The mystery of 2 immortal pigeons in the cave of Amarnath

Friends, all of you must have heard a lot about Amarnath Yatra and maybe some of you must have traveled here but do you know about the two pigeons present in the Amarnath cave which are immortal. Both these immortal pigeons belong to the time when Lord Shiva had come to this cave with Mata Parvati to narrate the immortal story.

Friends, if you hear about the story of these pigeons becoming immortal, then you will be surprised and if you ever see these pigeons then there is no one luckier than you.

The mystery of 2 immortal pigeons in the cave of Amarnath


Amarnath Dham

Amarnath Dham is such a Shivdham about which it is believed that Lord Shiva is seated in the Amarnath cave. It is also very important from the religious and historical point of view, this snow Shivling formed from snowy drops in this holy cave is also considered as a divine miracle. It is said that a pair of pigeons in this cave have been present here for centuries, So let’s know the story behind it


Amarnath pigeons

The history of pigeons is also associated with the Amarnath journey. According to this story, once Mahadev was dancing during the night when Lord Shiva’s Ganas started chanting the word ‘Kuru-Kuru’ due to jealousy between them. Mahadev cursed him for keeping saying the word ‘Kuru-Kuru’ for a long time. After that, those eager Rudraupi turned into pigeons at the same time and got their permanent residence there.

Two immortal pigeons are also believed to be seen in the sacred Amarnath cave during the journey. It is a wonder that where the amount of oxygen is negligible and where there is no way to eat and drink far and wide, The dove sighting here is believed to be the sight of Shiva and Parvati.


Amarnath pigeon story

Once Mata Parvati asked Mahadev that why is it that you are immortal and what is the secret of the garland of Narmund lying around his neck. On this Mahadev did not consider it appropriate to answer Parvati’s question, that is why she avoided that matter. but due to Parvati’s insistence, accepted to tell this secret

It is said that to tell this secret, Lord Shiva needed a secluded place, searching for which he went ahead with mother Parvati, in search of the secret place, Mahadev first left his vehicle Nandi, The place where Nandi was released was called Pahalgam, from where the Amarnath Yatra begins.

Ongoing from here, Shiva separated the moon of his forehead, which is called Chandanwadi, after which Ganga Ji was left in Panchtarni and the snakes around the neck on Sheshnag, due to which this stop was named Sheshnag,

The next stop of Amarnath Yatra is Ganeshtop. It is believed that at this place Shiva had left his son Ganesha, thus after leaving behind these 5 things, Lord Shiva entered that cave with Mother Parvati. No third creature could enter this cave, so Shiva ignited the fire all around the cave, after which Mahadev started the story of that mystical mysteries of life.

It is believed that Goddess Parvati fell asleep while listening to the story, at that time two white pigeons were listening to the story, when the story ended and Lord Shiva’s attention went to Mother Parvati, he found Parvati sleeping,

Then Mahadev’s eyes fell on those two pigeons. Seeing this, Mahadev got angry, then both the pigeons came to Mahadev and said that we have heard your immortal story, if you kill us then your story will become false.

It is said that on this Mahadev gave a boon to both those pigeons, they will always remain in the same place as a symbol of Shiva and Parvati and this is the reason that both these Amarnath pigeons are still seen at this place.

Friends, you will be surprised to know that where there is freezing cold on one side and everything gets wet here, but in spite of this nothing happened to these two pigeons till date because it is immortal, friends, how do you like this article? Will definitely write to us through comment

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