Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

Who is not aware of the fear of snakes where a cobra snake can put you to death with its venom. The same snakes like an anaconda or giant boa will swallow you.

 But every coin has two sides. It is not that what is dangerous has to be seen as dangerous. Some of these snakes are so beautiful that on seeing them, you will feel like feeding them or taking selfies by hanging them around your neck. So let’s move towards the most beautiful snakes in the world.

List of Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

#11. King Cobra

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

If we talk about the most venomous and big snakes found around the world, then the name of King Cobra comes first among them. But the bigger and more poisonous this snake is, the more beautiful these snakes are of yellow green brown and black color and because of these colors, these snakes look very attractive.

The length of King Cobra can be up to 20 feet and this beautiful snake can be seen very easily in South India. These snakes are also poisonous, but because of their beauty, people are drawn towards them.

 All these are very big gourmets in terms of food. This is because these snakes like to eat rats as well as other snakes and because they are very large and colorful. That’s why people start coming closer after seeing these snakes.

#10. Red Headed Krait

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 The head of Red Headed Krait Snake is red in color and it is because of their red colored head that they got their name. It is because of its red head that the beauty of these snakes increases. These snakes are found in the hills of Thailand and can be up to seven feet long.

Red Headed Krait Snake Can also eat other snakes to fill their stomach. Although this snake is poisonous but there is no need to be afraid of it because till date no human has died due to the bite of this snake, but still we should be careful on seeing these snakes. 

#09. Blue Racer Snake

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 The bright and blue colored Blue Racer Snake is the most beautiful snake which is not poisonous at all. These snakes are found in moist areas around the peninsula, with places such as rivers and ponds being their favourites.

Talking about the length of Blue Racer Snake, their length can be from 36 to 60 inches. In food, these snakes like to eat rats and lizards as well as small fat creatures. These snakes, which live for about 10 years, can chase their prey by running at a speed of 12 to 16 kilometers per hour.

 By the way, let us tell you that at the time when Blue Racer Snakes are running, their beauty is really worth seeing and that is why these snakes often attract people’s attention.

#08. Green Tree Python

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

This green snake living on trees looks really beautiful, Green tree python found in Australia can grow up to about 6 feet. These snakes spend most of their time on trees.

Unlike other snakes, Green Tree Pythons sit on trees in a diamond shape like a coil, in which they wrap their entire body on the tree branch. They use their tail to make their grip from one branch to another.

 Green tree pythons lure other animals by wagging their tails frequently and as soon as a rat or small-looking animal approaches them. They immediately pounce on it and strangle their prey to death. After mating, a female lays 5 to 35 eggs, from which beautiful green and brightly colored babies emerge.

#07. Green Keelback

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 These snakes have got this name because of their green color and pointed tail. They are found in the South Indian Forest and are not poisonous at all, but even after this, the Green Keelback snake is often killed. This is because because of their green color, people consider them to be green pit viper snakes, which are very poisonous snakes and that is why these snakes are killed every day.

By the way, if we talk about the length of Green Keelback beautiful snakes, then they can be up to 1 meter long and they are mostly seen during the rainy season. These snakes survive by eating frogs, rats and lizards.

#06. White Snake

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 White Snake is also known as Milk Snake. Found in the forests of Australia, these snakes are of different colors after hatching from their eggs, but as they grow older. Their color also becomes completely white.

The white-colour white snake is probably one of the prettiest snake in the world, but due to its beauty, it often becomes a victim of people. Perhaps for this reason, the number of these snakes in the whole world is very less.

 Although these snakes are also very poisonous, but they bite only then. If someone teases or harass them. The length of the white snake can be up to 1.3 meters. If we do not reduce the hunting of these beautiful snakes, then soon all of them will completely disappear from our midst.

#05. Rainbow Snake

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 Have you ever seen a snake that looks exactly like a rainbow and has seven colors just like a rainbow? Actually the name of this snake is Rainbow Snake which has seven colors like Rainbow, in which it has blue and black color on its back. This is a very bright snake.

If we talk about the length, then Rainbow Snake can grow up to about 166 cm. Often this snake is seen around the water and that is why they like to eat frogs and fish.

 Although Rainbow Snakes are very shy, that is why they are also difficult to see. The reason for the lesser appearance of these snakes is also that their number has reduced a lot in the last few years. These snakes can live up to 19 years.

#04. Emerald Tree Boa

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

Found in the Rain Forest of Brazil, the Emerald Tree Boa is a very rare species, which is green in color and has white spots on its green skin. Perhaps because of this color combination, this snake is one of the most beautiful snakes found around the world.

They are found on green trees with green color and they spend most of their day on trees. But as soon as night falls, these snakes become a predatory creature, after which they are digested by killing rats and small insects.

 The teeth of these snakes help them in hunting, but no poison is found in them. Emerald Tree Boa can grow up to 2.2 meters in length and weigh up to 1.5 kg.

#03. Tiger Keelback snake

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 The Tiger Keelback snake with black and yellow stripes is found in Australia and anyone who sees this snake, is convinced of its beauty.

But let us tell you that this snake is also very poisonous and neurotoxic venom is found in it. If a snake bites anyone by mistake, then it is sure to die in 24 hours. Such a person should be treated as soon as possible.

But there is also one thing that Tiger Keelback snake does not bite anyone unnecessarily if someone teases the snake. Even after that, it retaliates in its defence. Their length can reach from 60 to 100 cm. These snakes are very unique in themselves.

#02. Black Mamba

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

The mouth of the Black Mamba found in Africa is black from the inside. That’s why he got this name. This brown colored snake is very beautiful and can chase its prey by running at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour.

These snakes may be poisonous, but their beauty lies in adapting themselves completely according to the environment, due to which no one can see them soon.

The length of the Black Mamba can be up to 14 feet and they can live for 11 years or more, so if you ever encounter this snake, then you will be happy to see its beauty from afar. Do not go near or else the snake can harm you.

#01. Dragon Snake

Top 11 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

 Found in Southeast Asia, the head of this snake looks like a dragon and that is why this snake is named Dragon Snake. This snake is very beautiful but it is very different along with its beauty because where the skin of other snakes is very smooth. On the back of these snakes there are thorns like crocodiles.

If we talk about the length of Dragon Snake, then these snakes can be about 24 to 30 inches long and their color is gray. These snakes are not poisonous at all. Talking about food, these snakes eat lizards and small insects as well as fish and frogs. Most of these beautiful snakes are found near the water.

So these were the 11 most beautiful snakes in the world Hope you liked this article. Do tell in the comment that which of these snakes did you find the world most beautiful snake?

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