Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World

We all have a phobia of something or the other. Some people are afraid of fire, some are afraid of water, some are afraid of height and some are afraid of depth. But today we will keep the fear of water or the depth of the ocean out of you.

Yes, friends, in this article we are going to tell you. The 10 Biggest aquariums in the world will make you feel like you are standing in the depths of the ocean. Not only this but there will also be big fish like sharks and whales around you. But there is nothing to be scared of because even by getting very close to these creatures, you will be completely safe.


Biggest Aquarium Comparison Data 2023

AquariumCity, CountryAnnual VisitorsSpecies No.VolumeYear
Chimelong Ocean KingdomHengqin, China10.83 million70048.75M liters2014
S.E.A. AquariumSentosa, Singapore3 million80045M liters2012
Georgia AquariumAtlanta, Georgia, U.S2.5 million50024M liters2005
Ushaka Marine WorldDurban, South Africa790,43540017.5M liters2004
Dubai Mall AquariumDubai, UAE1.5 million30010M liters2008
Aquarium of GenoaGenoa, Italy1.2 million5006M liters1992
L’OceanograficValencia, Spain1.3 million5005M liters2003
Monterey Bay AquariumMonterey, California, U.S2 million5504.5M liters1984
Aquarium of Western AustraliaHillarys, Western Australia4003M liters1988
Shanghai Ocean AquariumShanghai, China1 million4502.2M liters2002

List of 10 Biggest aquariums in the world

10. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium- 2.2M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

There is a large aquarium named Shanghai Ocean in China, whose size is about 2.2 million liters. If you are fond of sea creatures and you are planning to visit somewhere, then visiting this aquarium in Shanghai is the best option. Let us tell you that this aquarium has the longest submarine tunnel, from which you can see the open sea-like view.

By the way, you will also find Chinese Sturgeon, Giant salamanders, and other creatures found in the Yangtze Valley, along with the Yangtze alligator found in the China Zone. Along with this, you will also get to know special types of information related to culture, geography, and marine life on display. That is, this aquarium will give you a complete feeling of being inside the ocean.

9. Aquarium Of Western Australia- 3M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

The Aquarium of Western Australia is also known as Aqua. The size of this aquarium is more than 3,000,000 liters. Here you will find special types of aquatic animals found on the Australian Coastline, which you can hardly see in any other aquarium in the world. An under-glass water tunnel is also present in this beautiful aquarium.

In such a situation, you can very easily notice their behavior by getting as close to the aquatic animals as possible. If you really love aquatic animals and are adventurous in nature then you can also swim with a guide shack. Well if you like to swim with sharks and other creatures then definitely tell us in the comment.

8. Monterey Bay Aquarium- 4.5M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is very different from the other aquariums we have mentioned so far. Actually, these aquariums are completely non-profit public aquariums. Injured and Orphaned Animals are usually kept here. Along with this, Sea Otters, African Penguins, Sharks, Fish, and Turtles are also brought here.

Not only this but many species of marine plants are also found in Monterey Bay Aquarium, including algae plants. To fill this large tank, water from Monterey is supplied directly here. In such a situation, it is common to see dangerous fish like sharks around marine plants.

7. L’oceanographic Aquarium- 5M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

 The L’oceanografic Aquarium is built close to the Spanish City of Valencia in Europe. This in itself is one of the largest and most complex aquariums in Europe. The water of La Malvarrosa beach is filled in this aquarium. Let us tell you that about 45,000 creatures of about 500 different species are present in this aquarium.

 In these, dolphins, Beluga whales, Sea Lions, Penguins, and many other types of creatures are found. For this reason, there is a crowd of tourists here every day. If you are also planning to visit here, then, believe me, you will never regress this decision.

6. Aquarium of Genoa- 6M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

 The Aquarium of Geneva holds the title of the largest aquarium in Europe. More than 6 million liters of water can be filled in this aquarium. Let us tell you that in this aquarium more than 6000 fishes, as well as different types of animal and plant species, are found. Not only this, the animals and plants present in this aquarium have been imported from different parts of the continent. This aquarium is an architectural masterpiece, seeing it look like a ship is coming out of the sea.

 The Aquarium of Genoa was built in 1992 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus. This large aquarium has 70 tanks, which have different species of aquatic animals. These include marina animals, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Where sharks, dolphins, and jellyfish are also found in large numbers.

5. Dubai Mall Aquarium- 10M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

The size of this aquarium in Dubai is more than 10 million liters. Over 140 species of aquatic animals are found along with the underwater zoo in the Dubai Mall. Sea Creatures, crocodiles, and penguins are also easily available to the tourists visiting here. You can also enjoy shark dive here. You also get to see many types of educational presentations here. In this way, you can get a lot of information about animals.

The size of the Dubai Mall Aquarium is 51 x 20 x 11 meters, which can comfortably accommodate 33,000 aquatic animals. Not only this, but you can also enjoy cage diving, cage snorkeling, shark walking, and scuba diving here. That is, if you are fond of adventure in the water, then this aquarium has been made for you.

4. Ushaka Marine World- 17.5M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

Ushaka Marine World is located in Durban, South Africa. Let us tell you that it is a water park and family entertainment center and this center also includes a 17.5 million liter aquarium, which is built around five shipwrecks. Out of this, a special type of restaurant has been made in the forged shipwrecks, which also includes Shark Habitat. Not only this, but people can also watch the activities of sharks and dolphins from their tables.

Apart from this, Ushaka Marine World is the biggest fish tank in the world, you will also get to see different species of marine animals here. These include Hammerhead Shock, Moray Eels, and Giant Grouper. Apart from this, you can also easily see 140 species of different aquatic animals here. Not only this, you can also try different exciting things with shark cage diving.

3. Georgia Aquarium- 24M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

Georgia Aquarium is actually present in the United States and Georgia area. The capacity of this particular aquarium is about 24 million liters and for this reason, Georgia Aquarium is considered to be the 3rd-largest aquarium in the world. If you go here, you will get to see different species of marine animals. These will include dolphins, whales, sharks, penguin alligators, and California sea lions, as well as many smaller species of fish.

The engaging and interesting environment here has always attracted the attention of tourists. The reason for creating this place is that all kinds of information related to conservation projects and educational purposes are given to children and adults. It is clear that if you come here, you get to know every little information related to animals along with entertainment.

2. S.E.A Aquarium- 45M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

The aquarium of Southeast Asia has a capacity of 45 million liters. Let us tell you that about 800 different species of aquatic animals are found in this aquarium. At the same time, unlike other aquariums, these animals are presented in front of the people who come here. Like all of them are living in the natural environment.

 Along with Manta Rays, you can also easily see Shocks, Scalloped hammerheads, and Silvertip Shark with aggressive nature at S.E.A Aquarium. Not only this, some marine animals. Almost on the verge of extinction. You can easily see them too. In such a situation, you must take out time once and go to see this unique aquarium.

1. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom- 48.75M Liters

Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World (2023)

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom holds the title of the largest aquarium in the world. Let us tell you that the capacity of this aquarium is 48.75 million liters. Due to its large size, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has also been given a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. In addition to being large, you can easily see sharks, manta rays, bearded seals, and corals in this Chinese aquarium. Not only this but apart from Marine Animals, it is also the Biggest Underwater Dome and Large Aquatic Tanks.

This amusement park was started in 2014. The entire operation here is in the hands of Chimelong Group. A few days after its opening, it became so famous that in 2018 more than 10 million people gathered here. By the way, apart from marine animals here, you can also enjoy rollercoasters and water rides. Apart from this, you also get animal shows, amusement, rides, and other facilities here. Along with this, you also get to see events like Dolphin Show Sea Lion Show Beluga Show, and Musical Fountain here.

Due to these qualities, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom aquarium along with entertaining the people also gives them every little and big knowledge. Although the inner beauty of this aquarium is fantastic, a large size 63 meters long dummy whale on the outside also attracts people’s attention unintentionally, which is very spectacular to see.

So these were the Top 10 Biggest Aquariums in the World. Which aquarium did you like the most? Have you ever seen a large and beautiful-looking aquarium before? Along with this, it will also tell which of these facts related to aquariums you had heard before.

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