Amazing facts and information about the Andean condor

Vultures flying in the sky have a different vibe. Although there are about 22 species of Vulture found all over the world, the Andean Condor has its own distinct identity in all of them. However, like other species of Vulture, they also help to keep our ecosystem clean by eating the dead bodies and food bases of other animals.

But the Andean Condor is very dangerous and their hunting skills are so strong that they do not fail to attack small animals as well as large sheep and goats. Not only this, but when given a chance, they also digest their children. In this article, we are going to bring you some similar interesting facts related to these Vultures.

Amazing facts and information about the Andean condor

Andean Condor Vultures

The Andean Condor is considered one of the strongest species of vulture, with dark brown feathers on the body of a large adult vulture, with very light feathers on the head and neck, which can be black or reddish.

If we talk about a juvenile, then there are olive-gray and brown feathers on their body and there is a white color around the neck and on the wings. Also, in the starting phase of life, the wings of these birds are almost attached to each other. While growing up, the distance between their wings keeps on increasing.

Apart from this, let us tell you about an adult that these birds fly much faster than other birds and their speed reaches up to 55 mph(88 km). The beak end of these vultures is hooked, with the help of which they can easily rip the skin of any prey. While the upper and lower part of their jaws is dark in color. Some part of their beak is an ivory color.

By the way, the weight of these predatory birds can be from 7.7 to 15 kg. Also, their length ranges from 97.5 cm to 128 cm. The size of the male is larger in comparison to the female. Due to this huge size, these birds can spread their wings more than 3 meters while flying in the air. For this reason, the name of Andean Condor is also named as the largest wingspan bird.

By the way, apart from their large feathers, the eyes of these birds are also very sharp. Let us tell you that the iris of a male is brown in color, and the iris of a female is red. The most amazing thing is that these Vultures can easily change the color of their face and neck skin. A mail usually changes the color of his skin during the meeting.

In comparison to the upper body of Vultures birds, their claws are considered less powerful. Whereas the toes are covered with circular scales. Their lower part is of a dark gray color.


Andean Condor Habitat

Andean Condor Vultures are commonly found in mountain and coastal areas. At the same time, they can be seen very easily in South America. Let us tell you that these birds are found in open spaces at an altitude of about 5500 meters above sea level. The reason for living at such a height is that the prey can be attacked only after seeing it from a distance. To rest, these birds resort to nests and small rocks.


Andean Condor Size

The Andean condor is called the world’s most powerful bird and giant condor. Andean condor wingspan is over 10 feet. For this reason, his weight also remains close to 15 kg. Also, their height is also close to 4 feet. It is the miracle of their strength that these birds fill their stomach fiercely by holding small Roberts and other large animals in their strong claws and lifting them in the air.


Andean Condor Reproductive System

Meeting them for mating is also no less interesting. Let us tell you that these big birds usually mate between February to June. These vultures meet only once in two years for mating and for this the male Andean Condor tries to woo the female by stretching her wings and neck. A few days after mating, the female gives birth to a baby in the form of an egg.

But surprisingly, it lays only one egg, which weighs 280 grams and lengths up to 7.6 to 10.1 cm. This white egg is incubated for 54 to 58 days. After leaving the egg, the parents take care of the child together. After coming out of the egg, this baby becomes capable of walking in 6 to 7 months. It remains under the care of the parents till the age of two years.

However, at the age of 6 to 11 years, this young child himself becomes ready for the mating process. You may think that these Andean Condor Vultures take better care of their young than other birds, but there have been many cases of parents eating their own young when they are hungry. By the way, in comparison to females, Males have often been seen attacking their children.


Andean Condor Lifespan

These condor birds live for about 50 years. Even in January 2010 Beardsley zoo which is in Bridgeport, Connecticut. There is an Andean Condor Vulture to lived until the age of 80. It is clear that the bigger these birds are, the longer their lifespan is also.

Amazing facts and information about the Andean condor

Andean Condor Behaviour

Andean Condor Vultures may be dangerous, but once the partner they choose, they spend the rest of their life with him. Apart from this, being active during the day, they mostly fly high and look for their food. At the same time, these birds sit on the sharp parts of the mountains to rest.

A characteristic feature of the behavior of Andean condor bird is that while a male usually tries to dominate the female, adults often try to dominate the juvenile. These vultures can travel more than 200 kilometers in a day in search of food.


Andean Condor Communications

Andean Condor Vultures use clicking and hissing sound to communicate with each other as their bodies do not have Syrinx. Syrinx is a vocal organ found in birds. With the help of this, birds are able to make different types of sounds, but these Vultures cannot do this. But their sense of smell is amazing. Using their senses, they can smell the smell of rotten meat from thousands of feet high.


Andean Condor Food and Predators

Condor Andes birds can attack anyone when given the opportunity. By the way, the Andean condor diet prefers to eat rabbits, foxes, cows, deer, sheep, wild boars and red deer. These vultures not only leave the carcasses of animals living on earth, but also do not leave carcasses of animals living in water.

When they feel hungry, they bury the animals under their strong claws and swallow them alive. You can guess from this that why Andean Condor are called the world’s most powerful vultures.

However, sometimes these predatory birds themselves also become victims of other animals. Especially their children are often under the shadow of crisis. In fact the fox keeps on attacking their young children and eggs every day.

Amazing facts and information about the Andean condor

Andean Condor Ecosystem Roles and Conservation Status

Due to lack of food in the northern region, Andean Condor Vultures often hang on the roadside. In such a situation, these birds have also been seen dying in many road accidents. Due to this, their number has decreased in the northern region. These Vultures have the achievement of Largest and Successful Scavengers.

Actually, these birds fill their stomach by eating rotten meat left by other animals and if they do not do this then there is a fear of spreading many diseases. Therefore, these condor birds play an important role in keeping our atmosphere clean and safe.

But at this time the existence of these birds is in danger. It is believed that the increase in human infiltration in their areas is the main reason for the decline in their numbers. Also, due to the consumption of lead used in ammunition, the number of these birds has also seen a sharp decline in the last few years.

As we have already told you that Andean Condor mate only once in two years and lays only one egg in that too. It is clear that due to the slow reproduction rate, the population of these birds is also being affected. Whatever be the reason, if we do not try to save these Vultures, then in the coming time they may become completely extinct.

Hope you liked this article, then definitely tell in the comment which facts related to Andean Condor Vultures you liked the most and have you ever seen this dangerous Vulture.

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