The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

As soon as the winter season comes, where people start wearing jackets on one hand, on the other hand, they also get fond of seeing snowfall in the mountains. In such a situation, millions of tourists from all over the world go on a walk in the snowy areas in the cold season and enjoy the holidays.

But we are going to tell you about the 10 coldest places on earth, where living or going for a walk can kill a person. Therefore, in these places, courageous and fearless scientists live in difficult conditions so that they can carry out various discoveries related to the earth.

List Of Coldest Places On Earth


1. Dome Fuji, Antarctica

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

The name Antarctica comes at the top of the coldest and snowiest places in the world, but there are also various places in this place. Where the effect of changing weather can be easily seen. Don Fuji, located in East Antarctica, is considered to be the coldest place in the world, where the climate is very snowy. This place is covered with a sheet of snow several kilometers thick, while a storm of icy winds can strike at any time.

In fact, Dome Fuji is considered by scientists to be the coldest but driest desert in the world. Here the maximum temperature goes down to -92.3 °C in winter. Although the average temperature of Dome Fuji is around -30 °C on normal days, scientists and explorers living here are able to work.

Fuji Research Station is also present at this place, which was established in the year 1995. At Dome Fuji, scientists collected different pieces of ice, which are about 720,000 years old today and serve to show the history of the paleoclimate.


2. Vostok Research Station, Antarctica

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

The Vostok Research Station, located amidst the cold climate of Antarctica, is reminiscent of the historical times of the world, as this station was established by the Soviet Union in 1957. Vostok station is considered to be the coldest city in the world. Where the average temperature remains around -89.2 °C.

Despite being one of the world’s coldest places, one can enjoy up to 22 hours of sunshine at the Vostok Research Station. On the other hand, during the polar nights, this place remains dark for many days.

Along with the weather at the Vostok Research Station, the rising and setting times of the sun are also very contrasting. Because of this, the life of the scientists and researchers working here is completely opposite from that of the common people.

While working in this research station, scientists have completed many research tasks, which have succeeded in finding a huge sub-glacier lake hidden under a thick sheet of ice. Scientists believe that many types of bacteria and multicellular organisms may be present in this lake, which would be most suited to define the beginning of life in the icy areas.

But getting to this snowy place is not at all easy for the common people. However, during the polar nights, many people are eager to see the beautiful aurora lights in the sky.


3. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

Amundsen Scott South Pole Station is the only such place in the world. Where the people living see only one sunrise and one sunset in the whole year. You will definitely find it strange to hear this, but this place is present on the Antarctic Plateau at an altitude of 2,835 meters above sea level. For this reason, the temperature of Amundson Scott South Pole Station remains at -12 ° C even in summer. In such a situation, you can imagine what would happen to this place in the winter season.

Amundsen Scott South Pole Station was established in the year 1956 by the US, and currently has a population of 150 people. Scientists at this station conduct research related to Neutrino research to biomedical work, while with the help of the South Pole Telescope, they study the cosmic microwave background.

In the winter season, scientists have to face severe colds as well as irregular snowfall and snowstorms in this region. Due to this, the research work comes to a complete halt for many days.


4. Dome Argus, Antarctic Plateau

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

Spread over an area of ​​1,200 km on the Antarctic Plateau, Dome Argus is counted among the coldest areas in the world. Where the average temperature goes down from -90° to -98°C.

Dome Argus, situated at an altitude of 3,800 to 4,050 meters above sea level, always has a thick blanket of ice. However, despite this, these places are considered very spectacular in terms of tourism.

In the year 2018, a scientific team from the University of Colorado recorded a temperature of -90 ° C in Dome Argus. Whereas in his research he had found that the temperature of this place can drop even further. Dome Argus is also known as Dome A around the world, where it is cold according to natural laws.


5. Denali, Alaska

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

Denali is a beautiful mountain range present in Alaska, which is also considered to be the highest mountain in North America. Denali’s elevation is 20,310 feet above sea level, which is considered one of the coldest and snowiest places in the world.

From the top of this mountain, there is a beautiful and gorgeous view of North America, which many climbers go to Denali every year to climb. Although the temperature of this mountain remains close to -73.8 ° C, which is considered to be the coldest temperature in the whole of America.

Along with freezing temperatures in Denali, climbers also have to face snowstorms, strong winds, and broken snowflakes. Because of this, it is also considered the most dangerous mountain in the world. Let us tell you that initially this mountain was known as “Mount McKinley”, but later the US government renamed it Denali which was chosen keeping in mind the Koyukon people living in the vicinity of this mountain.


6. Verkhoyansk, Russia

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

It is not that only research stations exist in the Coldest Places on Earth and scientists live there because the city of Verkhoyansk located in Russia is very cold compared to other cities. There are more than 1000 houses in this place, where the local people of Russia live.

Actually, Verkhoyansk is located within the Arctic Circle, which this place is also known as the “Pole of Cold”. The temperature of this city comes down to -69.8° Celsius during the winter season, while the temperature here reaches up to 30 °C in the summer. You must have been shocked to hear this because Verkhoyansk is one of those strange places in the world where there is a huge difference in temperature.

The city of Verkhoyansk, situated on the banks of the Yana River, was founded in 1638 and currently has a population of 1311 people. Along with the cold temperatures, the river also faces problems like freezing ice and a lack of food. However, the people living here have learned the skill of keeping themselves alive in difficult situations.

Many people go to Verkhoyansk for a walk, but it becomes almost impossible for them to withstand the cold weather here. There is neither a big hospital Nor is there a convenient means of traveling in the snow bar. Convenient means are available for In such a situation, the local people of Verkhoyansk completely stop going out of the house in winter.


7. Klinck Research Station, Greenland

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

On hearing the name Greenland, the image of green meadows would come up in the mind of many of you. But on the contrary, the reality in Greenland is different. Greenland receives a lot of snow every year during the winter season. Due to this, Greenland is the coldest country in the world, while the Klink Research Station on the island is considered one of the coldest places in the world.

The population of the people living in this place is very less. Because the piece of land is not visible here even in the summer season. The Klinck Research Station is home to some scientists as well as some fearless people who carry coke, cleaners, workers, and basic things. Where the average temperature drops down to -69.4 °C in winter.

Scientists living at the Klinck Research Station conduct research related to climate change on Earth, which is considered one of the most inhospitable places in Greenland. Klinck Research Station, also commonly known as Summit Camp, is located at an altitude of 3,216 meters above sea level.


8. Oymyakon, Russia

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

If we talk about the coldest but most full-of-life city on earth, then the name of Oimyakon present in Russia comes first. The city remains so cold even in the summer season that tourists visiting here have to carry thick jackets with them.

The city of Oimyakon, located between two mountainous valleys, has more than 1000 houses, where the mercury dips to -67.8 °C during the winter season. However, freezing temperatures of minus -55 °C are very common for people living here, as children living here regularly attend school.

The people of Oimyakon have adapted their everyday lives to the cooler temperatures. Where hot water is supplied from the pipeline to the kitchen of the house. Oymyakon temperature remains so cold that if given normal water it will freeze like ice inside the pipe within a few minutes.

Apart from this, the people of Omicron are trying to save the petrol present inside their vehicles from freezing. Keeps them started for 24 hours because, in case of a shutdown, the engine does not start again due to cold. The hot water in this city turns into snowflakes as soon as it is thrown in the air, while the clothes are washed and dried, a layer of ice freezes on them.

However, despite all these challenges, life in Oimyakon continues on a regular basis, due to which the city has become quite popular among tourists. However, being able to withstand the freezing cold in Oimyakon is not for everyone. Therefore it is considered to be one of the coldest regions on Earth.


9. North Ice, Greenland

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

North Ice used to be a British research station located in northern Greenland, which was established between 1952 and 1954. The average temperature of this place was around -66.1°C in 1954, due to which difficult conditions were created for the life of the people here.

However, even in the North Ice, fearless scientists used to face all kinds of difficulties to carry out research works. During that time, Commander “James Simpson” used to lead the team. In 1954, the North Ice was the coldest temperature ever recorded in North America, making it one of the coldest places in the world.

At this place, scientists used to do research related to earthquakes, physical science, glacial science, and geology. However, now this research station is closed.


10. Snag Yukon, Canada

The 10 Coldest Places On Earth

Located in Canada’s Yukon Valley, Snag is an abandoned village where the local population lived in the 1940s. However, during that time scientists had done research work in this Snag village and during this time the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth. Because of this Snag is considered one of the coldest and most inhospitable places on Earth.

The temperature of Snag Village used to drop down to -62.7°C during winters, due to which people also had trouble breathing. Not only this but it is also said that when the people living in this village used to exhale, the water coming out of the nose used to freeze in the cold air and took the form of white dust and fell on the ground.

The people of Snag village had faced cold weather, and strong icy winds for many decades, due to which many people lost their lives. Apart from this, being completely cut off from the original state, the Snag village faced the problem of food and drink during the winter season. Due to this, the people of the village could not go out even in case of an emergency.

In such a situation, gradually the people of Snag village left the valley and started migrating so that they could earn bread two times for their family and also survive the freezing cold. Even today in this village, when someone’s name is called in the midst of icy strong winds, his voice is heard far and wide. Since this village is situated between the valley of two mountains.

So these were the 10 Coldest Places On Earth where it is very difficult and challenging for a common man to live. If you liked this article then don’t forget to share it.


What is the coldest place on earth right now?

The coldest place on Earth on record today is the geographic North Pole, where temperatures dropped to just -50°C (minus 58°F). The coldest known place on Earth was the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica, where the temperature dropped to minus 63.5°C (minus 81.3°F) on July 21, 1983.

What is the coldest continent on earth right now?

Antarctica is the coldest continent. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -123.83 °F (-88.2 °C) on July 21, 1983, with the coldest temperature ever recorded on the Antarctic continent on August 10, 2010, at -89, 8°F (-67.6°C).

Where is the coldest place in World?

The coldest place in the world is the Vostok Research Station in Antarctica. The average temperature is -58.3° Fahrenheit, and the coldest temperature ever recorded was -128.6° Fahrenheit.

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