Top10 most dangerous river in the world

There are many such rivers in the world which are famous in one way or the other, anyway these rivers are considered an integral part of our life, there are many people in the world who are dependent on the water of rivers. Animal and farming farmers also get support from these rivers.

But do you know that there are some such rivers in the world which are very dangerous and deadly, then friends, get ready because today we are going to tell you about the 10 most dangerous rivers in the world, knowing about which your senses will fly.

Top10 most dangerous river in the world

1. Rio Tinto River, Spain

This bloody red-colored river flowing in Spain is not attractive to see. This river flows through gold, silver, and copper mines and hence the amount of metal in it is high. Water does not flow in the Rio Tinto River, it is a type of acid and that too with a quantity of 1.8 PH which is completely ready to smelt any organism easily

 Now you will say, can anyone like this river. Oh why not there is only one type of organism in the Rio Tinto River, which is bacteria and the creatures you will always find on its banks are scientists.

2. Amazon River, South America

 You must know this river is located in South America, it is the largest river in the world, which flows through dense forests, where many such creatures live, which we are still unaware of and the creatures we know are no less dangerous. The largest anaconda has been found in the Amazon river so far, which can swallow us, humans, alive, and bloodthirsty piranha fish are also waiting for you to jump in the river

3. Congo River, Africa

Friends, do you know that the Congo River located in Africa is also called the heart of darkness, which is the largest river in Africa after the Nile and is equally dangerous, the shape of this river is exactly like a snake, which looks very beautiful in appearance.

So if you are thinking of taking a walk in this river, forget it brother because this 4700 km long river passes through deserted valleys which are also called the “gates of hell”, then even if you are thinking of visiting this river then. may God give you the strength to fight all this

4. Citarum River, Indonesia

 In Indonesia Java Deep, if you call the Citarum river the world’s most polluted and dirty river, then there will be no wrong thing, if you look from a distance, you will not feel that a river flows down in this huge pile of garbage.

 The water of the Citarum river is very dirty and full of bacteria, the surprising thing is that even after seeing the condition of this river, people living near it can be seen taking a bath in it and the water is used for domestic purposes. Let’s also do Indonesia’s government recently started a campaign to clean it but its good results are not visible.

5.Brisbane River, Australia

Brisbane River flowing in Queensland, Australia is the best place for photography but you will be surprised to know about the truth hidden behind the beauty of this river, the news of people drowning in the river is not new. And the flood in the river has also taken many lives.

 If you are thinking of sitting on the bank of the river, then remove this thought from your mind forever because there are so many sharks in this Brisbane River that your feet will not be able to come out of the water if you again Even if you want to go, who can stop the one who goes?

6.Blue River, Canada

In Canada, this river is also known as the Nile, but when it comes to the Nile River. So the world’s longest river comes to our mind but knowing about this river will blow your senses. Seeing the flowing stream of this river, you must also feel like taking a dip, but control your mind a little because the world’s most dangerous creature has made its home in this river.

Very poisonous snakes, spiders, frogs, and big crocodiles live in the Blue River, as well as somewhere in this river, the flow is so fast that even the greatest swimmer will be forced to kneel in front of it.

7. Red River, America

This river flowing in the southern part of America is full of mystery like its name, now you call this river beautiful or scary, it depends on you, in which direction and how fast the flow of this river will be, no one can tell The Red River can be called the deadliest river in the world, you have to think 10 times before stepping into the water of this river.

Because the flow of this Red River can change at any time and the person who came in the grip of its vortex has not been able to save alive to date, then you should also keep this in mind.

8.Wharfe River, England

If you are thinking of going to the banks of the river and want to enjoy the beauty of the flowing river, then the Wharfe River flowing in the city of Bolton, England would be an ideal place but if you are thinking of getting into the water then how about doing so? Do not even think because this river is many times more dangerous than it looks beautiful, the flow of water in this river is so fast that it can even kill you in an instant. Actually, the stones of this river are so sharp and slippery that they will drown you inside as soon as you keep your feet.

9.Yenisei River, Russia

This 3490 km long river passes through 6 of Russia. This Yenisei River keeps showing its power to the world due to floods from time to time, but the danger does not end here. The water of this Yenisei River is very poisonous and the amount of radiation is also very high. All these reasons have had a bad effect on the health of the people living near this river.

10. Yellow River, China

Located in China, this river is the third largest river in Asia and the sixth-largest in the world, but you probably do not know that it is one of the most dangerous and deadly rivers in the world. The Yellow River changes course 25 times in its downstream area. By this, you must have got an idea of how dangerous the river is.

In China, this river is known as the “River Of Sorrow”. Because when it assumes its fierce form, it destroys everything that comes in its way. Thousands of people die every year because of this river.

“Friends, these were the world’s most dangerous rivers, but apart from this, there are some such rivers which are considered very dangerous”

The Mekong River, which is the 7th longest river in Asia and the 11th longest river in the world, passes through many countries, but there are many dreaded crocodiles living in this river that can sink your boat at any time.

 After this comes the number of Paraná River, which is about 4800 km long, which passes through Argentina and Paraguay countries, but do you know that the current of this river is very fast and This Paraná river gets flooded every day, due to which the city around it suffers a lot.

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