10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

All the creatures present on this planet require a suitable environment to survive. That’s why some unique animals are able to survive in different natures and environments found on this earth, which have developed special abilities. Similarly, the desert is also such an environment where life is very difficult. This means it is not in everyone’s capability to survive here.

Life in the desert is very difficult. Where from lack of food and water to avoiding the scorching sun of the day and the cold of the night is also a challenge in itself. Despite this, nature has given some special abilities to strange animals to survive in these areas, which have been adopted by the creatures living here for a long time.

Although the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name desert is a camel, apart from this there are many such creatures who have learned to survive in these areas. So let’s know about the 10 weird animals that live in the desert.

List of Weird Animals That live in the Desert

1. African Wild Dog – (Lycaon pictus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

This is not a common dog, but the biggest predatory animal that completely breaks down on its prey. They also make animals bigger than themselves their prey because their hunting skills are very aggressive.

African wild dogs are about 30 inches long and weigh 30 to 40 kg. which is mostly found in the desert region of Sub-Saharan. They keep roaming in herds in search of prey, facing which sometimes becomes too heavy even for a lion.

They are very effective hunters and succeed in 60% of the prey, which is much higher than 30% of the lion and 25% of the hyena. But today these wild dogs are on the verge of extinction. In Africa, they are also called hunting dogs or painted dogs.

2. Deathstalker Scorpion – (Leiurus quinquestriatus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

These are one of the deadliest scorpions on this planet which are found in desert areas. The word deathstalker has been added to his name which shows how dangerous he is. deathstalker scorpions are so poisonous that even humans and animals die due to their bite.

Deathstalker scorpion can kill anyone with its lethal sting. His Venom is called the world’s most expensive liquid. These deadliest scorpions found in the desert are yellow in color and most of the time remain hidden under the sand. Due to their similar color, they are not easily identified in the sand or among the rocks. They prey on small insects.

That is if you are ever in a desert then take full care of this hidden desert scorpion because this dry desert is also full of dangerous creatures like the Amazon forests. Where there is danger at every step along with adventure.

3. Ostrich – (Struthio camelus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

It is considered the heaviest and largest bird in the world. It has become habituated to survive in the desert. It can survive for many days without drinking water. However, they fulfill the lack of water in their body from the plant. Whatever plant they eat, their body gets water in a certain ratio. Due to this, it can overcome the shortage of water.

Ostrich’s body also helps them a lot to survive in the desert. As their vision is very good, they can turn their neck in any direction, so that they can keep a good eye on their prey and hunters, which is most important in the desert.

Apart from this, due to its long legs, it can run very fast. If we talk about their weight, then they are up to about 100-150 kg. Although no animal wants to get entangled with them in the desert. But they have to be very alert to save their young ostrich.

4. Addax Antelope – (Addax nasomaculatus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

The beautiful-looking addax antelope animal has adapted itself to survive in the desert. The coat found on their body is most important to them. Whether it is a camel or a common worm, avoiding the hot sun of the desert is the first challenge for every animal here.

However, to deal with this challenge, the addax antelope has a special ability. Actually, the fur found on the body of the addax antelope changes its color. You may question whether this actually happens and if it does, how does it benefit Antelope?

Normally the color of the addax antelope is white. But in order to avoid the heat in the special season, the color of their fur changes, which works to stop the heat radiation of the sun. Apart from this, similar horns are found in male and female addax antelope. The special thing is that they come on the list of Endangered Species. That is why it is very important to work for their protection.

5. Great Roadrunner – (Geococcyx californianus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

Let us introduce you to the running bird. Often the bird is known to fly high and far. But the Great roadrunner is a species of cuckoo that is famous for running fast. Yes, it is a bit strange but this is a fact. This bird is more powerful in running than in flying, which no one can compete with. It can run at a speed of about 20 miles per hour.

However, there are two types of Roadrunner. First Great roadrunner and second lesser roadrunner. But here we are talking about the Great roadrunner which is about 22 inches long. Although they can fly, they prefer to run; whenever they feel threatened by predatory animals, they fly to a tree or a higher place.

Surviving in desert areas is challenging for Roadrunners. Roadrunners have learned a lot to survive in these extreme desert areas. The biggest challenge of living in the desert is the provision of food. In such a situation, Great roadrunners make poisonous lizards, scorpions, and insects their food. This even eats Rattlesnakes.

6. Skin Drinking Desert Lizard – (Moloch horridus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

Now let us tell you about another such shocking creature of the desert which has its own unique welcome. This strange-looking Lizard is not only strange to look at, but its exploits are also very shocking, as its name clearly suggests that this creature drinks water from its skin.

I am sure. If you have not seen a skin-drinking desert lizard before, then you will not believe it. But it is true that it drinks water not through its mouth but through its skin.

7. Sandfish Lizard – (Scincus scincus)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

Some of the animals found in desert are shocking animals that we rarely see. One such animal is also included in the desert animals list, seeing which you will also be shocked. Although people often get confused by their names, so let us clear this confusion of yours. The name of this creature is the sandfish lizard which is found in the desert of the Middle East and North Africa.

This is such a fantastic creature that at first sight it seems as if it is a fish, but it is not a waterish but a sandfish lizard, which lives inside the sand to avoid the heat, and goes out only to catch prey.

Although scientists are still doing research on this matter, how is their respiratory system and how do they breathe under the sand? If we talk about the size of the sandfish lizard, then it is about 7 inches long, as well as the color combination of its body is such that it blends into its environment.

Actually, they are named Sandfish because they are found swimming in the sand. To avoid the hot sun, they go from one place to another by swimming in the sand. It is indeed one of the unique animals from the desert.

8. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake – (Crotalus atrox)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

The Western diamondback rattlesnake is found in desert areas. This is a species of pit viper snake which is about 7 feet long. These are very poisonous snakes that are found in the northern Mexico and Southern United States desert regions.

They prey on small mammals such as chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, mice, and rats. Anyone can die within 1 minute on their bite. That is why it is considered the most dangerous snake in the desert.

9. Sidewinder Snake – (Crotalus cerastes)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

Many such amazing creatures are found in the strange poor world of the desert which are very unique in themselves. The name sidewinder snake is also included in this list, which is known for its amazing features. Especially their crawling technique gives them a different identity from the species of snakes.

Looking at the speed of the sidewinder rattlesnake, it seems so. As if it is running to attack its prey but it is not so. Desert snakes do not use this technique for hunting but to avoid the scorching sun of the desert. Under one technique, they keep only a small part of their body on the sand and move forward rapidly.

However, Sidewinders have also adopted special methods for hunting. They hide their whole body under the sand and keep an eye on the movements of the prey by keeping only their eyes out. Then seeing the opportunity, they pounce on it. That is, gathering food for any animal in this desert is a big challenge, life can be found only after crossing it.

10. Fennec Fox – (Vulpes zerda)

10 Weird Animals That Live In The Desert

Fox is usually found in the forest. Apart from this, it is also found in mountains, meadows, and deserts. Except for Antarctica, almost every continent fox of the world can be easily seen. The interesting thing is that the fox digs the ground and makes a house for itself, which is called Dens. It can run at a speed of about 72 kilometers per hour, due to which it is considered one of the fastest animals in the world.

But if we talk about the Fennec fox, then it is the smallest species and its weight is about 1.5 kg. At the same time, their length is about 10 to 16 inches, out of which the length of their tail is 7 to 12 inches. It is found in the Sahara Desert and the hot region of North Africa.

The special thing is that due to living in hot and desert areas, the size of desert fox animal ears has increased, which are up to about 6 inches. The specialty of their big ears is that it helps them to keep their body cool. Apart from this, the fur found on their body helps them to survive in the desert.

So these were the 10 weird animals that live in the desert. If you ever go to their area, be careful.


Where do desert animals get water?

 A desert is a hot, dry area with little or no rainfall. Desert animals have adapted certain abilities to live in places with little water. Sonoran desert animals obtain water from the food they eat and succulent plants, seeds, morning dew or even the blood of their prey make up for the lack of water.

How desert animals survive without water?

To survive in desert areas, animals have been given some special abilities, which have been adopted by the creatures living here for a long time. Some animals sleep throughout the dry season and some animals go into hibernation. Some animals get water from food.

Most common desert animals

The most common desert animals are camels, ostriches, and giraffes. Camels live in dry desert regions of Africa and the Middle East. Ostriches live in dry grasslands and desert regions of Africa and southern Europe. Giraffes live in the dry tropical regions of Africa.

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