10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

The biological history of the earth has been very old. To tell exactly, it is about 3.4 billion years old and during this time crores of creatures have stepped on the earth, some of which are small and some have been so big that a human would not even be comparable to their toenails.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the 10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth. This list includes all the organisms that are still present today and those that have become extinct. Therefore some approximate figures have been calculated.

List of Largest Animals that ever Existed on Earth

#10. Blue Whale

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

Who doesn’t know about this creature after all? The blue whale, which lives at a depth of about 330 to 1540 feet in the water, is the largest surviving organism of the present time, whose average length is calculated to be 87 feet.

Yes, some people here will definitely say that blue whales are found even to 100 feet. But we should try to understand that we are talking about a whole species here. For which we have considered a common average figure.

#9. Diplodocus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

Diplodocus was discovered in the year 1877 by S.W.Williston and by looking at its structure, you can guess why it has been included in the list of the biggest animal to ever live. Basically connected to their skull, their spine used to go in a straight line to their tail, due to which they are seen as one of the organisms with the longest spine.

However, due to their considerable length, they used to increase to a great extent from the hunters. But 66 million years ago, when a meteorite the size of Mount Everest collided with the earth, they could not save themselves from its collision, due to which the name of these dinosaurs was erased along with that impact.

Today, when their remains are found in different corners of the world, many times their structure has been redesigned physically as well as on a computer. Today scientists believe that in that period their length used to equal about 92 feet, which gives them the 9th position in our list.

#8. Antarctosaurus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

From the name, it would seem as if these dinosaurs would have lived in Antarctica. But here his name means something else. Actually in the year 1929 when the German paleontologist “Friedrich Von Huene” named this species.

He took Anti from the Greek language which means opposite. And by combining arctos i.e. North, this species was named Antarctosaurus. Which means dinosaurs lived in the opposite of the North. This means dinosaurs lived in the South. And since these dinosaurs have been found in parts of South America like Argentina, its name was justified.

However, despite being 98 feet long in size, Antarctosaurus used to be completely vegetarian, which means that even if it comes in front of you, you will not have any kind of problem.

#7. Puertasaurus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

It was discovered jointly by “Pablo Puerta” and “Santiago Reuil” in 2001, due to which this dinosaur was named Puertasaurus after the discoverer.

Due to having one neck vertebra, one back vertebra, and 2 tail vertebrae, their body looks as if someone has joined three different sections together and made them moveable. Due to this not only their neck was slightly longer than other long dinosaurs, but also their speed did not make any significant difference.

Puertasaurus used to be 100 feet long with a weight of about 73 tons, with which we are now officially going to talk about those creatures on our list. Whose length will be in three figures.

#6. Ruyangosaurus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

How small a 5 feet 10-inch human looks in front of this giant dinosaur. These dinosaurs were first found in Ruian, China, due to which they were named Ruyangosaurus.

But it is a pity that to date the complete body of this dinosaur has never been found. Because of this scientists try to collect information about it by modeling the structure on the basis of the number of male skeletons found.

However, according to the amount of data collected so far, the length of Ruyangosaurus is predicted to be around 105 feet. But don’t be surprised if you hear this figure increased somewhere in the future because archaeological research keep happening every day.

#5. Sauroposeidon

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

When its first fossil was discovered in Oklahoma in 1993, scientists were so surprised that they thought. When such a big dinosaur would have set foot on the earth, the whole earth would have started shaking and that is why they named this giant Sauroposeidon.

The rest of us all know that in Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of earthquakes and water, whose movement according to the stories, even the earth used to tremble. Another special thing is that the average height of this Sauroposeidon is estimated at 111 feet, which you can consider as the biggest animal ever to live and which used to be vegetarian, so you cannot consider them dangerous.

#4. Argentinosaurus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

Now Antarctosaurus may not have been found in Antarctica, but Argentinosaurus used to be found only in Argentina. By the way, Argentina and its surrounding areas are full of paleontologists, due to which research related to dinosaurs is happening almost every day and every month some new skeleton comes out.

But despite the population of so many dinosaurs, Argentinosaurus was the biggest animal ever, with a height of 114 feet, and no one was taller than him in such a densely populated area. At least till 1993, everyone used to believe the same, but even after this if it is not able to come in the top 3 then imagine how big the dinosaurs were.

#3. Patagotitan

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

Argentinosaurus was surpassed by a very small margin with a length of 118 feet by Patagotitan and this figure is so recent that it was also discovered only in 2014 and was also officially named in 2017. Although there is such a short distance between both the dinosaurs. Because Patagotitan is called the sister species of Argentinosaurus.

But some such characteristics are seen in the remains of Patagotitan which are not detected in any other dinosaur. Because of this it not only becomes the only dinosaur of its species, but due to exclusivity, its existence is also a mystery somewhere.

#2. Marapunisaurus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

In the 1870s, only one fossil of Maraapunisaurus was found during the search, which itself was so large that its length was declared 170 feet. However, it is a matter of great surprise that in the same decade of 1870, this fossil suddenly disappeared somewhere after research and study, which has not been detected to date. And this is the reason why we do all the studies related to it only and only from the drawings and study material of that time.

However, after several decades, when the data of many other dinosaurs were collected, scientists also re-considered the length of Maraapunisaurus and then it was decided that according to its fossils, the length of this entire dinosaur would have been equal to about 130 feet, and Today, this height is termed officially and there will probably be no amendment in it until the complete second skeleton of this dinosaur is found.

#1. Supersaurus

10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth

Just as superman is considered to be the most powerful superhero, in the same way, Supersaurus has been the giant creature in biological history among dinosaurs. With a length of 137 feet, this creature dominated all the dinosaurs of North America in the late Jurassic period.

When the original Supersaurus was discovered in 1973, its remains were very large for that time and it was believed that these dinosaurs would have been 117 feet long. But on November 15, 2021, when a lot of studies and data were updated, it was seen that the fossils of Supersaurus were not only longer than all other dinosaurs but also had no match in width.

That’s why when the paleontologist re-examined its records, many new things came to the fore with the help of modern science. After which it was finally concluded that the average length of these dinosaurs used to be 137 feet. After which it could grow to be 155 feet long and with just this confirmation, it was given the tag of the largest animal ever walking on the earth walking on the earth in the record book.

So these were the 10 Largest Animals that ever existed on earth. So have you seen how in earlier times animals used to be so tall and big that even our current largest creature looks like a child in front of them.

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