10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

Friends, we all know that about 70% of our earth is covered by water and it is only water due to which life exists on earth. If water is eliminated from the earth, then life will also end from here.

But water on earth can become the cause of not only life but also death because there are such places of water on our earth, where it is considered very dangerous for humans to go. In this article, we will tell you about the 10 most dangerous waters in the World. So let’s start.

List Of Dangerous Waters In The World

1. The Blue Hole

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

In a small town named Dahab present in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, a huge crater built on the shores of the Red Sea is known as the Blue Hole. This place is considered to be a famous diving location of Egypt. Divers from all over the world come here to dive.

This huge crater looks as beautiful as it looks from a distance. It’s actually more dangerous. It is said that hundreds of divers have lost their lives in this Blue Hole. Especially novice divers often become victims of death by diving into this deep and mysterious pit. Despite being dangerous, this place is famous all over the world and divers from every corner of the world reach here to experience it.

According to a report, 130 divers who came here for diving have died in the last 15 years. This is the reason why it is considered one of the most dangerous diving places in the world.

2. Potomac River

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

Found in the mid-Atlantic region of America, the Potomac River flows from Potomac Island to the Gulf of Chesapeake. This river may look simple in sight, but in reality it is considered very dangerous and deadly.

By the way, the surface of the water of the Potomac River looks very calm, seeing that it seems that this river is perfect for boating and swimming. But in reality, beneath the calm surface of this river, another very strong current flows, which pulls every person who enters this river inside.

It is said that hundreds of people who went to swim inside this river have lost their lives. Apart from this, sharp stones are present in this river, which not only injure any person badly but also take his life. Special and strict orders have been given by the authorities to the people not to swim in this dangerous river.

3. Rio Tinto

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

Rio Tinto, which is considered the birthplace of the Copper and Brass Age. Known today as a highly toxic river. The water of this river has become polluted red and orange. Due to which it is also known as Red River.

It is said that mining of copper, brass and gold is being done at this place for the last 5000 years. This mining was believed to be the reason for this river being so much polluted. When experts tested the water of this river, it was found that the pH level of this water is between 1.7 to 2.5. Whereas the pH level of normal drinking water is between 6.5 to 8.5.

This water being so acidic makes it extremely dangerous. People living around the Rio Tinto river are not using its water for any of their needs for fear of getting sick. That’s why this river has been included in the world’s most dangerous water.

4. Boiling Lake

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

You may find it strange to hear but there is also a lake in the world in which the existing water keeps heating up naturally. This lake is located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park on Dominica Island. This lake was named Boiling Lake because of its hot water.

It is said that a few decades ago the water of boiling lake used to be so hot that it started boiling, but in the last few years its temperature has dropped significantly. That’s why people from all over the world reach here to enjoy the warm water of this lake and swim in it.

However according to experts, swimming in this lake is extremely dangerous because there can be explosions of toxic gases and hot red hot steam inside it at any time. But even after being so dangerous, people do not deter from diving inside this lake.

5. Lake Nyos

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

This lake named Nyos, located 315 km northwest of Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé, is a lake built on the face of a volcanic mountain. Due to the poisonous gases found in this lake, it is counted among the most dangerous lakes in the world.

In the year 1986, a terrible tragedy occurred due to this Lake Nyos. In fact, it happened that a plume of poisonous gas present in that lake came out of it and spread in the atmosphere. This gas was so poisonous that it made every living thing in the area of ​​15 miles around this lake dead.

This poisonous gas spread along with the wind to the nearby village and it is said that it killed about 1700 people. Also those who managed to survive this natural disaster. He remained unconscious for 36 hours after coming in contact with this gas. That is why even today it is known as the most dangerous water area in the world.

6. Cape Horn

The sea area with a group of islands in South Chile is known as Cape Horn. However, due to the dangerous behavior of the sea area, it is also called the sailors’ graveyard. Very strong and destructive winds blowing here, 100 feet high waves rising in the sea and huge icebergs present in the water can easily sink even the largest ships.

Therefore, sailing a boat or ship in Cape Horn is considered equivalent to climbing the Himalayan Mountains. Despite this place being so dangerous, many adventure-goers present in the world, reach this place to sail.

For many of the people who come here, it becomes the last adventure of their life and if a person crosses this sea area then he is given a different kind of respect. Common people have been advised not to visit this place.

7. Lake Kivu

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

Located on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, Lake Kivu is one of the Great Lakes of Africa. This lake is considered one of the most dangerous lakes in the world because this huge lake spread over 2700 km² is right next to a large volcano that keeps pumping carbon dioxide and methane gas inside the lake and for this reason. It The lake is completely filled with dangerous methane gas.

Experts say that if there is a slight disturbance in this dangerous variable gas and it will spread in the atmosphere of this place in the form of a fog and if a person comes in contact with it then his life can also be lost.

Experts believe that Lake Kivu is like a huge soda bottle, inside which the pressure of the gas is increasing. If this pressure increases beyond the limit, then it will put the lives of about 2 million people in trouble.

8. Gulf of Guinea

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

The northeastern part of the tropical Atlantic Ocean from Cape Lopez in Gabon to Cape Palmas to the north and west is called the Gulf of Guinea. One of the things for which the Gulf of Guinea is most famous. The pirate attacks that happen here. The number of such incidents in this area of ​​the sea is increasing very fast.

According to the report of the year 2019, 90% of the total cases of pirate attacks all over the world were registered in Gulf of Guinea. Today’s pirates use modern weapons and fast-moving boats. The most preferred prey of these robbers are the cargo ships as these ships carry very valuable items and apart from this the people on these ships are also unarmed.

Apart from looting goods, these robbers also commit crimes like kidnapping, ransom demanding and murder, that is why Gulf of Guinea has been included in the most dangerous seas area.

9. The Bering Sea

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

The Bering Sea is the area of ​​the ocean that lies between the two largest landmass of the Earth, Eurasia and America. The eastern end of this oceanic region is mixed with Alaska and the western end in Russia. This sea area has been included in the world’s most dangerous marine areas. And the main reason for this is the storms that arise here and the huge sea waves.

At this place, the sea water keeps bouncing and diving at a high speed all the time, due to which it is considered very dangerous for any ship to visit this place. But along with being dangerous, Bering Sea has also been known as the world’s largest fish and crab reserves.

That’s why fishermen risking their lives all the time go here to catch fish and crabs. This is the reason that most of the fishermen in the world die in this place. Going fishing here is considered like a suicide mission.

10. Lake Karachay, Russia

10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

This lake named Karachay, present in the southwest region of Russia, is so dangerous that even spending an hour around it can prove fatal. This lake is famous all over the world for its dangerous and deadly. Apart from this, it has also been included in the most polluted places in the world.

In fact, Karachay lake was used as a garbage bin for a long time and the waste dumped in it was not any normal waste, but radioactive waste from the Soviet Union’s largest nuclear weapons manufacturing facility. Due to this radioactive waste, so much radiation spread in this lake that it was impossible for people to go near it.

The report states that within the population spread over an area of ​​900 miles around this lake, the cases of cancer are 21% higher, the cases of birth defects are 25% and the cases of leukemia are 41% more. That’s why the water of this lake is known as the most dangerous water in the world.


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