10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is so deep and vast that very little has been discovered about it. So let’s talk about the Weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench. And meet some wonderful and strange aquatic animals. Trust me, these creatures are bizarre and unique.

List of weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

1. Megalodon

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

It is believed that there is no more fearful predatory creature than the Megalodon in the history of the ocean to date. Although this species has also become extinct like Liopleurodon, people still believe that Megalodon is still alive and lives in the depths of the Mariana trench. From time to time there have also been reports of people seeing this giant shark.

According to scientists, Megalodon has become extinct about 2.6 million years ago. This shark used to be about 60 feet i.e. about 18 meters long. Now you can guess its fear from size itself and its weight used to be about 100 tons. However, such a large body felt hunger in the same way. Therefore, it is often used to make big fish and animals its prey.

When Megalodon used to rule the sea, the earth used to be very hot at that time. Such an environment was most favorable for these fish, but gradually the earth started to cool down. Of their favorable temperature, these fish started moving in the warm areas of the sea. The temperature was fine here, but there was not enough food. Due to a lack of food, they started eating each other and there came a time when their existence gradually came to an end.

2. Liopleurodon

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

All the creatures we talked about till now are still alive today. But there have been creatures in the Mariana Trench which do not exist at this time. But in his time, fear used to have another name. There is also a name Liopleurodon for such an extinct creature. It was a carnivorous marine reptile that used to rule the sea during the time of dinosaurs.

You won’t believe Liopleurodon’s length used to be around 9 feet. Scientists believe that it had four pedals, which helped it to swim at high speed in the water. This was the reason that this creature used to cover long distances very easily. His speed of attacking the prey was also very fast. In the blink of an eye, they would catch their prey and chew it in a very violent manner.

Scientists believe that with the help of their long snouts, they used to recognize their prey by smelling it, although their eyesight was very good. This means that in the dark Mariana Trench, they would have been able to hunt very easily. Well, due to the competition for food from other reptiles, these creatures have gradually become extinct.

3. Telescope Octopus

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

Now just meet this unique octopus, they are found in the Mariana Trench to a depth of about 6000 feet. By the way, these Telescope octopuses are very small. Their size is only around 8 inches. Scientists believe that this species of octopus is related to the glass octopus. This octopus got its name telescope because its eyes look exactly like an elongated telescope. Outward-facing eyes can move around and show a wide area of ​​the ocean to the octopus at once.

Such eyes have not been seen in any other species of the world to date. Arguably Telescope Octopus is unique in itself whereas the rest of the species of octopus keep crawling on the surface of the sea and when it gets the food it grabs it. At the same time, these octopuses keep hovering above and below the ocean. This is the reason why they love the depths of the Mariana Trench. Well, due to their constant movement, they often escape from the sight of hunters.

4. Mariana Snailfish

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

Another name for Mariana snailfish is Ghostfish. This is because whenever a fish attacks someone in the herd, it seems as if a lot of white ghosts are together intimidating someone. According to scientists, this fish lives in water about 26,000 feet deep and it is believed that it is the only fish with the mariana trench bottom creatures.

The Mariana snailfish has a large head, small eyes, and a scaleless body. This species has two fins just like a tadpole. Considered to be just like feathers, they are very delicate and can be easily broken. Amazing how this fish can survive under such dangerous water pressure with such delicate fins.

5. Predatory Tunicate

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

Now just look at this item. Some look like jellyfish or like transparent balloons that someone has left in the depths of the ocean. The hunter tunic was discovered during the discovery of the Mariana trench creatures. Seeing this creature, it seems as if it has buried the anchor in the land of the sea.

This is the mouth of the Predatory tunicate, which is rounded outwards. Its mouth is often kept open. Unless some small creature comes and gets trapped in it. After eating the trapped prey, it sits back with its mouth open and waits for the new prey. Its hunting style is similar to that of some carnivorous plants.

6. Grenadier Fish

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

The name of the Grenadier fish is also rattail fish. Seeing this, you can understand why it got this name. Its tail ends at exactly one tip at the back. Just like the tail of a mouse. If we talk about their length, then they can be up to five feet long.

Grenadier fish lives in the sea at a depth of about 7000 meters. It is very difficult for any Marian trench animals to live at such depths because it is not easy at all to handle the extreme pressure under water. There is no trace of light here from above. In such a situation, living in such conditions, these fish can surprise anyone.

7. Zombie Worm

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

Don’t be afraid. No zombies are found inside the Mariana trench. Yes, but a worm has definitely been found that never dies. That’s why it is named Zombie Worm, which also has a name for bone-eating worm.

Because this worm is famous for eating the bones of organisms. Yes, they do not have any problem eating the bones of even the biggest whales. Well, they eat the bones of dead creatures. They put a kind of acid on these bones, due to which the bones melt and then they swallow them easily.

Zombie worms spread their bodies around like branches of a tree, which in a way act like their lungs. With their help, these worms collect more and more oxygen dissolved in the surrounding water and breathe peacefully. I have never seen such a strange creature in my life.

8. Deep Sea Hatchetfish

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

You must have seen the axe. But have you ever seen a fish like an axe? Well, the Mariana Trench has a lot to surprise you. The Hatchetfish looks exactly like an axe. Which is one creepy Mariana trench fish. you won’t believe it. More than 40 species of this fish are found in the sea. The body of these fish shines in such a way that it is made of shiny metal.

Hatchetfish can be up to 6 inches in size. Well, despite being small, these fish live in a depth of about 5000 feet of sea. It is amazing how these fishes would have absorbed so much pressure from the water. Another specialty of Hatchetfish is that they are bioluminescent. That is these fish glow in the dark. With their help, it can easily fool the predators.

9. Goblin Shark

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

The Goblin Shark is one of the most feared fish in the world. This fish, living in a depth of about 4000 feet of the sea, is not easily seen. But this fish looks so terrible to see that people call it Devil Fish. The front part of its face is turned out in such a way that it seems that it is carrying a sword with it. Not only this, but its teeth are also very strong and sharp, which can keep anyone grinding.

Whereas the color of a normal shark is mostly gray. The color of the same Goblin Shark is light pink. It has also been strange thing that this dangerous creature can also be of pink color. Scientist believes that this devil fish can be about 18 feet i.e. up to 5 meters long. Apart from this, scientists are still researching this creature.

10. Barreleye Fish

10 weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench

Barreleye Fish lives in water at a depth of two and a half thousand feet. You have never seen a more amazing fish than this. The specialty of this fish is its head. Its head is transparent. Yes, you can see through its head. According to scientists, due to the transparent head, this fish can collect more and more sunlight in the deep ocean. This is the reason why this fish is considered a better predator than other creatures in the deep sea.

Inside the transparent head of Barreleye Fish, you’ll find two more eyes that look like they’re looking upwards. Scientists claim that with these eyes inside, it can see the outlines of other creatures even in the dark. Well, even after much research, the method of reproduction of this fish and its life cycle has not been able to get any specific information. But the efforts of scientists are still going on.

So these were 10 weird creatures in the Mariana Trench. Do tell us in the comments how you liked taking a dip in the depths of the Mariana Trench and meeting these unique and strange creatures.

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