day, despite gathering food, but the female usually incubates all the eggs at night. Usually the female lays two eggs at an interval of three days. When the youngest child is born, the elder brother usually kills him.

#6. Wedge-tailed Eagle – (Wingspan 7.5 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

The Wedge-tailed Eagle is known as the largest bird of prey in Australia. It is also found in Tasmania in addition to southern New Guinea in the north. Although they like to live in wooded areas and open forests, but sometimes they have also been found in coastal and alpine areas. If we talk about their wingspan, then they are very wide. Their wingspan is up to 7.5 feet and they weigh up to 12 pounds.

Like other birds of prey, they have a sloping bill and large claws. The power of this eagle can be gauged in such a way that a group of them can attack and kill large animals like adult kangaroos. Under ideal conditions a Wedge-tailed Eagle can carry up to 50% of its body weight.

When this Wedge-tailed Eagle is born, it is featherless and pale pink in color. Their complexion rapidly darkens during the first 10 years of their lives. They prefer to nest on the tallest trees in their environment.

The Wedge-tailed Eagle’s diet is made up of 80 to 90% of land animals, including mammals and reptiles. Rabbits and small kangaroos form the main part of their diet. Although sometimes they also prey on snakes, lizards, large birds, foxes and wild cats.

#5. Golden Eagle – (Wingspan 7.5 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

Weighing about 14 pounds, the golden eagle is the largest bird in North America. The boundary of its territory has no fixed radius. It is one of the most famous birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere. Apart from this, the golden eagle is also the national bird of Mexico.

The Golden Eagle’s wingspan is as large as 7.5 feet, making it one of the strongest birds because it can pounce on live kurtas with its feet. These birds return to their nest every year to lay eggs. To enlarge the nest, plant material is deposited in it. The female lays 1 to 3 eggs. The male bird look for food for both. The hatching is completed in about 45 days.

When the children come out of the eggs, both the parents together do all the work of raising the children. Their babies take their first flight as soon as they are 72 days old. Golden eagles (199 mph) are capable of flying at a speed of 320 kmph. It has also been known to hunt other raptors, including owls and falcons.

Golden Eagles can hunt medium-sized rabbits to medium-sized birds and reptiles. When the prey is not found alive, the golden eagle eats already dead animals.

#4. White-tailed Eagle – (Wingspan 8 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

White-tailed Eagle is a very large species of sea eagle that is widespread in the temperate Eurasia. It is also considered to be the largest European eagle. You can see them mainly in Europe, Russia and northern Japan. The size of their wingspan is the largest eagle wingspan ever. Their wingspan is about 8 feet and weighs about 11 pounds.

When the White-tailed Eagle stands in front of the prey with its large wings spread, the condition worsens even before the prey can fight. The total length of the white-tailed eagle is 66 to 94 cm. While flying, they can reach their speed only up to 70 kilometers per hour.

You’ll be surprised to hear that this once-endangered eagle has made a remarkable comeback, while the White-tailed Eagle is primarily an opportunity feeder and doesn’t mind stealing food from other birds. Or prefer to make fish their food. Their nests are quite large, which can be up to 6.5 feet deep and 6.5 feet wide.

Their lifespan is also amazing. The White-tailed Eagle is a long-lived bird. They have an average life span of 11 years, but some can live as long as 25 years or more. According to records, a White-tailed Eagle lives up to 32 years.

#3. American Bald Eagle – (Wingspan 8.2 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

The white head, brown body, yellow beak and claws of the American Bald Eagle give it a great look. It is the national bird of America, which weighs about 17 pounds. When it flies in blue skies with its wingspan of 8.2 feet, it looks terrifying. It has the ability to fly at a speed of 100 mph.

Other birds often disperse upon seeing the world’s largest bald eagle, about 30 to 31 inches long. Bald Eagle loves to eat fish. Their diet includes a variety of coastal and freshwater species.

These birds prefer to build their nests near large bodies of water including seashore rivers and lakes. The largest Bald Eagle’s Nest ever found was 9.6 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

#2. Stellar’s Sea Eagle – (Wingspan 8.3 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

The Stellar’s Sea Eagle is the largest eagle in the world with a wingspan of 8.3 feet. If we talk about their weight, then they are up to 20 pounds. The size of this eagle is quite impressive.

These largest eagle breed only along the sea of ​​hustak and the Bering Sea in Far Eastern Russia. while they prefer to live in those areas. Where salmon runs are rampant in their summer homes in Japan and South Korea. They feed on crabs, salefish, small animals, squid, ducks, and gulls.

#1. Martial Eagle – (Wingspan 8.5 feet)

Top 9 biggest eagles in the world

The Martial Eagle is the biggest eagle in the world. They have the largest wingspan, beating the Stellar’s Sea Eagle. Not only does it have a wingspan of 8.5 feet, but it is also one of the most powerful birds in the world. This 14-pound bird is so powerful that it can throw a very large man off his feet.

The Martial Eagle is a large eagle living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its diet can vary, but due to its size, it needs to be eaten frequently. It feeds mainly on birds, including guineafowl and poultry. In some places, they also like to eat mammals such as hyrax and small antilop. These birds make their nests almost in such an area, where they can pounce directly on their prey.

So these were the 9 biggest eagles in the world. Which of these eagles did you find the biggest and most dangerous, do tell us by commenting and if you got to know something new from this article or found it interesting, then please share it.


What is the biggest eagle in the World?

The Philippine eagle, also known as the monkey-eating eagle, is the largest eagle in the world in terms of length and wingspan. It can grow up to 3.5 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet. This species is found only in the Philippines, where it is critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.

How big is the largest eagle in the World?

The largest eagle in the world is the Harpy eagle. These eagles can be up to 3.5 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet. They are native to the rainforests of Central and South America, where they live in the canopy and hunt for a variety of prey including sloths, monkeys, and even other birds of prey.

What is the second biggest eagle in the World?

The Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is the second-largest eagle in the world by length. It is native to the islands of Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao in the Philippines. The Philippine eagle is a critically endangered species, with an estimated population of fewer than 800.

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