Electric Fish – Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

In this way, many species of fish are found in different parts of the world, which can range in size from 1 inch to 10 feet. People also use these fish as food. But do you know that there are some fishes that can even kill a person just by touching them?

Have you ever seen a fish that kills a current? Yes, we are talking about the deadliest electric fish.


About Electric Fish

Before seeing the world’s most dangerous electric fish, let’s try to understand what is an electric fish. Actually, among the different species of fish, there are some species that are different from the normal fish. Because of their electric discharge from their body, they are called electric fish.

Such electric fish are also called electrogenic. It is mostly found in South America and Africa’s soft water regions and oceans. Apart from this, some fish also have the ability to detect electric fields, due to which they are also called Electroreceptors. Actually, some special organs are found in this type of fish, with the help of which it is able to discharge and receive electricity.


The Electric Organ Discharge (EOD)

The organ with the help of which electric fish are able to detect the electric field is a special structure called the electric organ which is present in all electric fish. This structure is found in different parts of their body which are made up of their modified nerve cells or muscles. Most of these fish (EOD) are present in their tail which is used in times of danger or to attack their prey.

Now let’s also look at the fact that for what purpose does the electric fish use this ability and what is the benefit to them or what if they did not have these abilities? We will share all such facts with you further. Along with this. you will also know which such fish are. Those who have these special capabilities.

Hunting Prey

All the wild creatures of the world have to struggle for food. Whether it is a predatory animal of the forest, a lion, or a crocodile. All develop a variety of hunting skills for hunting. Similarly, electric fish also use this ability for hunting.


As much as food is important for wild animals, they also need to save their lives. In such a situation, they also have to struggle a lot to avoid predatory animals. Similarly, fish also need self-defense to avoid enemies in the water, which their ability to electric fish greatly helps. It can save its life by giving powerful electric shocks to its enemies or by detecting their presence.

Electro Communication

Apart from this, this ability found in electric fish also helps them to communicate. Electric fish use electrocommunication as a channel to communicate with each other or with their prey

Electro Location

The electrolocation capability is very helpful for the Electric Fish to find its location. This helps them to get an idea of ​​their area and the things around them. With the help of this, they get to know the location, so that they can identify their area.

That is, nature has sent everyone on this planet with some special ability, which they all use for their survival. Nature has given these fishes such an ability that they are able to survive their life. So let’s know about some species of deadly electric fish.

List Of Some Electric Fish

1. Electric Eel

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Many such dangerous creatures are found in the sea, which apart from humans, are also life-threatening for other creatures. However, not everyone knows this secret hidden in the depths. There are also some of these fish, which are of huge size as well as of deadly nature. That is, being in front of them and feasting on death are equal. One of these is the electric eel, which is a species of fish. It is also known as “Electrophorese electricus”.

The electric eel fish is generally found in the freshwater of the Amazon and the basin areas of South America. If we talk about the length of the electric eel, then it is about 8 feet long. This strange creature, which gives electric shock, has three pairs of abdominal organs, which are called the main organ, the socks organ, and the hunter organ which generates high voltage(650 volts) electricity. It is used for hunting.

These organs of the electric eel transmit signals to the nervous system, which activates the ion channels found in their body, which cause sodium ions to flow and this turns into electric shock, which can also cause the death of a human or animal. in my opinion, after knowing so much, it would be better to keep a distance from it.

2. Electric Catfish

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Included in the list of electric fish, this electric catfish belongs to the family of “Malapteruridae”. This genus is found in tropical regions of Africa and the Nile River. It is a carnival fish, which means it depends on prey for its food. Where this ability of them helps a lot.

With its well-developed electronic organ, it attacks its prey and preys on other fish, larvae, and invertebrates. You will be shocked to know that Electric catfish can generate electricity of 350 volts.

However, along with being dangerous, it is a very useful creature. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians used the smallest fish of this species to treat the arthritic pain.

3. Stellate Sturgeon

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Stellate Sturgeon species are found in salt water, but during breeding, they move toward freshwater rivers. It is considered to be an ancient species, which is now slowly disappearing due to fishing. It is also included in some species of fish with electroreceptive abilities.

4. Northern Stargazer

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

The next name in this list is that of Northern Stargazer which is Deadly Electricity Generating Fish. It is also known as “Astroscopus Guttatus”. It is mostly found in Easter Shores, New York, and North Carolina of the United States, and lives very deep in the water. The Northern Stargazer hides under the sand and exposes its mouth for easy prey capture.

The Northern Stargazer hunts small fish by staying underwater. The interesting thing is that it can generate electricity which is very weak compared to other electric fish. It can generate electric shock only up to 50 volts. Along with this, it also does its self-defense.

The Northern Stargazer is quite a strange fish in appearance. White spots are found on its brown body, which helps them to camouflage in coastal water. It can catch its prey in a very unique way. Although it is small in size, sometimes it is 8 to 20 inches long. That is, this medium-sized fish is poisonous and dangerous, but it is most at risk from humans.

5. Electric Rays

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Electric Rays strangest creatures in the species of fish that can sting without touching you. This strange creature is also called Cartilaginous fish which is found in the depth of the sea about 3000 feet below. Electric Rays can generate electricity up to 20 to 50 volts, which is a unique survival tactic for this.

Actually, electricity is generated in the cells of electric rays, which are called electrolytes. This process is very unique. You can also understand it in this way that the way the shells of batteries work, similarly the cells of its body also produce electricity by arranging electrolytes. It is believed that these electric rays were first used for surgery and childbirth pain relief. And the Romans used it for headaches and arthritis.

5. Pacific Lamprey

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Pacific Lamprey is a primitive creature with a mouth almost like that of an eel. This too lives in salt water only. Although it migrates at the time of breeding. This species is considered an ancient living vertebrate, Pacific Lamprey possesses an electroreceptive system.

6. Black Ghost Knifefish

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

Black ghost knifefish is a species of electric fish found in the Amazon basin and tropical water areas of South America, which is about 18 to 20 inches long in size. However, it is very weak in producing electricity as compared to other electric fish because they have a single electricity-producing organ.

Generally, it uses its electric sensing capability to search for its prey, insects, and larvae. It is surprising to know how this fish can do this. Actually, the reason behind this is that Black ghost knife fish discharge electrons in the form of electric signals. In this process, by using electric receptors, it is able to find out the location of its prey.

7. Sandbar Shark

Electric Fish - Shocking Deadliest Electric Fish Species

The sandbar shark is an amazing creature in the fish species that have electro-receptor abilities. With the help of this incredible ability, it can detect electric fields. Not only this, it can feel the presence of its prey from a distance of about three feet. Actually, hundreds of specialized pores are found around its head, with the help of which its sensor system works.

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