10 most dangerous mountain roads in the world

Roads play an important role in strengthening the infrastructure of the country, due to which very good and wonderful roads are being built inside every country of the world, In which engineers are also using different types of technology.

But despite the use of various technologies in road construction, there are some such mountain roads in this world, which are not free from danger to go on. So let us tell you about 10 such Dangerous mountain roads present in this world.

Dangerous mountain roads in the World

1. The Yungas Road (Bolivia)

The Yungas Road in Bolivia is the most dangerous mountain road in the world, which is about 64 kilometers long. This road is considered to be one of the highest roads in the world, Seeing which the senses of good drivers increase.

Not only this, if we talk about the width of this road, then hardly one vehicle can pass it at a time. Also, there are no guardrails on the side which makes it even more dangerous.

Apart from all these problems, many other problems are also seen on the road, including waterfall water and slippery surface. You all will be surprised to know that this road is also called Death Road because every year around 200 people lose their lives here.

2. Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand)

Skippers Canyon Road, located in the Southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, is today one of the most dangerous roads in the world because it is a road with a canyon. This 30 km long road was built by hand by some miners about 140 years ago.

Now you must be wondering why these miners made it. This is because gold mines were discovered on the valleys near this road in 1862, which increased the inclination of miners to these valleys.

You all will be surprised to know that with the help of only black gun powder and hand drills, the road was made ready in about 22 years. Well, even today this road is the same as before. So it is very dangerous to drive here in the rain.

3. Trollstigen Road (Norway)

Trollstigen Road is included in the most dangerous road in the world, which is the Norwegian road route. When we see Trollstigen Road from above. So this road looks like a child’s skull, but it is actually a dangerous road in Norway. In which the experience of fear of driving begins on its own.

The local people here know him by the name of “Troll Ladder”. Steep drops on the road, excessive fork traffic and in winter season it becomes even more dangerous. In winter, many parts of the road freeze, increasing the chances of accidents.

4. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road (Greece)

This road is a very dangerous road present in Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece and this is because the length of this road is very short and on the other side it also has a lot of potholes.

Perhaps you are aware that due to the potholes present on this road, not only do people’s vehicles get damaged but sometimes they also become victims of accidents.

Although there is a danger of accidents on this road in every season, when it comes to winter, due to the very high altitude, the visibility on the road is very less, which gives an open invitation to accidents.

5. The Mana Pass (India)

Mana Pass present in India is a high mountain road which is situated between the India and China border in the Himalayas at an altitude of about 18314 km above sea level. This road connects India and Tibet

But hardly you know that traveling on this road is not easy. Because of this, it is not possible to travel on this road without permission. However, if you have permission from the army, local police, or district court, then you can feel free to drive on this road and enjoy your ride.

If you look at the biggest danger on the Mana Pass road, then it is its height which is really very high. Contains less oxygen by at least forty percent. that can increase your anxiety

6. Tianmen mountain Road (China)

The Tianmen mountain road in China is one of the most dangerous roads in the world, which is not only 11 kilometers long but is situated at an altitude of 3608 meters. The most dangerous thing about this road is that there are about 99 blind turns present in it that can scare anyone.

Perhaps you can imagine how dangerous these turns can be because whenever someone drives on these turns, they do not even see the oncoming vehicle. In such a situation, driving on this road becomes very dangerous.

Well, the good thing is that this road is very wide as well as barriers are installed adjacent to it, which reduce the accidents to a great extent.

7. The Kiyotaki tunnel (Japan)

Japan’s Kiyotaki tunnel is a part of the railway that was built between 1927 and 1928. But do you all know that the road passing through this tunnel is famous all over the world including Japan? Yes and this is because there are many horror stories prevalent among the people about this tunnel road, according to which ghosts live on this tunnel road.

This is the reason why it comes in the most dangerous mountain roads in the world. It is believed that as soon as you enter this single-lane tunnel road, you will suddenly feel something strange happening inside this tunnel. Along with this, the sounds of someone screaming will also come. However, this does not happen with everyone.

Some people get sick after passing through this tunnel. Many people say that the traffic signals outside this tunnel automatically change from red to green which invites accidents and that is why very few people drive on this tunnel road.

8. The Stelvio Pass (Italy)

The Stelvio Pass in Italy was built between 1820 and 1825 during the Austrian Empire. The steep climb of this road is about 2 kilometers and there are about 60 blind turns on it, due to which it is very difficult to drive on it.

However, it is not that no one comes to drive on it because people get to see a very beautiful view of nature on the road which completely changes the fear of people.

The most surprising thing is that there are about 180-degree corners on this road which give a direct invitation to accidents. And if you make even the slightest mistake on these corners then it is very difficult for you to escape

9. Zojila Pass (India)

Zojila Pass is a very dangerous mountain road located between Ladakh and Kashmir, India, which is closed for traffic for about 6 months every year because a lot of snow remains on the road for four or five months till it is removed. It takes about two months.

It is not at all that this road is only dangerous to look at because the more dangerous it is to see, the more dangerous it is to travel. You will be surprised to know that the length of this road is about 10 kilometers. Also, it is situated at an altitude of 11,574 feet. Due to which people traveling on it often feel a lack of oxygen as soon as they reach the height.

Not only this, this road is so narrow that only one vehicle can pass from there at a time. Because of this, the fear of accidents on the road often remains.

10. Karnaili Highway (Nepal)

Karnali Highway in the Karnali region of Nepal is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world because accidents can happen on this road at any time. In view of this danger, the traffic on this road has been fully managed by Nepal Police at night. This road is also known as H13

While traveling on the H13, you will get to see narrow stretches of land, slides, rocks, waterfalls, dust, and steep climbs in between. Not only this, if you travel on this road in the monsoon season, then it will be like going to die for you.

Because it becomes even more dangerous during monsoon. During this time landslides are often seen here. Recently in 2010, the 233 km long road was closed due to monsoon due to landslides in the middle of it.

So there were the 10 most dangerous mountain roads in the world. Friends, how did we like this article? Tell us by commenting Thank you.

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