What Dreaming Means?- Dream & Lucid Dreams Analysis

Do you know in a dream that you are dreaming? Today I am going to tell you about the two most interesting topics in the world of science which are related to your day to day life, actually one of the unsolved mysteries of science from dreams. Today I will analyze the question and that question is what dreaming means? and the second topic is ‘Lucid dreaming’ in which when you are dreaming then you are aware that you are dreaming.

What dreaming means?


What dreaming means?

You know that this question is one of the questions that science has not yet been able to answer accurately, although there are many theories, I am going to tell you about the best theory, this question is so complex that the field of science I There is a separate branch of dream studies that we call ‘Oneirology’.

It is indeed very difficult to understand dreams. Even for a normal person and scientist, when people are asked what they saw in a dream, their answer is always unbelievable. On average, within 10 minutes of walking, a person forgets about ninety percent of the dream.

So when you wake up, you just have a glimpse and you start trying to remember what you saw in your dream when you sleep, then you can have 2 stages. 1- Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and 2- Non-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-REM), Rem stage is more special among these two.


Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

When you are in the REM state, your eye rotates left-right while sleeping. You can see the exact movement. If you are recording the brain-computer of a sleeping person, if you look at the electrical activity of the brain of someone sleeping in the REM phase, you will see strange things.

Research has found out that when you are awake, then the activity that goes on in your brain is very ejectively similar to the movement that occurs in your brain when you are dreaming in the Rem stage, it is absolutely amazing. This means that your brain uses a lot of energy in the Rem stage and we say that we are giving rest to our brain.

But this does not happen realistically, but some chemicals such as ‘Histamine‘ and ‘Serotonin’ do not release at bedtime, due to which you can feel various emotions while dreaming, but your body is not moving.

But in some people, the balance of this chemical sometimes worsens and hence their body starts shaking even while sleeping and some people even walk in the sleep which we call sleepwalking.

Sometimes it happens that someone wakes up in the Rem stage but his body does not move at that time you know that you are awake but your mind thinks that you are in the Rem stage, we call it to slip paralysis, After a few seconds of waking up, you do not move your body. But after 8 to 10 seconds you become normal

This leads to the conclusion that we dream in the REM stage, not in non-REM, the precise answer to what dreaming means. Whatever you do in your brain on a memorable day. Your unconscious brain scans the memory while sleeping, then organizes it and strengthens the connection between it.

So that we could use that memory even better the next day, like suppose you learned the guitar today, you will use that guitar tomorrow. You will also do the day after tomorrow. Always will When you sleep at the end of every day. Now your unconscionable brain will strengthen the skill of playing that guitar even more.

So that next day you can use it more efficiently and your unconscious brain clears all the junk memory so that there is no jam in your brain. When this process is running, your brain does not understand what is happening, and when the memory is organized, you see random images and your brain tries to remove the meaning from that memory.

So you think that what you saw in the dream was making sense. She was clear. But this too happens to you many times that the dream you are dreaming may not make any sense, it happens then. When the images you see are very random,


In the olden day’s people used to associate the event with dreams and thought that if we see it in the dream then it will happen, but modern science says that the dream is for our good because at that time we strengthen the connection between unconscious brain memory Tries and this total is random and therefore there is no benefit from finding the meaning of dreams, This is the science behind dreams

Many of you must have experienced this and those who do not, you probably do not know how much fun you have in lucid dreaming. Think a dream in which you know that you are dreaming, How fun would it be

Lucid dreaming


What is Lucid dreaming

What is Lucid dreaming

Whenever you see a dream in which you know that you are dreaming, we call it ‘Lucid dream,. Many of you must have experienced it and those who do not, may not know that in lucid dreaming. How much fun it is Think, a dream in which you know that you are dreaming, how much fun it will be

I only think that the dream world of Lucid Dream is better than our real world because if I know in the dream that I am dreaming, you can do whatever I want, You do not have to do 40 years of penance to do this. It’s as easy as you can’t imagine. I’m going to tell you about many ways you can make lucid dreaming.


(#1-Method) Writing a diary

You will wake up every morning and write in your diary what you saw in your dream. You have to do this work daily. You will come to know and you will become aware of what kind of dream you have and this trick also increases the power of remembering your dream and therefore when you dream. Then you will know that you often dream of such a thing

And just you will be alert and just start dreaming. Then do whatever you want in the dream. I know that some of you will say that now you will make a diary for dreaming. So for those people, I have another method called reality check


(#2-Method) Reality check

Listen to what you need to do in this method, now you are awake. So you have to get into the habit of waking up for a reality check now. Meaning if you are watching my article on a smartphone, then you save this article and look at this world far and deep and ask yourself whether it is all real or not. Isn’t it a dream to do it four or five times a day that it will not be your habit and you will do reality checks from time to time, it will become your nature, of course in real life you will know that It’s not a dream

But the funny thing will happen when you are in a dream and because of the same reality check habit, you will ask yourself in the dream whether it is a dream and also, you will know that you are dreaming and just your mind again. do lucid dreaming is the third way we also call ‘MILD’


(#3-Method) Mnemonically induced lucid dream (MILD)

This method is even more simple and if you try it tonight, this method is successful or not. Let me tell you in this comment that when you close your eyes at night, then you miss any seen which you often look in your dream and you start thinking that you are getting lucid, this will increase your chances of lucid dreaming even more. You keep on thinking that I’m lucid dreaming.

It works very well in some people when you believe something, then it really happens to you, what we call the placebo effect when you keep thinking that you are dreaming today in which you have become a connoisseur. That you are dreaming, then your brain starts reacting in the same way, try this trick, maybe it works.


(#4-Method) Wake induced lucid dreaming (WILD)

In this, you have to do this, when you sleep, then keep saying in your mind that you are awake. I am awake this will alert you and you will be conscious for a long time, but the problem is that here you can have sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a strange stage. It is true that only 8% of the people in the world have sleep paralysis.

I have experienced sleep paralysis many times. The first time I did the experience, I was very scared in this technique when you tell yourself that I am conscious that I am dreaming. You will be alert even when you go to sleep and as you know that you cannot move your body after sleeping so you will be conscious that you are dreaming but you will not be able to move your body and you will not get outside voice

I will hear very strange sounds whenever I experience sleep paralysis. As a child, I used to get very scared but when I researched it, I came to know that it is ‘Hallucination’ which will create your mind. So this is the way people who really want to experience all these adventure events


The conclusion

I know that in this article too many people will ask whether lucid dreaming is dangerous or sleep paralysis is not an illness, its answer is simple, it is all normal, all these interesting things are very popular in Western countries, but very few in India People know about all these things.

I hope what is the dreaming means? You must have found the answer. I wrote this so that I can warn people about these things and as I told you that we have forgotten 90 percent of our dreams only after a few minutes of getting up from sleep, Do you remember your dream? Most of the people like or forget about the dream, do not forget to comment below, do not forget to comment and share this article.



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