Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

We have read history but it is said that trees have seen history being made for thousands of years. No matter how many trees we fell or destroyed forests in the name of progress or modernization, some trees are still standing on this earth for thousands of years. All these trees look like a miracle and seeing them in nature makes us realize how small we humans are in front of it.

The power of nature is many times more than we think. So we will take a look at the 10 oldest living trees in the world which have withstood many seasons and supported many birds and animals.

List Of Oldest living Trees In The World

#1. Pando

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

The oldest tree in the world is Pando, which is a tree located in Fishlake National Forest, USA. Although looking at it, it seems that it is a small forest of similar-looking trees. But it is the same tree whose clones are connected to the same root. The Pando tree is spread over an area of 108 acres and is a huge tree with about 40,000 stems (trunks).

According to scientists, the Pando old trees is more than 14,000 years old. Some people in the National Park Services say that Pando is more than 80,000 years old because it continuously clones its stem and roots and this continuous cloning may also be the reason for its longevity.

But according to a recent research report, the size of Pando has decreased in the last few decades and its cloning process has also slowed down. Which indicates that Pando may be living its last hours.

#2. Jurupa Oak

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

Let us introduce you to another ancient trees in the mountains of California where in the 1990s a botanist discovered a tree named Jurupa Oak, this tree is also known as Hurungna Oak. It doesn’t look like a huge tree. But scientist believes that it is 13,000 years old.

It is said that when the Jurupa Oak was first discovered, it was a group of 70 trunks that were 1.5 miles wide and one meter in height. And another specialty of oldest oak tree is that it is the only tree of its species found in its area. It grows in hilly areas with less moisture. Even though flowers grow on this tree, this tree increases its number by cloning.

The Jarupa Oak tree is the longest living tree on earth and one of the strangest things about it is that some people consider this tree to be dead. But this tree never dies. It rises again only after being a victim of wildfire. Roots grow again from its burnt stems. As if you are telling us that we are still alive. It is nothing less than a miracle of nature.

#3. Old Tjikko

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

In 2004, an old tree named Old Tjikko was discovered in Sweden. This is a species of Norway spruce tree. And its height is 16 feet. It may be less in height and size than the rest of our trees, but according to the scientist, tjikko tree is 9,563 years old. It is said that this tree is also a clone.

But it has one specialty, the stem of the Old Tjikko tree lives only for 600 years and then dies and then a new stem is born from its roots. That’s why it can be ascertained from the roots of tjikko tree how old this tree is.

Some researchers believe that Old Tjikko is the oldest tree ever found and an Ice Age tree. It is difficult to reach this tree because of the snowy weather throughout the year. But it can be seen from the month of June to September.

#4. The President Sequoia

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

Let’s go once again to the oldest tree in the forest of California, whose name is The President Sequoia. This tree is considered to be the third largest tree in the world along with being the oldest. The age of this tree is more than 3200 years. The height of this tree is 247 feet. And the diameter of its trunk is 27 feet.

The Sequoia tree is counted among the oldest, largest, and biggest trees. But apart from this, there is another special thing about this tree. According to the researchers, there are two million leaves on this tree and they believe that it is probably the only tree with so many leaves in the world.

It is said that the photo of this entire tree can never be taken in one picture. But some photographers of National Geographic took 126 photos of its different parts with the help of scientists and then put them together to make a complete picture of oldest Sequoia tree.

#5. Jomon Sugi

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

Now let us take you to Japan where Jomon Sugi is the oldest tree in the world which is 5000 years old. According to some researchers, it can be 7,000 years old as well, its height is 83 feet and the circumference of its trunk is 54 feet. It was discovered for the first time in Yakushima, Japan in the year 1968, after which concrete steps were taken to conserve this tree and the forests of Yakushima.

The popularity of the Jomonsugi the oldest living tree, increased so much that people came from far and wide to see the tree, and it became Yakushima’s most important tourist destination. It is said that 50 percent of Yakushima’s income comes from this tourist destination.

When Yakushima was declared a World Heritage Site in the year 1993, the public was restricted from going near Jomon Sugi and an observation deck was built for the public at a distance of 15 meters from Jomon Sugi. If you ever visit Japan, don’t forget to see this vast and ancient tree Jomon Sugi.

#6. Prometheus

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

There is a tree of the Great Basin species which was called Prometheus and this tree was also 4862 to 4900 years old. Its story is very sad. It is said that Prometheus, located in the US state of Nevada, was considered the world’s oldest tree in the year 1964.

In 1964, a geographer was allowed to take a sample of the inner part of this tree, but by taking the sample, something got wrong and the entire tree had to be cut. When researchers counted the stem rings of the Prometheus tree, they got 4862 rings. But he says that the rings could not be made every year due to the strict cold weather. And this tree can probably be 4900 years old.

A plank of Prometheus is kept in the Great Basin Visitor Center so that the public can count their rings. So would you like to count these rings when you get a chance?

#7. Great Basin Bristlecone Pine

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

Our next oldest living tree is the Great Basin bristlecone pine tree. Its age is 4,850 years old and is present in the US state of California. This tree is also known as “Methuselah”. The tree is said to have been named after Methuselah, a man mentioned in the Bible who lived for 969 years.

The bristlecone pine is the oldest tree native to the Snowy Mountains of California. The exact location of this tree has been hidden from the public due to the activities of some humans. So that this tree can be saved from being cut.

In the year 2003 only one farmer was allowed to take a small cutting of this methuselah tree so that he could clone it and that farmer also succeeded in cloning. Researchers believe that the oldest bristlecone pine is older than the pyramids of Egypt.

#8. Sarv-E Abarkuh

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

Now let’s go to Iran where one of the oldest living trees in the world is Sarv-e Abarkuh. Its age is estimated to be 4000 to 5000 years. There is a belief in Iran that this tree was planted by an Iranian prophet named Zoroaster. Sarv-e Abarkuh has been given the status of a national natural monument in Iran and the responsibility for its protection has been entrusted to the Cultural Heritage of Iran.

Due to the large size and interesting history of the Sarv-e Abarkuh tree, it has become a popular attraction in the Iranian city of Abarkuh. In the year 2008, an environmental organization tried to bring Sarv-e Abarkuh to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. By the way, its height is 82 feet and its circumference is 59 feet.

#9. Gran Abuelo

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World

Our next tree is the Gran Abuelo, which means great-grandfather in Spanish. And why not, the oldest tree on Earth is the Gran Abuelo for 3,646 years. And it is present in the National Park of Chile in South America, its height is 196 feet and its diameter is 13 feet.

According to the researchers, the perimeter of the trunk of this tree is 36 feet. Some researchers also believe that the Gran Abuelo tree may be more than 3,600 years old. Meaning it originated around 1500 BC. It has even seen our Great Grand Father’s Great Grand Father. And don’t know how many other civilizations have seen progress.

Some scientists say that the Gran Abuelo is not the oldest tree of its species. In that National Park of Chile, trees older than Gran Abuelo have lived there.

#10. The Senator

Top 10 Oldest living Trees In The World
Image source – Wikipedia

Lastly, we will see Senator tree who saw this world for 3,500 years. According to the records, the height of this big tree was 118 feet and its circumference was 35 feet. But there was a time when the height of this tree used to be 165 feet. Its upper part was destroyed in a storm in 1925.

It is said that in the year 2012, some people were smoking inside this tree and left the burning fire there. The fire spread and badly burned the tree inside and out.

But fortunately, in the 1990s, 10 identical trees of the same species were cloned, out of which a tree whose height is 50 feet was planted in place of the Senator tree and was named “The Phoenix”. This tree is located in Longwood, Florida.

So these were the 10 oldest living trees in the world and don’t know how old trees will be in this world. If you have information about any such tree, do share it with us. Admittedly, we have taken some steps for environmental protection, but it cannot be denied that due to the increasing population of deforestation, we have caused more damage to the environment. These trees are not just trees but life-giving creatures. Their safety is the responsibility of all of us.

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