Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

Beetles are of such a small size that sometimes our eyes fall on these small-sized creatures, and most of their species do not seem so colorful and beautiful in appearance to draw our attention towards them. 

But it is not that all species of beetles are like this because we are going to introduce you to some such species of beetles which are very colorful and beautiful in appearance that you will not be able to take your eyes off them even if you want to. But if you are not sure then nothing much, just read this article till the end, maybe you will believe our words. So let’s know about the 10 most beautiful beetles in the world…

List Of Beautiful Beetles

1. Ladybug Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

Ladybug is also known as lady beetle as well as ladybird beetles. Apart from fungus, the leaves of plants are very much liked by these little beetles. Apart from this, they also enjoy eating beetles larvae, and aphids.

  These tiny creatures are found in Asia as well as in different parts of Europe and they are very beautiful to look at. Red color as well as orange color is present on their body and apart from this, yellow color, black and other dark colors are also present on their body, and due to the combination of colors, these creatures look amazingly beautiful.

By the way, talking about the body of this orange ladybug, its body can grow up to 0.8-18 mm and most of its species remain almost of this size. Tell that today there are about 5000 species of these creatures in the whole world. Most of those species look very beautiful in appearance.

2. Carrion Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

The carrion beetle is also known as the Burying beetle. Today, these creatures are found in North America and its surrounding areas. These are mostly found in black color. But surprisingly, due to the strange texture of their body, their black color attracts everyone’s attention.

In other words, despite the black color, these creatures look very beautiful. The length of their body can be around 9 to 30 millimeters and today there are about 21 beautiful species of them all over the world.

By the way, have you ever heard of these beautiful and over size Beatles before? Do write us about it in the comment box below.

3. Rose Chafer Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

The Rose Chafer Beetle is a beautiful and eye-catching species of beetle that may be found in Europe and some regions of Asia. The stunning metallic shine of this insect, which ranges from a bright metallic green to tones of gold and bronze, has earned it worldwide acclaim. 

They stand out against the background of flowers, where they are frequently seen feasting on nectar and pollen, due to the shimmering appearance of their exoskeleton. The coloring of the Rose Chafer Beetle has numerous functions throughout its life cycle. 

These metallic beetle vibrant hues aid in mate selection and communication as well as serve as a kind of camouflage against plant foliage and petals. These beetles are mostly active during the day, and their vibrant colors draw in possible mates as well as act as a defense mechanism.

4. Rove Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

The scientific name of the Rove beetle is Staphylinidae. Today, there are about 63,000 species of these tiny creatures all over the world. For this reason, they are considered one of the most famous and common beetles in the world, and the most famous beetle of this species is considered to be the Devil’s Horse Coach beetle.

The body length of these organisms can range from one to 35 mm or even less. Their length is usually around 02-7.6 mm. In other words, these creatures are much smaller in size and look much more attractive. This is because apart from the red and brown color found on their body, yellow and black color adds to their beauty.

That’s why we can say with the claim that if you have seen Rove Beatles once, you will feel like watching them again and again. These creatures are mostly found in moist areas and they like to eat plants as well as small insects. If we talk about their diet, then they do not eat any special kind of food, so these beetles can easily spend their life in any corner of the world.

5. Weevil Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

You can easily identify these beetles because of their long snout. The length of the weevil beetle can be as close as a quarter of an inch to 6 mm. In such a situation, you will be able to recognize these little creatures as soon as you see them.

Apart from this, black color as well as brown color is also present on the body of weevil beetle and their body is largely in oval shape. Due to this unique coordination of colors and body, Weevils look amazingly beautiful.

Today, there are about 97,000 species of these creatures around the world, and for this reason, they are considered one of the most common beetles found in the world. Talking about food, these little creatures like to eat crops as well as other vegetarian things.

6. Jewel Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

The family Buprestidae includes a type of beetle known as the Jewel Beetle, which is distinguished by its stunning and iridescent colors. These hues frequently mimic priceless diamonds and jewels, hence the term “Jewel Beetle.” 

The amazing thing about these colorful beetles is that, unlike most animals, their luminosity comes from the microscopic structure of their exoskeletons, not from colors. Light is refracted and reflected by this special structure, giving the impression of metallic colors that glitter.

Jewel beetles are widespread and come in a wide range of colors depending on the species. Some have vivid green decorations, while others have captivating blue, crimson, and even gold hues. It is simply amazing how many different colors there are in this family of beetles.

7. Ground Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

These beetles named Ground live on the ground and can easily adapt themselves to different environments. Talking about food, they like small insects very much in their food. Apart from this, these creatures like to eat woms and snails along with larvae.

Not only this, on many occasions ground beetles have also been seen eating the seeds of plants. Because of eating almost every type of food, these creatures can survive in any environment.

Today, there are about 40,000 species of these creatures around the world, and most of these species have metallic and shiny black colors on their bodies. Although many different colors can also be found on the body of their different species and their body can also be of different lengths.

8. Scarab Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

Scarab beetles look amazingly beautiful and more than 30,000 species of them are found all over the world. They are found in almost every part of the world except Antarctica, such as deserts as well as forests, and agricultural areas.

By the way, Scarab beetle has the ability to lift 1141 times the weight of its size. Because of this ability, their body is very hard, which they use to lift cow dung.

By the way, along with a strong body, their nose is also very long because they can smell the smell of cow dung from a long distance. At the same time, small insects like to eat these things, and their length can be up to 15-60 mm.

9. Squash Beetle

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

Squash beetles are often confused with ladybugs and cucumber beetles. This is because orange color is present along with yellow color on the body of these tiny creatures. These special types of beetles are also known as Squash lady beetle and Squash Ladybug. About seven small black spots are found on each wing present on the body of these colorful beetles.

At the same time, four small spots can also be present on the front part of the body of this orange beetle and for this reason, these creatures look very beautiful and attractive. At the same time, the body of these creatures can grow as much as 7-10 mm. However, many cases have also been seen when the length of these creatures was found to be more than their normal size.

Talking about food, they like to digest some special plants along with squash and pumpkin fruit. Today, you will find these creatures very easily in North America and its surrounding areas. We can say with confidence that if you see these colorful beetles once, you will want to see them again and again.

10. Flesh-Eating Beetles

Colorful Beetles: 10 Most Beautiful Beetles in the World

Do you know of any beetles that capture the bodies of dead animals and slowly digest their flesh? But despite being so disgusting, that beetle looks amazingly beautiful. We are talking about flesh-eating beetles here and they are also known as skin hide beetles.

  This is because these beetles digest the keratin present in their body after establishing their own penetration on the body of dead animals and continue this process for weeks.

The body length of Flesh-eating Beetles can be around 10 to 25 millimeters and different colors are found on their bodies. It is common to find red as well as brown and black colors in these. By the way, due to these colors, these creatures look very attractive even though they are dangerous.

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