15 Most Dangerous Animals In History That Still Exist

There was no civilization at the beginning of the world. The forest was spread all around and there were dangerous animals spread all around in the forest. Millions of years ago, when humans were evolving in Africa, they often had to fight with these fierce animals for their survival. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 15 dangerous animals on earth to date whose fear still resonates in the pages of history.

Don’t think that he is the one who has come up with the clichéd stories of dinosaurs and imaginary dragons. Rather, we are going to talk about 15 creatures, which have existed in ancient times or are still there. So get ready to take a trip into the past with me where you are going to meet the most terrifying and dangerous animals in history.

List Of Most Dangerous Animals In History

15. Leopard


The list starts with Leopard. As dangerous and dreaded as it is today, it was even more dangerous millions of years ago. One of the most amazing abilities that leopards had was the art of climbing trees and this very thing became most deadly for humans. Because most of the time humans used to hide by climbing trees to protect themselves from wild animals and leopards took away this advantage from them.

Apart from this, the things that made leopards dangerous were their speed and the power to lift even the heaviest objects with their jaws. Humans were no match for their speed and they would climb a tree and kill a human being by placing them in their jaws and bringing them down easily.

Although there is no exact data about this, even today around 200 people die every year due to leopard attacks all over the world. And especially when a leopard becomes a man-eater, then even counting human deaths is useless.

14. Wolf


You might be a little shocked to hear this name because Wolf is neither bigger than a human in size nor in strength. But still, its name is included in this list. And then history also says that when humans used to be hunters, they kept wolves with them as pets which helped humans in hunting.

But the era I am talking about is older than that. That is, this is the time when humans were a delicious food for the Wolf. Wolf has the amazing power to identify its prey by smelling it from a great distance. In such a situation, if a person gets lost somewhere alone, Wolfe never fails to take the person into his circle.

These hungry wolves, who attack in packs, can easily tear apart humans and eat them. But gradually humans invented different tools and with their help, they learned to control the wolf and thus they became friends with humans.

13. Sharks


Shark comes next among the most dangerous animals in history. This water-dwelling killing machine has been thirsty for human blood for years. The most dangerous among sharks is the Great White Shark. You will not believe that its normal average length is around 15 to 16 feet. Its speed in water, the strength of its jaws, and the punch of 300 sharp deadly teeth are enough to cut humans into pieces.

Well, the Bull Shark has been more dangerous for humans than the Great White, because apart from the salt water of the sea, it can easily live in freshwater as well and hence its access to humans becomes very easy.

Even though the size of the bull shark is smaller than the great white, its wildness is no less than anyone else. This sea monster attacked humans 129 times in the year 2020. From this, you can guess how dangerous sharks are for humans.

12. Snakes


Fear of snakes is more dangerous than snake poison. In the era I am talking about, the size of snakes was many times larger than today’s snakes. This meant that humans were justified in being afraid of snakes and one of the deadly things that makes snakes dangerous for humans is their poison.

Well today, we have the cure for snake poison. But millions of years ago there was no treatment for snake bites. If a snake kissed a person, it was almost certain that he would die. These crawling devils have truly been living messengers of death.

Apart from this, there was a different fear of pythons. These huge demons used to swallow an entire human being in one go and even today the fear of snakes has not diminished. Even today, around 1,38,000 people across the world die due to snake bites.

11. Tapeworm


A Tapeworm is also called a brain-eating worm. It is so dangerous that it starts eating the human brain from the inside. You can understand how painful it would be in such situations. What’s worse is that you can’t even remove it from the outside.

Tapeworm is found mostly in the feces and urine of animals and gets mixed with the soil and reaches the vegetables that humans eat with great enthusiasm. Together with food, it reaches the stomach and then the intestines and then reaches the brain through the blood flow and lays eggs there, due to which wounds start growing in the brain.

Tablets are available for its treatment but sometimes surgery is required. Therefore, my suggestion is that you should avoid eating raw vegetables so that you can avoid getting infected by the most dangerous insects in the world.

10. Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon is not a fire-breathing, sky-flying imaginary reptile. Yes, but it is no less dangerous than that. This lizard weighing 135 kg (300 pounds) was so dangerous that if a human came in front of it, his death was certain.

These sharp and strong teeth present in its mouth are used to chew even the bones of humans. And even if a human somehow managed to escape from their jaws, it was impossible to escape from their second attack. Their second attack was poison.

The poison of the Komodo dragon paralyzes humans, making them unable to escape and easily falling prey to the Komodo. Like snakes, this reptile was also an enemy of human life and hence its name is in this list.

9. African Cape Buffalo

African Cape Buffalo

It would be a big mistake to not consider Cape Buffalo as dangerous just because it is a vegetarian animal. Sometimes hunting them becomes difficult even for the lion, because they do not spare their hunters at all. Of course, they live in herds, but each of their members has the power to pierce a human being with their horns. You can guess their strength by looking at their body.

That’s why this killing machine is also called the Widowmaker or the Black Death. You won’t believe it. This Widowmaker takes about 200 human lives every year. Surely it deserves to be included in the list of the most dangerous creatures ever recorded in history.

8. Hippopotamus


This big, chubby animal looks absolutely innocent and very cute at a glance. But don’t go by her looks and plump body. These animals are a means of death for humans. According to a report, even today hippos kill about 500 people every year. So imagine what these demons would have done to our ancestors who were completely unrestrained in those times.

Obviously, at that time we used to live near water sources so that we did not have to wander here and there due to lack of water. So in such a situation, humans used to have conflicts with this great water monster, the Hippopotamus, and in this conflict, the hippo often won and humans had to face death.

7. Tsetse Fly

Tsetse Fly

Don’t mistake it for just a fly. She is a flying goddess of death. When Tsetse flies bite, it causes a disease that can even lead to death if not treated on time. The name of the disease is sleeping sickness. That means the person keeps sleeping in this disease and ultimately dies while sleeping.

You won’t believe it. There was a time when this Tsetse fly created a stir all over Africa. In 1995, there were more than 3 lakh cases of this disease. Well, now this disease has been controlled to a great extent and the growth of these flies has also been controlled.

But due to the havoc that this little fly has created in history and the feats it has done, it has made its place in the list of the most dangerous creatures ever recorded in history.

6. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

Another dangerous creature related to water is box jellyfish. Jellyfish are small, transparent, and very cute in appearance. But don’t be deceived by its appearance. This is very dangerous. Due to it being transparent, it is very difficult to see it clearly in water, and taking advantage of this thing makes humans its prey.

It releases a kind of venom that is so dangerous that it is not possible for every human being to bear its pain. Its poison causes headaches, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and even death.

On the beaches of the Philippines alone, 20 to 40 people lose their lives every year due to box jellyfish. So imagine how many people would be dying all over the world because of this dangerous fish.

5. Eagle

The 15 Most Dangerous Animals In History That Still Exist

This heavenly calamity could be avoided by running or climbing a tree. This bird, which has strong claws and a powerful pointed beak, is a very fearsome carnivorous hunter. Human beings have had to face the challenge not only of water and land but also of these devils in the sky.

Eagles have been especially adept at making human children their prey because children were light in weight and small in size and it was easy for the eagle to pick them up and fly away. That’s why the name of eagle also appears in the list of Most Dangerous Animals in History and even today, this predatory eagle is the cause of death of most of the monkeys in the forests of South Africa.

4. Saber Tooth Tiger

Saber Tooth Tiger

Imagine a tiger with two huge sharp teeth coming out of its upper jaw. This imagination itself is so terrible and gives goosebumps. So just imagine, when this animal actually existed, what would have been the condition of our ancestors in front of it.

It is believed that at that time many species of the cat family were saber-toothed and some even weighed up to 550 to 660 pounds. These were demons indeed.

Apart from their sharp teeth, another thing that made them fierce was their mouth space. That means they could open their mouth up to about 130°. Today’s tigers can open their mouths only up to 65° degrees. Once a person came under their spell, he had to give up his hope of survival.

3. Hyena


There is a dialogue in the movie Lion King that the stomach of a hyena is a blind well. This is true to a great extent. These are very dangerous and ferocious disgusting animals, whose mouth often drools and they remain hungry all the time.

More than 100 species of hyena have existed since the time of primitive man. It was almost impossible to avoid them. They were so evil that if a person climbed a tree to escape from them, they would sit under that tree for many days and wait for that person to come down.

In such a situation, a person would either die of hunger or thirst or become a victim of animals like leopards. And if he went down even by mistake, that day would certainly be his last day.

2. Mosquito


You must be laughing after hearing the name that the mosquito is small. What is it doing in the list of most dangerous creatures? But let me tell you that this small-looking mosquito is very dangerous for humans. Every year around the world on average about 1 million people lose their lives due to malaria, chikungunya, and dengue mosquitoes cause all these diseases.

They drill into our skin and insert their stings. No matter what the environment, they survive easily and thrive in stagnant water and dirt. Therefore, they should never be taken lightly and full caution should be taken against them.

1. Human

The 15 Most Dangerous Animals In History That Still Exist

Now we are going to talk about the only animal born in this world which has never been so dangerous in the earth’s history. Since the beginning, its actions have been shaking the earth. He so controlled the fire that he became bent on setting the world on fire. Today the situation has become even more dangerous.

Well, we all know this animal and it is called The Social Animal. Yes, you heard it right. It is humans who have wiped out the existence of many animals that either threatened him or were likely to benefit from his death.

We have looted not only animals but also trees and plants, nature, water, air, sky, and many such things. Which is very important for life on Earth. That means, due to our stupidity, we are putting our existence in danger. Who can be a more terrifying animal than one who is one’s enemy?

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