The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

As we all know, many species of lizards are found on the earth and all these species are known for their different colors and nature. While some species of lizards are very aggressive and dangerous by nature, there are some species that are very beautiful and attractive.

So in this article, we will introduce you to the 11 cutest lizards in the world. Whose beauty will surprise you.

List of Cutest Lizards in the World

#1. Iberian Emerald Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

Commonly found in Spain, this Iberian emerald lizard naturally prefers to make its nest in forests whose climate is cooler. And if we talk about the color of these cutest lizards, then blue, green, light brown, or yellow color is seen on the body of these lizards which look very attractive in appearance

The face of the Iberian emerald lizard is blue, the back is green and the tail is pale yellow. Along with this, there are small spots of black color all over their body, which increases their beauty even more.

However, to meet human needs and in the blind race of modernity, the indiscriminate harvesting of forests has made this species of lizard named the Iberian emerald homeless. This is the reason that this cute lizard species has reached the verge of extinction today.

#2. Mexican Alligator Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

The 2nd cutest lizard on our list is the Mexican alligator. This lizard, commonly found in Mexico, is known for its beauty. The color of this lizard, which looks exactly like a crocodile, is blue and dark green, while its stomach is yellow.

If we talk about the eyes of the Mexican alligator lizard, then there is a round circle of yellow color around them, which adds to their beauty. The most special thing about this lizard is its tail which makes it different from other lizards. If we talk about their food and drink, then they live by eating many types of small insects found in the forests.

However, like the Iberian emerald lizard, the Mexican alligator lizard has also reached a state of complete extinction. Because due to the ever-shrinking forests, their living space is also becoming very limited, which is no less than a danger bell for their existence.

#3. Fan-throated Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

In the species of lizards, this lizard called fan-throated is very cute in appearance compared to other lizards. Usually, they like to make their nest in the bushes and coastal areas of South Asia.

If we talk about the appearance of the fan-throated lizard, then this species of male lizard has feathers on its lower jaw, whose color is a mixture of bright blue, black, and orange. They use this to signal to other lizards.

It is very common to see these brilliantly feathered mail lizards usually perched on open rocky areas. By spreading their colorful wings, they attract female lizards present nearby and also give warning to other male lizards to move away from there.

#4. Calotes Mystaceus Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

Calotes mystaceus lizard is commonly found in Southeast Asia. In terms of beauty, it is not at all less than other lizards. The front part of their body is blue color, on which a beautiful pattern of light yellow or white color is made, which looks very spectacular.

While the Calotes mystaceus lizard has dark brown spots on its body, the back is light brown, adding to its beauty.

#5. Green Thornytail Iguana Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

This cute lizard named Green thornytail iguana may be a little small in size. Their body color is green and thick black stripes are made on their head and back, which makes them very beautiful and attractive in appearance.

Not only this, but this color of green thornytail iguana lizard also protects them from enemies. Their color matches so much with the green environment of the forests that it becomes difficult to see them easily.

Commonly found in the amazon rainforest, the length of this lizard ranges from about 9 cm to 35 cm.

#6. Red-headed Agama Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

Commonly found in Africa, this red-headed agama lizard is considered one of the cutest lizards in the world. They have light blue color on their body and their head is orange. Let us tell you that the combination of these two colors present on their body makes them very attractive in appearance.

Usually, these cutest reptiles are more active during the daytime. To control the temperature of its body, it likes to take sunlight this morning and when the temperature rises, it mostly takes shelter in a shady place or in pits.

Not only this, the red-headed agama lizard is generally considered a social animal. This is the reason why they mostly like to stay in their group. However, in this group, the number of female lizards is more than that of male lizards, due to which male lizards have to fight with each other to attract female lizards.

The biggest feature of the Agama lizard species is that as soon as they feel a threat to their lives, they get expertise in changing the color of their body according to the place around them and this quality inside them makes them very amazing naturally.

#7. Green Forest Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

One of the most beautiful lizards in the world is the Green Forest Lizard. The size of this lizard is slightly larger than other lizards. The total length of its body and tail is about 65 cm. Lizards of this species have a larger head than the rest of their body.

The green forest lizard has bright green stripes on its body and white stripes on its sides. At the same time, lizards of this species are also adept at changing the color of their body to some extent. Because when the time comes for the breeding of female lizards, during that time male lizards develop a bright red color on their head and neck.

However, in normal times, the color of both male and female lizards is bright greenish, yellow, or brown. Generally, lizards of this species are found in the mountain forests of India and Sri Lanka and in Western ferries.

#8. Gold Dust Day Gecko Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

Usually found in the forests of Madagascar, this lizard named gold dust day gecko is easily seen in people’s homes apart from trees. Their body color is bright green, pale green, or sometimes blue.

Along with this, these pretty lizards have yellow and red colored spots on the neck and back which make them quite attractive. Apart from this, they like many types of small insects and other small lizards as their food.

Along with this, they also like the juice of flowers and the food of plants. Gold dust day gecko is very fierce and aggressive in nature. This is the reason why she likes to be alone.

#9. Collared Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

The collared lizard is also known as the eastern collared lizard because two black collars are made in the neck of this lizard which makes them unique. While on the one hand, the color of the male lizard’s body includes bright green as well as brown, blue, and yellow. On the other hand, very few colors are found on the body of the female lizard.

The biggest feature of lizards of this species is that with the help of their hind legs, they can run at a speed of about 26 kilometers per hour.

Generally, these unique lizards prefer to live in areas of Mexico and America where the climate is cold and in these areas they spend most of their time in special places where sunlight reaches easily.

#10. Five-Lined Skink Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

Commonly found in North America, these five-lined skink lizards prefer a place for their habitat that can easily get sunlight. This is the reason that they mostly live on the ground. The color of the body of this lizard is brown or black, on which 5 white or yellow lines are made. At the same time, their legs are short and their body size is medium.

However, these lizards cute can also change their body color to some extent as young lizards of this species have bright blue tails. While an adult lizard loses the lines on its body over time. In return, they develop red or orange coloring on their heads. The five-lined skink lizard eats a variety of small insects and spiders.

#11. Augrabies Flat Lizard

The 11 Cutest Lizards in the World

Augrabies flat lizard is one of the cute lizards in the world. In these lizards, the body color of male lizards is darker than that of females. The color of the head of male lizards of this species is blue, while their belly is green and there is a dark stripe down the middle of the back. Not only this, some parts of their body are yellow and orange in color.

All these colors of the body of the male lizard of this species help in attracting the females towards themselves. Not only this, this lizard, commonly found in South Africa, is also known for its fast speed and long jump.

So these were the 11 cutest lizards in the world. So guys, how did you like this article? Do tell us in the comment box.

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