Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

There is also a special animal among pets that has always been very liked by humans. It has remained special for humans from the ancient period till date. Be it battlefields or the agriculture fields, they have been used everywhere because these animals are powerful as well as very intelligent. Yes, we are talking about horses. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 10 strongest horses in the world, knowing which you too will become crazy about these horses.

Interesting Facts about Horses

  • In fact, compared to other animals horses are considered to be very respectful animals.
  • There are over 300 horse species around the world. A female horse is called a mare while a male horse is called a stallion.
  • If we talk about the children of horses, then the male children are called colts and the female ones are called fillies.
  • A horse is a vegetarian animal that does not chew its cud like a cow but chews and swallows its food in one go.
  • In the horse breeds, the Arabian horse is considered to be a very good breed of horse, but there are many other breeds of horses around the world that are world-famous due to their special features.

List of Strongest Horses in the World

1. Mustang Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

The Mustang horse is one of the strongest horse breeds that are famous all over the world. Mustang horses are mostly found in the western part of the United States of America. Believe me, this horse is so powerful that people lose their sweat controlling it. If we talk about the weight, then the weight of this powerful horse is around 771 to 882 pounds. On the other hand, if we talk about height, then the Mustang is about 5 feet tall.

Although these horses are of many colors, Mustang horses are mostly found in brown color only. Talking about its running capacity, Mustang is placed on the list of fastest-running horses. Usually, it can run at a speed of about 25 to 31 miles, but according to the report of Horse Canada, its speed has been recorded as high as 55 miles.

Horse enthusiasts have to spend a huge amount to keep it because this most powerful horse in the US is very expensive. It is known for its incredible, strength and ability. At the same time, its muscular body attracts people a lot.

2. Suffolk Punch Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

If you want to see a beautiful and strong horse, then you can find both of these qualities in the Suffolk Punch horse. Yes, this is a horse that has its own historical importance. This horse is one of the people living in the peaceful countries of Eastern England. Just as some horses are famous for performing stunts in sports and circuses, Suffolk Punch horses are known for hard work.

The mental efficiency of this horse is also amazing. That is, Suffolk Punch horses are quite gentle compared to other horses. They do not create an unnecessary ruckus but pay more attention to storing their energy. If we talk about the weight of Suffolk Punch, then it is 1600 to 2000 pounds and the height is about 5-6 feet.

Along with being strong, these animals are known all over the world for their behavior. That is, this horse found in North America has always been the center of attraction for people.

3. Arabian Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

Now let us tell you about one such species of the horse which is liked all over the world and its name is the Arabian Horse. It is believed that this species has been present on the earth for about 3000 years. Its strength can be gauged from the fact that it was used in the war in the medieval age. Apart from this, merchants and the army people also liked it very much.

Arabian horses stand about five feet tall and weigh 661 to 882 pounds (300–400 kg). A strong body, high tail, and big eyes make it different and attractive from other horses. Talking about its color, Arabian horses are mostly found in white, brown, and black colors.

Arabian horses are very energetic and their stamina is also very strong, due to which they can run fast. It is one of the oldest horse species in the world, which has a very good bonding with humans. Arabian is quite famous for horse riding. Strong long legs and a constructive body make it the strongest horse in the world.

4. Shire Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

The Shire horse found generally in the UK, holds the record for being the tallest and largest horse in the world. Silky hairs found on its body add to its beauty. If we talk about its weight, then it ranges from about 1764 to 2645 pounds (800-1200 kg). At the same time, their height is up to about 6 feet, and which is used for farming and carrying heavy goods.

These powerful animals are capable of pulling and carrying heavy loads from one place to another. Especially farmers take full advantage of them. Due to his strong muscular body, he looks like a Bahubali. Shire horse is much bigger in size than other horses. However, now its number is gradually decreasing.

5. American Quarter Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

Although the American Quarter horse is only 1212 pounds in weight, on the basis of weight, you cannot guess its power. It is one of the fastest horse breeds which has shown many times its exploits in 6 km races in which even the best horses are defeated.

Along with being the strongest, American Quarter horses are of a very gentle nature. Also, they are very loyal towards their owner and also human friendly. Overall, the American Quarter Horse can be called one of the most versatile horses.

This is the reason why horse race enthusiasts consider the American Quarter horses as the first choice. If you are also planning a horse race, then definitely think about this horse once.

6. Clydesdale Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

Clydesdale is a very energetic horse. At present, many companies around the world use Clydesdale for forestry work. The interesting thing is this. Because of being powerful as well as beautiful, it is included in many shows.

In terms of size, Clydesdale horses are approximately 2 meters tall and weigh approximately 1763 to 2204 pounds (800–1000 kg). There are a lot of them in the US.

Now let us tell you about the best breeds of horses. Now just look at this horse. Its name is Remington. It is considered to be the most special horse of the Clydesdale breed which is about 80 inches tall. In the year 2008, it also got the title of being the longest horse.

7. Belgian Draft Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

No one can compete with the Belgian Draft horse in terms of strength. It is very strong compared to other horses which are known for their stamina and strength. They are very hardworking and can easily do even the toughest tasks.

The length of a Belgian Draft horse is about 6 feet. It is said about them that these horses are being used by humans since the medieval period, and is adept at pulling heavy goods. This is the reason why whenever you take the name of a strong horse, you can never forget the Belgian Draft horse.

Tales of its capabilities spread far and wide. Whether it is to run at high speed or to deliver heavy to-heavy goods. They meet every challenge. Whether you are a horse lover or not, the sight of such a horse will make anyone’s heart melt.

8. Percheron Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

The Percheron is considered the gentlest horse in the horse world. If we talk about the heaviest horses in the world, then the name of Percheron is sure to come. This horse of about 2645 pounds is one of the strongest horses in the world. At the same time, its length is about 5 to 6 feet.

Although they are found in every color some are only black. Apart from being strong, it is also a very intelligent animal. The special thing is that in earlier times it was also included in the war.

9. Morgan Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

Among the horses found in the world, the Morgan Horse is a horse of a very humble nature, which mixes with its owner very quickly. If you want to keep it in your home as a pet animal, then you do not need to think much because even children can ride it.

Generally, Morgan horses weigh up to 992 pounds. Its height ranges from 55 to 60 inches. Due to its stamina and strength, it is also in great demand.

1o. Dutch Draft Horse

Top 10 Strongest Horses in the World

Dutch Draft horse is such a species of a horse whose muscular strong body makes it powerful as well as gives it a very good look. The stamina of this horse is very high. This is the reason that in earlier times this animal was used a lot in farming.

But as the mechanism and technology increased, their demand also decreased. Although even today Dutch Draft horse is known only because of its elegance. Feathers found in its feet make it very beautiful.

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