Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

Today we will meet such a creature on which you must have heard the famous proverb, changing color like a chameleon. The chameleon is such an interesting creature. Which has many features like changing color, catching its prey with the speed of lightning with a tongue longer than its body, and rotating lens-like eyes in different directions. So far 170 species of chameleon have been found. Most species of chameleon are found in Africa, India, and the Middle East.

But their original species live in Madagascar. Research is going on on some chameleons. We have brought information about 10 colorful chameleon Species for you. So stay with us till the end of the article to meet these beautiful species of chameleon.

List Of Colorful Chameleons

#10. Panther Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

First of all, meet the colorful Panther Chameleon which is found in the tropical forests of Madagascar. Their length ranges from 14 to 22 inches. and the weight ranges from 2.1–6.3 oz (60–180 g). Male Chameleons are larger in size and weight than female Chameleons. Mails have all the colors of the rainbow which makes them more vibrant. While females are mostly of dark brown and gray shades.

With its circular rotating eyes, Panther Chameleon can focus separately on two different things at once. Panther Chameleons changing color is one of the ways they communicate with each other. Yellow color means anger and aggression. Green color means calm and relaxed. The blue color is used to impress others.

They prefer to be alone and the presence of other Chameleons in their territory makes them angry. With whom they even get into a scuffle. These Chameleons living in small bushes prey on creatures like insects, grasshoppers, and cockroaches.

#09. Jackson’s Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

Our next species is Jackson’s chameleons which are smaller in size than panther chameleons. But due to the small horns on their head and the thorn-like texture from the back to the tail, they look like a small dinosaurs. They range in length from 7 to 10 inches and weigh 3.2–5.3oz (90–150g).

These are mostly found in bright green color. And changing their color depends on their mood, health, and temperature. Male Jackson’s chameleons have 3 horns on their head while female Jackson’s chameleons do not have such horns. However, in rare cases, 1 horn has been seen in females. Males and females can be easily differentiated on the basis of these horns.

Jackson’s chameleons have outward-facing eyes. Due to which it can rotate up to 180 degrees. And one eye can move freely without disturbing the other eye. These chameleons with an average lifespan of 8 years are found in Kenya and Tanzania. Although Ethiopia is considered to be their native place.

#08. Veiled Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

The veiled chameleon is counted among the large chameleon species. who live in the Arabian Peninsula. They measure 13 to 24 inches in length and weigh 3.2–7.1oz (90–200g). There is a triangular bulge on the head of both males and females. Which is called top and this is also the identity of this species.

There are many reasons for changing their color. For example, when they are under stress, their color becomes darker. veiled chameleons change color to show their strength and also to communicate with each other. Their specialty is that when the prey is seen, they freeze their body and wait for the prey to come near, when they get a chance, they catch it.

When they feel any danger, they wrap the body like a coil. Their diet is also of a slightly different type. Along with insects, they also eat the leaves of trees which maintain moisture in their body. They are found on trees, in shrubs, and in mountainous plains where the temperature is warm and where trees and plants grow. This is mostly a species found in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

#07. Meller’s Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

Let’s go ahead and meet Meller’s chameleon which is the largest chameleon found in mainland Africa. Their length is up to 24 inches. However, some researchers claim that they can grow up to 30 inches and weigh up to 21.1oz (600 g). But compared to other chameleon species, their head is smaller and their tail length is one-third of their body.

If we talk about the color of Meller’s chameleon, then normally it is of deep green color. On which there are white stripes. These chameleons changing color also depends on the situation, when they get a little angry, there is dark spotting on their body. And when they get too angry, first they turn into gray color. Then after that, they appear with white color and yellow stripes on it. And if they fall ill then brown, pink, gray, and white spots appear on their body.

By the way, all chameleons have long tongues. But Meller’s chameleon’s amazingly long tongues can grab prey from a distance of about 20 inches.

#06. Helmeted Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

There is another colorful chameleon species found in East Africa called the Helmeted chameleon. By the way, they are of medium size. Whose length grows up to 10 inches. and ranges in weight from 3.5–5.2 oz (100–150 g). But their special thing is that the length of their tongue is double the length of their body.

In Helmeted chameleons, both males and females have small horns on their noses. But the size of a male chameleon is larger than that of a female chameleon. When they bask in the sun, they turn their body almost black in color to absorb more sunlight, and when they hide in bushes, their color turns golden yellow and lime green.

Talking about their lifespan, male chameleons can live up to 8 years. And the life of females is 5 to 6 years. Like other chameleons, they like insects, cockroaches, flies, and caterpillars for dinner.

#05. Spiny Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

Now meet Spiny Chameleon which is originally from Madagascar. But they are also found in other areas of Africa. They are also known as crocodile chameleons or warty chameleons. Spiny Chameleons have sharp edges near the face and on the back, due to which they got their name.

They are normally gray or brown in color. Although white stripes have also been seen on some Spiny Chameleons. The female chameleon is lighter in color than the male chameleon. Females grow up to 8 inches in length while males grow up to 22 inches.

By the way, they also make other insects their prey, but they are counted among chameleons who drink more water and hence they are mostly found in pond or river areas. Spiny Chameleon’s life is more than 3 years but researchers believe that if they are kept in good care then they can live even for 10 years.

#04. Parson’s Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

There are other species found in Northeast Madagascar called Parsons chameleon. Despite being 18 to 28 inches long, they are not counted among the longest chameleons but among the heaviest chameleons because they weigh more than 24.7 oz.

It is a mostly sedentary species, but it is the most water-drinking species compared to its other species. They are not less than anyone in color. Mel Parson’s chameleons are green and turquoise in color and have 2 warty bumps running from the eyes to the nose. While the female is of green, yellow, and brown color without any bulge.

Parson’s chameleons are very finicky when it comes to food. By the way, like other chameleons, they also eat insects, cockroaches, or caterpillars. But if they get bored with prey, they stop eating it. By the way, it is good to have variety in food and the life span of a chameleon of this variety is 12 to 15 years.

#03. Oustalet’s Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

At number three is Oustalet’s Chameleon, which won the award for the world’s longest species of Chameleon. Their home is also Madagascar. That’s why they are also known as Malagasy giant chameleons. Apart from Madagascar in terms of population, they are also found in large numbers in Kenya.

Oustalet’s Chameleon grows up to 27 inches in length and weighs 14.1-17.6 oz (400-500 g). Normally they are brown or gray in color. But sometimes they also turn a red and green color. The color of the female chameleon is brighter than that of the male chameleon. Like the Veiled Chameleon, Oustalet’s Chameleon also has a large top on its head.

Their choice is slightly different in terms of food. Along with insects, their menu also includes small lizards and birds. They like to live in peace and solitude. So they cannot tolerate other chameleons in their area and become aggressive. Talking about lifespan, they live for 5 to 8 years.

#02. Dwarf Fischer’s Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

Meets another species of chameleon that is originally from Tanzania and Kenya. The length of the Dwarf Fischer’s Chameleon is 7.5 to 9.5 inches. Although some dwarf fishers have been recorded as long as 15 inches.

Both male and female Dwarf Fischer’s are brown, green, or gray in color, but the male has 2 long horns running from the head to the nose where most chameleon species prefer to remain dormant. The same Dwarf Fischer’s Chameleon is the most active species. Which makes them different from other chameleons.

Male Dwarf Fischer’s Chameleon is green in color with yellow, maroon, and dark green patches on it. White patches have also been seen in some mail. Females have darker patches than males and their body shape is also rounder. If we talk about lifespan, then it lives for 3 to 5 years.

#01. Carpet Chameleon

Top 10 Colorful Chameleon Species

Now finally meet another species of chameleon from the forests of Madagascar. Which is called carpet chameleon. By the way, it is only 6.5 to 10 inches long in size. But their style is somewhat unique. On seeing them in the morning, they are almost black in color. On which there is a light vibrant color pattern. This black color helps them to absorb sunlight.

Green, blue, red, orange, and yellow stripes appear on their bodies by noon when they absorb too much sunlight, which makes these chameleons look very colorful and vibrant. They got the name carpet chameleon because of their color pattern.

By the way, in most chameleons, the color of female chameleons is faded compared to male chameleons. But in carpet chameleon, the color of the female is darker and more beautiful than the male. Males and females are also similar in size, which makes them different from other chameleon species. Their lifespan is very short. It lives only for 2 to 3 years.

So friends, you have seen that the features of these colorful chameleon species are almost the same, but there are some such things in all of them. Which makes them different from each other. What did you like about these Chameleons? Do tell us by commenting in the comment box.

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