10 Amazing Facts about the Black Sea

Why can’t you drown in the Black Sea? Where is the black sea? How many islands are present in the Black Sea, how much is the temperature of the Black Sea? Why is black seawater more beneficial for our body? we will know the answers to many such questions. So let’s know about some unique facts related to the Black Sea


Facts about the Black Sea

1.  The Black Sea between Asia and Europe. Actually, there is a sea surrounded by 6 countries. The countries present on its boundary are Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

2. The length of the Black Sea from East to West is about 1210 kilometers while its width is about 560 kilometers. The maximum depth of the Black Sea is 2,245 meters i.e. approximately 7,364 feet.

3. Danube, Dniester, Southern Buh, and Dinaper are 4 primary rivers whose water flows into the Black Sea while the Black Sea’s full surface area is about 4,36,400 square kilometers.

4. The Black Sea exchanges its water only through the Martian Sea, through which it exchanges its water. They are very thin rivers called Dardanelles and Bosporus.

5. By the way, the Black Sea has only 10 islands, which come under the occupation of Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, and Romania. One of these islands is also near the Danube delta. It is called Snake Islands because it has a large number of snakes. Especially the gray water snake that fishes eat.

6. ​​generally seen to be that the black sea has neither high tide nor low tide. Because of this, its water does not fluctuate and it is considered to be an ocean of calm nature.

7. The Black Sea does not contain any oxygen below 200 meters. Because of which no living animal exists in such depth. Whereas if we see the Black Sea by helicopter, we will see Black Sea Oval Shape.

8. Black seawater is much more saline than normal water, due to which black seawater is thicker than other water. The water present in our body is unsalted water. We all know that our body is made of 70% unsalted water, due to which it is impossible that we can drown in the black sea.

9. The water temperature in the black sea is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the water in it is very salty. This is the reason that if this water gets in our eye or is cut somewhere from our body, then it will burn very fast.

10. Black seawater should not be tested, but you can apply mud to your body which is very beneficial, even it is sold in stores.


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