10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

No matter how colorful the world is, black color has a class of its own. Anyway, it is said that the importance of light is known when there is darkness around. Similarly, black color has a big hand in the beauty of other colors as well. This color has its special place in the animal world too.

There are many animals in this world completely black and equally beautiful. This black color makes the form of any animal even more terrifying. In this article, we will discuss these rare melanistic animals.


Reason For Animals Being Black

Before talking about animals, we try to understand what is the reason why the skin color of animals becomes black. There is a pigment in everyone’s body that is responsible for deciding the color of skin and hair. The name of this pigment is melanin, whose body has more melanin. Their entire body and hair are white or brown. This is a kind of disease called albinism.

Along with humans, this disease can happen to any animal. The excessive presence of the same melanin completely darkens the skin and hair. The color of all the melanistic animals we are going to talk about is black because of melanin.

Well, all the white and black animals look very beautiful. Yes, but the color of their skin sometimes makes their survival difficult in the wild as they can be easily identified. Apart from this, their uniqueness is also their biggest enemy.

List Of Melanistic Animals

1. Blackbuck

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Blackbuck in India is no less than a superstar. These Blackbuck are also called black deer and Indian antelope, although not all blackbucks are black. The number of these special deer found in the Indian subcontinent is very less.

These melanistic deer are also found in neighboring countries around India. But they have completely disappeared from Bangladesh. It is mostly plains and lives in small wooded areas. Especially a place where there is a good arrangement of water for drinking daily.

Blackbuck is rare than the rare white bear found in the world. However, the Government of India is making a lot of efforts for their protection and conservation. But responsible citizens should also perform their duty properly.

2. Black European Rabbit

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Meet this black rabbit that’s just as cute to look at as the white rabbit. Black rabbits were initially found only in European countries. But gradually now it is found in almost every part of the earth except Asia and Antarctica.

The black European rabbit is often reared in homes in countries of Europe. Anyway, seeing such cute and unique rabbits, who would not feel like raising them? Along with domestic rabbits, black-colored rabbits are also found in the forest.

The color of animals with melanism is also completely black due to gene mutation. However, this does not bring any significant change in their behavior. They are also like common rabbits and they also mix easily with everyone.

3. Black Barn Owl

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Now let’s talk about a bird. Generally, Barn Owls’ color is very light and they appear completely white at night. As everyone knows that owls go out hunting only at night. In such a situation, due to their white color, it becomes very easy to identify these owls.

But as we have been seeing from the beginning. This poor bird is also not untouched by the attack of melanism. Due to gene mutation in owls of this species, sometimes the color of some owls becomes dark brown or black.

The color of these special melanistic barn owls is nothing less than a curse for them because of their different color they look different from their siblings and hence their mother refuses to accept them as her child. Without rearing and feeding, their survival becomes very difficult and this is the reason that most black Barn Owls die in childhood.

4. Black Zebra

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Usually, black and white stripes remain on the body of the zebra. But it is very rare to find a completely black zebra. One such zebra was found in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Initially, people mistook it for a donkey or a horse, because nobody liked seeing it and calling it a zebra.

Except for the legs of this melanistic zebra, almost its entire body was completely black. This zebra was also a victim of gene mutation. Well, there was nothing strange about this animal except its color. It was like a common zebra and used to behave like them. How did you feel after meeting this amazing Black Zebra, definitely tell me in the comment?

5. Black Wolf

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Meet this Black Wolf found in North America. Wolves look very dangerous anyway and on top of that the black color has made them scary. Generally, wolves are found only in brown color, but due to gene mutation, the color of these special wolves becomes black.

The same gene mutation is also seen in black dogs. That is, because of which black dogs are black, for the same reason these wolves are also black. Well, at one point these wolves separate from the dogs. The color of these dogs remains black throughout life, but this is not the case with wolves.

With age, the color of the Black Wolf’s hair gradually starts turning from black to brown and it again looks like a common wolf. Their black color helps a lot in keeping their body warm in cold and snowy areas.

6. Black Squirrel

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

If you have ever been to Canada, the USA, or the UK then you might have noticed this amazing squirrel. Completely black from top to bottom. This Black Squirrel is mostly found in the North American Continent. When Europeans reached America, they imported it to their country. This is the reason that this special squirrel is also seen in the UK.

Well, their number is very less. Think of it this way, for every 10,000 gray squirrels, there is one black squirrel. One more thing to note here is that two Gray Squirrels can never be born even a Black squirrel. At least one of the two has to be black for Black Squirrels to be born.

By the way, melanistic squirrel has a big advantage in their color. They can easily roam anywhere at night and collect a lot of food. Without anyone noticing.

7. Black Penguin

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

You must have seen these black and white birds, which is a black spot in the name of being a bird. I am saying spot because it is a bird that cannot fly. Looking at him, it seems as if he is wearing a black tuxedo over a white shirt. But you will be surprised to know that there are completely black penguins.

Look at this picture was taken near Antarctica in the year 2010. The name of photographer who took this photo was Andrew Evans, who used to work for National Geographic at this time. Scientists were also completely surprised to see this. Earlier it was believed that completely black penguins do not exist. This world is full of mysteries.

8. Black Chicken

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Look at this Chicken in black, this chicken is completely black. Completely i.e. its external organs as well as its internal organs are completely black. Even its bones are black. I have not seen such dedication towards black to date. The name of this species of chicken is Ayam Cemani and it is found in Indonesia.

This type of chicken is also found in some areas of India. Here it is called Kadaknath. Chicken eaters believe that this chicken is the tastiest in the world. Firstly, this species is very rare. Apart from this, its demand is also very high.

In such a situation, its prices have to skyrocket. You won’t believe it. The price of this chicken reaches thousands in the markets. how do you like this chicken?

9. Black Snakes

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

Snakes look terrifying anyway. In such a situation, if their color is black, then imagine how terrible the scene can be. Due to the high amount of melanin, these snakes which look black can be of any species like king cobra, rattlesnake, or adders.

How dangerous these melanistic snakes can depend only on their species. Their poison has nothing to do with color. Now King Cobra may be of any color, even a drop of its poison can make you sleep to death. Yes, but black snakes have the advantage that they can keep their prey warm better than other snakes.

This gives them the convenience of hunting anytime. That’s why their diet is better than other snakes. This is the reason that black snakes grow quickly and are considered a bit more dangerous. If you see a black snake somewhere, stay 10 hands away from it.

10. Black Panther

10 Rare Melanistic Animals That Actually Exist | Black Animals

The black panther comes last in this list of melanistic animals. The black panther is a part of the cat family which is completely black. It is not a separate species but a member of the leopard or jaguar species.

If the black panther is seen in Asia and Africa then it is a leopard and if it is seen in the rainforest of South America then it is a jaguar. Actually, due to the excess of melanin, the hair color of its body becomes completely black. But its body spots are still there on its skin, they just hide because of the hair.

Well, black panthers are rarely found and seen only occasionally. They often hunt at night. In the dark of night, their color proves to be a boon for them, which helps them in hiding and ambushing.

So these 10 Melanistic Animals. How was your experience of seeing and knowing about these unique and special black-colored animals? Will tell us in the comments.

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