Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

Do you know? Which is the largest animal living on earth? Do you know that there is a bird in the world that cannot fly because of its heavy body? And did you know that the green anaconda is such a big snake that it swallows animals like boar and deer alive? In this article, we will discuss the biggest land animals in the world.

List Of Biggest Land Animals in the World

1. African Elephant

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

If we talk about the largest animal living on earth, then found in Africa, the elephant is the largest land animal. The weight of an African elephant can range from 3000 kg to 6000 kg. Their length from trunk to tail is said to be up to 35 feet.

Apart from this, African elephants can grow up to about 13 feet high. The most interesting thing about these animals is that they have the longest pregnancy period which is 22 months. Apart from this, the weight of Newborn Babies is about 90 kg and the length is about 3 feet.

But the sad thing is that these animals are now becoming extinct, due to which the IUCN has put them on the Red List and efforts are on to save them. The biggest reason for the extinction of the African elephant is the destruction of forests by humans and the hunting of elephants for teeth.

2. Rhinoceros

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

The rhinoceros, which seems dangerous to look at, are the second largest land animal living on earth. Talk about their weight, according to different species, their weight is also different, which can range from 800 kg to 2300 kg. Similarly, their size is also different according to their species, which can go up to 15 feet.

Their speed can be from 50 kilometers per hour to 55 kilometers per hour. Although the main five species of Rhinoceros are found, now this species is in danger. Because people hunt them for their horns, the number of rhinos is decreasing very fast.

Various rules have been made to stop the trade of rhino hunts, but it is still a big challenge to save them. If they are not saved in time, then that day will not be far away. when rhinos will remain only in books.

3. Hippopotamus

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

The hippopotamus is the third biggest land animal in the world after the elephant and the rhinoceros. Pigs-like hippopotamuses are easily recognizable by their large mouth, large belly, and hairless body.

An adult hippo can weigh up to 1500 kg. With its large body and short legs, this animal can run at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. The skin of this animal is very thick, whose thickness can be up to two inches. Although it is a land animal, it spends most of its time in a pond or in a place where there is water. Even these babies are born in water only.

By the way, because of their heavy body, no wild animal hunts them. Yet their population is decreasing because humans are hunting them.

4. Green Anaconda

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. His scientific name is “Eunectes Murinus”. This species of snake is considered very close to Python, but they are larger in size than them. Their length can range from 20 to 30 feet and their weight can be up to 220 kg.

Along with this, their thickness is up to 12 inches. On the other hand, Female Green Anaconda is even more fat and it swallows animals like pigs and deer alive. There is no poison in an anaconda, which someone makes up for by grabbing his prey and breaking his bones.

The specialty of these snakes is that after getting good prey, they can live without eating for many days and the enzymes present in their stomach smother their prey in the stomach itself. After the prey is digested, they spew out its bones and get ready to hunt again.

5. Giraffe

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

A list of the world’s largest animals is being made and the name of the giraffe should not appear in that list. This is a bit wrong. Everyone knows that a giraffe is so tall that no matter how strong an animal is in front of it, it will look weak because the giraffe is considered to be the largest animal ever, and somewhere its enemy has a size difference.

If we talk about the height of the giraffe, then it can be up to 19 feet long, only their neck length is up to six feet. When a giraffe is born, its height is about five feet. Giraffes found in the Grasslands of East Africa are the largest in length because this area is believed to be their native habitat.

Along with being tall, they are also powerful. Their legs are so strong that if a forceful kick kills the lion, it can inflict a lot of injury on the lion.

6. Cape Buffalo

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

The Cape Buffalo is the animal that grows up and gets stronger as well. So powerful that it can even defeat a lion. It would not be wrong to call it the biggest animal on the land because Cape Buffalo is infamous for killing and injuring most of the poachers in Africa. Their weight can be up to 900 kg, while their length can be up to 11 feet.

This is such an animal that can attack anyone at any time without any warning. These are animals that eat grass and swim in the water and reach from one place to another to eat grass. They do not think before going to another animal’s territory, rather other animals run away in fear of them.

Along with this, if we talk about the skill of its escape, then Cape Buffalo can run at a speed of 57 kilometers per hour.

7. Saltwater Crocodile

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

The crocodile is a very large and very fearsome animal that can grow to be about 17 feet long and whose weight can be up to 500 kg. Their maximum population is seen. in Asia and Australia

Due to the large teeth and large size of the Saltwater Crocodile, they prey on Buffalo sharks and water-drinking animals that get caught by them. They do not pay attention before hunting any other size animal. Their bite force is so much that it can crush the bones of a good animal. Also, their huge body helps them to hunt any animal.

Usually, it is very slow. This is one such characteristic of them, due to which they can survive for many months without eating food.

8. Polar Bear

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

As we often see in movies or pictures how big bears are, then it is important to include them in this list. Although all bears are large, the polar bear is by far the biggest land animal ever in its species.

Polar bears can range in length from 6 feet to 10 feet and can weigh around 400 kg to 700 kg. These fat bears like to spend most of their time in the water. If we talk about their running skills, then even after being fat, they can run at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour in water and 40 kilometers per hour on land.

Another special thing about them is that they can swim all day in the water. The most interesting thing about polar bears is that they spend half their entire life searching for prey because only twice out of 100 are successful in hunting. This fat bear turned out to be a very cold hunter.

9. Ostrich

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

The name of a bird also comes from the world’s largest animals. So this is a bit strange but this bird is so amazing. Actually, Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, but it cannot fly. It only runs, due to which it will not be wrong if it is included in the list of big animals living on the earth.

Ostrich can grow up to 9 feet in length and can weigh up to 150 kg more than a normal human. Along with this, Ostrich is also the bird with the largest eyes in the world their eyes are the largest among all the animals living on the earth and their eggs are the largest among all the animals living on the earth.

Another special thing about them is that they can run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, due to which Ostrich is also the world’s fastest running bird living on earth.

10. Wandering Albatross

Top 10 Biggest Land Animals in the World

By the way, it is such a bird and comes on land only for breeding and eating. But its size is so big that it has to be included in this list. You will be surprised to know that the wingspan of the Wandering Albatross ranges from about 8 feet to 12 feet, which makes them the largest bird in terms of wingspan.

Wandering Albatross can travel many kilometers with the help of these big wings without flapping the wings. Knowing how many kilometers these birds fly in a year, your senses will be blown away. Once it was calculated, it was found that this big-winged bird can fly 6000 km in 12 days.

The black and white Wandering Albatross has been listed by the IUCN as Vulnerable Status. Meaning if they are not saved in time, then they will become extinct.

There are many such things in the jungle world that the more you try to know, the more interesting it becomes. But the interference of humans in the forest is harmful to a great extent for the forests as well as the wild animals. The result of which is the extinction of some animals.

That is why it is good that humans let the animals live in their own way so that there is no possibility of extinction of any animal. then these were the 10 biggest land animals in the world How did you like this article tell us by commenting.

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