How Were The Egyptian Pyramids Built? (The Mystery Of Pyramid)

Egyptian Pyramid

Since ancient times, there are many mysteries on the earth that have surprised humans from time to time. In the pre-historic period, human civilizations settled on Earth created many such monuments whose discovery remains a mystery to scientists even today. The name of the Egyptian pyramids comes in these historical compositions. There are many mysteries associated with the pyramids included in the Seven Wonders of the World, which no one knows about.

Disputes have been going on among the explorers for a long time. They believe that pyramids have always been a subject of curiosity and the story behind their construction remains a mystery even today. Through the movies, we often hear about the pyramids and the mummy buried inside them. But how true these stories have not been confirmed yet. There are also many stories about how they would have been made and what is inside them.

But the question regarding such questions continues even today. It is believed that even today when it tries to unravel the secrets of the region, a new mystery comes out in front of us, and perhaps this is the reason why the question of their existence has not yet been veiled. This pyramid and the secret behind them. Let’s get started


What is pyramid

The history of pyramids is very old. It is believed that about four to five thousand years ago, many pyramids were built in every corner of the world at the same time.

This was the time when many civilizations such as Egypt, Sumers, Mesopotamia, or  Mihir Garh developed which had no lack of strength. Pyramids are actually triangles in appearance, where they look pointed and like a triangle from above.

Also, the base of the pyramid is quite wide, which strengthens its foundation. Their height usually ranges from 300 to 500 meters Where the room floor is square

At the same time, their walls are in slope from the bottom to the top. Of all the beautiful structures made by humans, this pyramid seems to be the most amazing and exciting, but the work of making them is equally hard and tiring.

Pyramids are also commonly called ancient mausoleum sites because they are believed to have been built in Egypt as tombstones and to confirm this statement, several coffins have also been found in the pyramids with the bodies of the royal people sealed.


How were the pyramids built?

Although pyramids are found in many corners of the world, Egyptian pyramids are the most popular in the world. Pyramids found in Egypt are found in Giza on the outskirts of Cairo.

Technically all these pyramids are built 9 kilometers from the west bank of the Nile River. It is believed that more than one lakh laborers had to work to build these pyramids and these workers were salaried and not paid any kind of royal slave, who used to get their daily wages of hard work. Along with this, special stones were used to make the pyramid.

It is estimated that 23 lakh pieces of stone were used to make it and the weight of all these pyramids are found to vary according to their height.

Where the weight of small pyramids has been found to range from 2 to 30 tons. At the same time, the weight of a large size pyramid has been found up to 45000 tons. Studies by archaeologists and scientists show that on average a pyramid took about 200 years to build.

At the same time, it took 85 years to build the most popular Great Pyramid of Giza of Egypt, which is a direct result that not only one but several pyramids would have been built at one time.

Although the construction of these pyramids is difficult to estimate correctly, scientists believe that the Pyramids of Giza have about 5.5 billion materials, that is, in the common language, 6 million tons, Which is equal to the stuff in all the Church of England.


Swastikas and Pyramids.

You might be surprised to know but some people believe that there is not much difference between Swastik and Pyramid. These people believe that there is a link in the structure of the swastika and pyramid that is connected. Looking at this link, it comes out that Swastik is a pyramid in itself.

If we make a swastika with paper, hold it by turning its four arms downwards and in the middle, then you will see the shape of the pyramid, seeing that people today believe that the pyramid is a kind of swastika.

The Swastika is believed to have been invented by the Aryans. And Swastik is considered a symbol of strength, prosperity, and Mars in Hinduism. The swastika is used to fix the Vastu of the house.



 North and South Hemisphere

The archeologist who researches the pyramids believes that all pyramids were made with a well-planned plan. If noted, we find that all the pyramids present in the world are built on the North-South Access.

This simply means that all these have been created by knowing the effects of the North-South Hemisphere. Along with this, they have also been constructed keeping in mind geomagnetic storms and cosmic waves.

Experts believe that there are many more mysteries that are associated with the structure of the pyramid and the reason for which has not been ascertained to date. Archaeologists, however, believe that the pyramids were the tomb of kings and were built to bury them.

But you would be surprised to know that the corpse (Mummy) placed on the pyramids was found by the explorer. We learn from them that these bodies have not been completely destroyed to date. Actually, the explorers believe that science has a big hand behind it.

Explorer believes that the light in the pyramid is climate and energy balanced, due to which no object is wasted and this is why the bodies found in it are in perfect condition.

If we stay in the pyramid for some time every day, then the age of a person can increase. Through the study, it was also revealed that if an object is placed inside the pyramid, then its virtue changes in religion, that is, if some kind of small wood or food item is kept inside the pyramid, then it will remain for a very long time does not rot.

This is why the ancient people kept the dead bodies of their families in the pyramids. Along with this, it has also been revealed that if the water is kept inside the pyramid for some time and later that water is drunk, then some degree of digestive diseases get rid of it. When this water is applied to the skin, wrinkles can be erased from it. This water is also used for the quick healing of wounds.

On the other hand, if you meditate by sitting inside the pyramid, then it has been found that all kinds of stress are relieved and a new type of energy is felt in the body. Along with this, when any kind of voice or music is played inside the pyramid, its voice keeps echoing for a long time.

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The mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids

In the pyramids, it has been observed that if seeds are planted inside the pyramid for a while before sowing, they germinate quickly and well. These pyramids have such power that if sick plants are kept inside them then they can also be cured.

Although pyramids have been found in every corner of the world, the pyramids of Egypt have always been famous. The reason behind this happening is that the Egyptian pyramids reveal many things about the old civilization lost in history.

The pyramid is a kind of historical shrine that has now turned into a mausoleum. It is believed that 138 pyramids have been discovered so far in Egypt and 3 pyramids in Giza, Cairo.

These pyramids of Giza are also known as The Great Pyramid and have been included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. This pyramid is 450 feet high and has been the tallest structure in the world for four thousand years.

However, it is believed that more pyramids are still buried in the ground. But explorers believe that even today the construction of pyramids like Egypt is not possible.

Historians have not yet known what kind of technology was used in the construction of these pyramids. It is very surprising that even after thousands of years, these pyramids are found in perfect condition and their glow is still intact.

The less research done on Egyptian pyramids is less. It is believed that every time some new mystery comes out in the excavation. Engineers and historians around the world continue to do much research to understand the structure of these pyramids and the mysteries associated with buried mummies inside them.

Once, through such research, some scientists from Bonn University in Germany wanted to know the secrets inside a 12 cm long bottle found from a pyramid in Ethiopia.

This bottle was made of beautiful marble and upon research, it was found that the bottle is around 3.5 thousand years old, in which perfume was once kept. Scientists performed a CT scan of this bottle which showed that the perfume had dried up and that this perfume was used by a princess of Egypt.

To date, no one knows what is inside the pyramid of Egypt’s world-famous Giza. It is believed that there is no way to get inside this pyramid and its secret. Several attempts were made by the explorers to uncover but no success has yet been achieved.

Friends, why do you think the Egyptian pyramids were built after all. Comment us your answers and if you liked the article, please share it.

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