Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Talking about animals with long necks, most people think of giraffes. But do you know that there are many other animals in the world whose neck is bigger than their body? That’s why we are going to tell you about the 10 Long neck animals in the World.

List of Long Neck Animals

1. Giraffe

Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis
Neck Length: Approx- 7 to 8 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Giraffe is such an animal whose identity is its neck. It holds the record for the longest neck in the world. On this basis, it is also considered the tallest animal on earth. Can you imagine how long its neck could be? 7 to 8 feet tall. Yes, except for dinosaurs, no one on this planet can match its neck. That is why its name is kept on top of this list.

Being a native animal of Africa, according to the habitat and food availability here, Nature has given this unique gift to Giraffe. There is a slight difference in the length of the neck of male and female giraffes. With the help of this long neck, even in the dry jungle of Africa, they manage to get a sufficient amount of food for themselves.

But its benefit is not only limited to eating and drinking, it also plays an important role in demonstrating power for mating. In this way, the long neck is not only the identity of the giraffe, but it is also the best way of survival.

2. Ostrich

Scientific Name: Struthio camelus
Neck Length: Approx- 3 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Many things about birds are popular. A lot of variety is seen in them, from color to form to voice. Then whether we talk about peacocks, parrots, cuckoos, or anyone. But when it comes to the long neck, the Ostrich wins in this matter. Apart from the long legs, its long neck makes it unique.

Where Ostrich (Struthio camelus) can run fast with the help of their long legs. At the same time, with the help of a long neck, it is able to keep an eye on predatory animals in the grassland. That is, like a giraffe, its neck is not just for show, but many strings of survival are attached to it. It is said that the neck of an adult ostrich can be up to 3 feet long. This length is about half of its body.

Ostrich birds weighing about 330 pounds cannot fly. That is why Mother Nature has given them long legs as well as long necks so that they can keep an eye on both their enemies and prey. The funny thing is that their neck is so flexible that they can rotate in any direction.

3. Gerenuk

Scientific Name: Litocranius walleri
Neck Length: Approx- 0.9 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

You must have seen many species of Deer and Antelope at one time or the other. You might get attracted by his nimble moves. But this time we are talking about Gerenuk which is a kind of antelope.

Actually, Gerenuk is the Somali language that means “giraffe-necked”. The neck of this animal, which survives in the Lowland and Shrubland of Africa, is very useful.

They are herbivores so they survive by eating thorny bushes, fruits, and flowers. But they get all this food on trees about 5 to 6 feet high. At the same time, their long neck makes this work easy. Compared to the Gerenuk gazelle and other antelope, it obtains its food from higher trees.

4. Eastern Snake-necked Turtle

Scientific Name: Chelodina longicollis
Neck Length: Approx- 0.6 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

People think that why the snake’s name is associated with a turtle. So let us tell you that this name is associated because of his neck. The neck of this animal, which survives in fresh water, is much longer than that of other turtles and looks like a snake.

That is if the rest of the body of the Eastern Snake-necked Turtle is hidden, then looking at its neck for once will confuse whether it is a snake or something else. Actually, its neck length is about 60% bigger than the shell. The female turtle has a longer neck than the male turtle.

But a drawback of this long-neck animal is also seen. Usually, turtles hide all body parts in the shell for their self-defense, but this is not possible for Snake-necked turtles and they sometimes become prey due to their neck.

5. Flamingo

Scientific Name: Phoenicopterus roseus
Neck Length: Approx- 2 to 2.5 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

In this list of long necks animals, it is our turn to talk about another bird and its name is the Flamingo. The most different, unique, and beautiful in the world of birds is the appearance of flamingos. But what is most attractive is its long neck.

After Ostrich, the Flamingo is the only bird whose neck length is very high. This length can be up to about 2 to 2.5 feet. By now you must have seen long-neck animals getting food from high places.

But flamingos are birds that use their long necks to crouch. Yes, actually their food source is water where they use their long neck to search for prey from under the water.

6. Llama

Scientific Name: Lama glama
Neck Length: Approx- 4 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Now it’s your turn to meet another animal with the longest neck, whose name is Llama. They also belong to the Camelidae family of South America like Alpacas. Herds of Lama can easily be seen around Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina.

However, now Llama is being exported to other countries of the world as well. Let us now talk about its specialty. It is the largest member in the loomed species, whose height can be about 5 to 6 feet. But the special thing is that the length of their neck is more than about 4 feet.

This is the reason why the Llama has been included in this list of long-necked animals. Well, the important thing is that these animals cannot bend their neck.

7. Alpacas

Scientific Name: Vicugna pacos
Neck Length: Approx- 3 to 4 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Alpacas animal belongs to the Camelidae family of South America. It has a long neck like a camel, but humps are not found. The length of the neck is about 3 to 4 feet.

Actually, the face of Alpacas is also very similar to that of Camel. Apart from the long neck, the thick lips and prominent nose give them a camel-like look, but the main difference is that they are much smaller in size than the camel. At the same time, a lot of furs is also found on their body like sheep.

They get the maximum benefit of their long legs and neck only while eating food from trees. Their neck is mostly used in plucking flowers and leaves from tall plants. It is believed that due to their habitat, the length of their neck keeps on increasing. Apart from this, hunters are also helpful in monitoring animals.

8. Rhea

Scientific Name: Rhea

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Like Ostrich, Rhea also comes under the count of a large flightless bird which is considered native to South America. Of the two species of rhea, one is known as the greater rhea and the other is known as the lesser rhea. These birds with long necks can run very fast like Ostrich.

It is said that Rhea can run at a speed of about 36 miles, which helps them to escape from the predator. By the way, Rhea is a social board and lives in large herds, in which their number can exceed 40. Only male member dominates this group.

Grassland and Sabana’s grounds are the best habitats for them. Where they can keep an eye on hunter animals from a distance. Their long neck is most needed in this work.

9. Emu

Scientific Name: Dromaius novaehollandiae
Neck Length: Approx- 12 inch

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

There is another bird in the category of Ostrich, whose name is Emo. It is also a flightless bird but it is found in Australia. They are named among the largest birds in the world, which is second only to the Ostrich.

Although the length of Emu’s neck is only around 12 inches, the body mass is very high. Eucalyptus forests, grassland, and sandy ground are considered to be the best habitat for them. Where they make their living by eating fruits, flowers, seeds, etc.

If needed, Emu can run at a speed of about 31 miles. On the strength of a big body and long necks, they get their food from plants of a height of about 6 to 8 feet. Although these birds are not dangerous, if they are provoked, they can attack humans too.

10. Camel

Scientific Name: Camelus
Neck Length: Approx- 5 feet

Top 10 Long Neck Animals in the World

Now finally let’s talk about the camel. Like Giraffe, this animal is also famous because of its long neck. Although it is not straight like a giraffe, its neck is slightly crooked, but it is long, that too about 5 feet long.

There are two types of camels. One is a dromedary (1-humped camel) and the other is a Bactrian (2-humped camel). Dromedary camels are bigger in terms of size. They are specially prepared to survive in the dry areas of the desert. Then whether you have to travel a long distance in the sand or survive for a long time in less water.

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