Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

What scares you the most? A wild lion or an ant Obviously your answer would be a wild lion. You may think so till now but after reading this article you will not think so. We will talk about such an ant which can easily deal with even a lion. So let’s know about the 10 most dangerous insect in the world.

List of most dangerous insect in the World

#10 Bullet Ant

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

How can anyone be afraid of ants? Now don’t say this in front of the Bullet ants even by mistake because I am talking. About the world’s largest ants Bullet ants are considered to be the largest ants in the world as well as one of the most venomous ants.

These ants are called bullet ants because of their poisonous sting. When these poison-filled ants sting someone, they keep on agonizing. Bullet ants are also called “24 hour ant”. This is because after their sting, the victim suffers badly for 24 hours.

#09. Botfly

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

Now we are going to talk about the most dangerous flies in the world. Botflies These are very different and dangerous than common flies because whenever they bite a person, they leave their larvae inside it. This larvae, like a parasite, lives under the skin of humans and gradually starts creating various problems in their skin. Such flies are found around Central and South America.

Botflies inject their eggs into the human body while stinging and you know what happens after that. Stay away from such flies. Otherwise you will turn into a colony of Botfly. After their larvae spoil the skin, different organs of the body also rot.

#08. Fleas

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

You may not know fleas, it is a parasite that lives on the basis of blood of different reptiles. Fleas can observe the blood of any kind of bird, animal, human being. When anyone is a victim of fleas, then different types of stains start emerging on his skin.

Fleas are about the same size as the tip of a nib, but produce a lot. Lays about two thousand eggs at a time. There are about 2000 species of fleas in the world. A Young Fleas can suck up to 15 times the blood of his body at once. Fleas are dangerous because on their bite, people start getting different types of skin diseases, which are often incurable.

#07. Fire Ant

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

Here is the second species of ants in our list Fire Ant. There are about 285 different species of Fire Ants all over the world. The specialty of this type of ants is that they do not leave after biting only once. Till then she bites her prey. until he either becomes mortally infirm or dies. Their sting is very painful.

Fire Ants always attack in flocks and there are always about 10 to 100 ants present in their flock. They are called Fire Ants because after their bite, the body becomes almost dead. Along with this, many such stains emerge on the body, which often come after burning with fire. Apart from this, many skin problems are also caused by such ants.

#06. Kissing Bug

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

The kissing bug is the most dangerous bug in the world. They are called kissing bugs because they suck the blood of different creatures. The reason behind this is that when they come in front of humans, they sting only on their lips. This is probably also because it is easier to suck blood from the lips.

Kissing Bug would have stopped only on this, even then it was right. These bugs also transmit parasites inside humans, so that they start falling ill and reach the verge of death. Every year about 12,000 people die from kissing bug bites. Death is counted in humans, but more animals are troubled by their wrath than humans.

#05. Giant Japanese Hornet

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

The Japanese Hornet is the largest species of Hornet in the world, hence they are also called “Giant Hornet”. They grow to about two inches throughout their lifetime. Friends, about 40 people die every year due to the sting of the Giant Hornet. When the Japanese hornet stings any human, then its body slowly starts dissolving.

This type of hornet is known to completely molt the body of its prey. If the hornet makes several stings in a row, it is possible that the victim may die immediately. As I have told you. About 40 people die every year from hornet stings, but there are many who become disabled for life due to them.

Many types of campaigns were also run in Japan to eliminate Hornet, but they are so many that it is very difficult to eliminate them. They live in colonies in every part of Japan. They have about 700 hornets in a colony. They eat honey bees in their food.

The Japanese Hornet has so much power that it can completely eat about 40 bees in a minute. According to a study, if bees are reduced in this world, then humans will also decrease. That’s why these hornets are directly targeting mankind.

#04. Tsetse Flies

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

Tsetse flies are the second species of flies on our list and the most threatened species in Africa. Like mosquitoes, these flies depend on the blood of other animals. After every sting, they take out blood from their victim’s body and Dangerous poison fills his body. If the victim’s body lacks stamina, then this poison can easily kill him.

According to a study, about 0.5 Million people die every year in Africa due to the bite of Tsetse Flies. When these flies bite a person, first of all they start sleeping and are almost unconscious, but if not treated in time, then their unconsciousness turns into their death.

#03. Killer Bees

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

While eating sweet sweet honey, we do not think at all about how dangerous the bees that make them are. Killer Bees is at most dangerous bee in the world in our list. Friends, you must have known about bees. Everyone is afraid of bees, but it is more dangerous than common bees. These flightless predators can chase their prey for about a mile.

Killer Bees spot a part of its victim’s body and continuously attack it. When humans are standing in front of it, So it often stings on their eyes and part of their brain. They are called Killer Bees because one can escape from the prey of common bees. But the risk of dying from their prey increases manifold.

#02. Driver Ant

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

Driver ants are the third of the ants on our list. According to scientists, driver ants are the ants with the largest colony in the world. There are more than 22 million ants in each colony of driver ants. One fact is that, if the driver ant colony attacks together, then the herd of elephants also has to run away.

According to a research done on driver ants, the driver ant leaves almost every animal that comes in its way by completely eliminating it. Their behavior is very unitary and aggressive.

If other small ants eat any dead animal or any lying food item, but there is nothing like this with driver ants. They are so aggressive that they often attack the nests of other animals and eat them alive. Just imagine what will happen if you fall in the way of such an ant.

#01. Mosquitoes

Top 10 most dangerous insect in the world

So the mosquito is at number one in our list. Do you feel like we made a mistake in making the list? No not at all, we haven’t done anything wrong. Mosquito absolutely deserves the first number on this list. Let’s know how.

Friends, you will be well aware about the diseases caused by mosquitoes. Someone near you must have had dengue or malaria. But did you know that diseases caused by mosquitoes kill about 1 million people every year all over the world. Some become handicapped for life.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, about 500 million people get malaria every year. Not only this, every 30 seconds a child is killed due to malaria. All these figures are only for malaria. Mosquitoes also cause dengue, the statistics of which are even more alarming. All these things make mosquitoes dangerous. Mosquitoes are very difficult to deal with.

These were the 10 most dangerous insect in the world. These insects will rarely hit you in life, but mosquitoes meet you daily. We believe that this mosquito is the most dangerous insect in the world.

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