Lobster: The Most Unique Creatures of the Ocean

Lobster is one such creature that keeps its special place in the ocean. It is also very famous in different parts of the world. But Why are these creatures so popular? Which specialty makes them different from other creatures and how they are able to survive in the deep depths of the ocean. So let’s know some such amazing and interesting facts related to Lobsters, about which very few people are aware.

Lobster: The Most Unique Creatures of the Ocean



Lobsters are found among the precious mines hidden in the sea that belong to the Large Marine Crustaceans Family. There are more than 80 species of these unique creatures, which have some physical changes, but still all are almost the same. It has been found in researchers that there are mainly two types of lobsters. One of these is called Clawed Lobsters and the other is Spiny Lobster.

Both are of the same species but live in different places. These two creatures can be seen in different geographical areas, including where Clawed Lobsters are found in cold water. Whereas Spiny Lobster prefers to live in warm water. The most amazing thing is that they rule the whole ocean. They are found in almost all parts of the world.

Next you are going to get to know more interesting facts about lobster. You can also tell us in the comment box, which of you have seen lobster closely, till then let us tell you some more interesting things about them..


Lobsters Anatomy

First let’s try to understand the body structure of this creature. Actually this little demon named Lobster has 10 legs, in which the lobster Claw is also included. The bulk of their body is protected by a very strong skeleton, which is also called Exoskeleton. Actually it acts like a safety guard for them. Like other arthropods, lobsters have to go through a molting process to grow.

Actually, lobsters hide themselves in the depths of the ocean and they wait for the shell to recover. As soon as the shell recovers, they come out of the water again. This process is called molting. Researcher believe that changes are also seen in their color at the time of moulding. Sometimes, to avoid predators, they even go deep under the sea and hide.

Apart from this, lobsters have compound eyes which can also move. Also long antennae are attached to their heads. Although they are mostly brown in color, but sometimes they can also be seen in bluish green and greenish brown colors, so that they can easily camouflage in the ocean floor.

In fact, the specialty of this small creature is also amazing. Normally lobsters range in size from 10 to 20 inches. But according to a report, giant lobster weighing about 20 kg and 3 to 4 feet long have also registered their name in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Movement Under Seafloor

Although they are mostly marine creatures, they can sometimes be seen in freshwater reverses. If we talk about their movement, then lobsters move very slowly on the sea floor,

But while hunting, their speed increases a lot. Lobsters are no different. Especially when they feel threatened, they also start saving backwards and save their lives by running at great speed. That is, our hero also knows acrobatics. Let us tell you that they are also very sensitive, which helps them a lot in hunting and dodging the hunter.


Lobsters Lifespan and Habitat

Lobsters are found in almost all oceans in the world, which live in rocky, sandy and mandy areas of the ocean. Of these, European and American lobsters are considered to be the most popular lobsters.

Seeing these small creatures, can anyone guess how long they would have been alive, then we tell you that although they live for 40 to 50 years, but it is not a matter of everyone to survive in the sea. Because there are many dangerous hunters found here who can make them their prey anytime. Despite this, it is told about lobsters that they can live for about 100 years.

However to what extent are they possible? There is no evidence of this, but it is certain that before reaching that age, they are hunted by humans if not by marine creatures.

Lobster: The Most Unique Creatures of the Ocean


Lobster Food

Now let’s talk about the food habits of lobsters. Although they are omnibor, but the creatures like fish, worm are their favorite food. Apart from this, they also consume Sea Vegetation. After molting, lobsters start feeding in large quantities. During this time they are so hungry that they do not miss to eat other lobsters as well.

It’s about their food. but lobster will also have to be eaten by someone or the other. Yes, we are talking about that creature which can eat whatever we humans. People have been using these creatures as food for centuries.

Although earlier it was consumed only by the poor people, but now as an exotic dish in many parts of the world, it has emerged as a favorite dish of the rich as well. For which lobsters are hunted in large quantities.


Lobster Special Features and Regeneration Capability

In general, when a person’s hands, legs or any other body parts are cut, they are not able to join back so easily, but this is not the case with lobsters. They can also regenerate their legs, claws and antennae. Due to this natural regenerative ability, they are able to survive for more days.

Apart from this, like snails and spiders, lobsters also have blue blood which is due to the presence of hemocyanin in their blood pigment. In fact, instead of ion, copper is found in their blood, due to which their blood is of blue color rather than red.


Lobster Amazing Reproduction System

The interesting thing about this little creature is that the female lobster can lay more than 8000 eggs, which after mating remain attached to her uterus for a long time and are released only on certain time. It can keep the male lobster’s sperm with it for about a year.

The special thing is that it does not fertilize X only at the time of meeting, but waits for a suitable environment to fertilize it and as soon as they get female meat, it fertilizes X.


Lobster Survival Techniques

There is a saying for the sea world that here the big fish eats the small fish. That’s why it is not so easy to survive here. For this, every marine creature has a different survival strategy. It’s the same with lobsters. Chemosensory hairs are found on the legs of lobsters, with the help of which they can smell and feel anything around which is considered the best means of survival for lobsters.

Because with the help of chemosensory hair, they reach their prey and also save their life from predatory animals. Apart from this, the muscular teal found with their bone long bodies, helps them a lot in swimming. Not only this, lobsters can travel long distances in the sea. This is often done in search of food or during mating.


Lobster Hidden Teeth and Dominant Claws

The mouth of Lobsters is very unique. In fact, their teeth are naturally designed in such a way that they look like a grinder machine. You will be surprised to know that these teeth are present in their stomach. Who grind their prey and keep it. If we talk about the lobster’s claws, then they are of two types. One of these has larger cutter claws and the other has smaller pincer claws.

Like the names of Lobster, their functions are also different. As the cutter claws are used by these forceps to break prey or hard food, while the pincer claws work to eat a soft food. Normally when hunting creatures such as worms and fish, they use pincer claws to grab and tear them.

So friends, these were some amazing interesting facts related to lobster, about which very few people know. Hopefully, through this article, most of you have got to know a lot about this creature. How did you like the information about Lobster, you can tell us by commenting.


Are lobsters immortal?

Lobsters are not immortal, although they can live up to 100 years, which is a long time in human terms. Lobsters have no natural predators and most lobsters die long before the age of 100. An average lobster lives for 10 to 20 years.

Are lobsters bug?

Lobsters are not bugs. They are arthropods and are related to insects such as scorpions and spiders. Lobsters are marine invertebrates commonly found on the ocean floor. They have 10 legs and two claws.

Are lobsters crustaceans?

Lobsters are crustaceans. Which is a class of arthropods in the (crustaceans subphylum Crustacea). They have a segmented body and two pairs of antennae. Crustaceans are made of rigid exoskeletons, they are found in all aquatic habitats, including marine, freshwater, and sessile.

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