Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga – Even scientists could not solve its mystery

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is such a Jyotirlinga present on the earth that if you see it in general, you will feel something normal, but as soon as you feel this Jyotirlinga with your mind, it will shake you from inside. Yes, it is true that this Jyotirlinga is equally important for the people who seek liberation and salvation, as much as breathing is important for living life.

Shri Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Actually, the king of Avantika (Ujjain) is Mahakal. No leader, minister, and the royal family can stay there at night. If you stop then the result is very bad, friends, you will be even more surprised to know that the planet Mars was also born here.

Scientists did research around the Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga temple and found some such things, seeing that their eyes were torn apart. After all, what is this secret of Mahakal jyotirling? know all these things

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga - Even scientists could not solve its mystery


Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga

In the land of Ujjain where Mahakal resides, Kaal has two meanings, one is time and the other is death. Kaal is called Mahakal because since ancient times, the standard time of the whole world was determined here, hence the name of this Jyotirlinga is named Mahakaleshwar.

Mahakal is the only best Shivling among the twelve Jyotirlingas. It is said that there is a Tarak Shiva Linga in the sky, Hatkeshwar Shivling in Hades, and Mahakaleshwar on earth is the only Mauni Shivling.


Mahakaleshwar Bhasma Aarti

Every morning in the Mahakaleshwar temple, Mahakal is adorned by incineration and is woken up like this. For this, there was a tradition of bringing ashes from the crematorium years ago. However, for the last few years, now Kapila cow dung Kande, Shami, Peepal, Palas, Amaltas and Plum woods made by burning the ashes after filtering it with cloth have started to be used.

Only in Ujjain do you get a golden opportunity to see this aarti. Actually, Bhasma is considered to be the essence of the universe, so the Lord always keeps it. According to the rules here, women have to wear a veil during the aarti.

Actually, women cannot see this aarti. Along with this, at the time of aarti, priests also perform aarti in only one dhoti. Wearing any other type of clothing is prohibited.

It is also believed behind the incineration of Mahakal that Lord Shiva is the seeker of the cremation ground, that is why the ashes are considered as his ornament. Along with this, it is also believed that by consuming the ashes burning on the Jyotirlinga as prasad, one gets freedom from many diseases and defects.


There are three Mahakals in Ujjain

After the darshan of Mahakal, one should definitely visit Juna Mahakal. It is situated in the courtyard of Mahakal. 3.5 Mahakal is sitting in Ujjain. Mahakal, Kaal Bhairav, Garh Kalika, and Ardha Kaal Bhairav. If you have had darshan of Mahakal Baba and Juna Mahakal Baba, then you should definitely visit here too.


Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling is divided into three sections

The present Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is divided into three sections. Mahakaleshwar in the lower section, Omkareshwar in the middle section, and Nagchandreshwar temple in the upper section. Darshan of Nagchandreshwar Shivling is possible only once a year on the day of Nag Panchami.


view of the sanctum

In the sanctum sanctorum, a huge south-facing Shivling of Lord Mahakaleshwar is established. Nandi lamp is installed in the sanctum sanctorum, which is always lit. The idol of Nandi is enshrined in the huge room in front of the sanctum. Along with this, there are enticing statues of Goddess Parvati, Ganesha, and Kartikeya in the sanctum.


King of Ujjain

There is only one king of Ujjain and that is Mahakal Baba, since the rule of Vikramaditya no king can stay here at night. Whoever did this audacity, his rule went out of hand. At present no king, chief minister, and prime minister, etc. can stay here at night.


Mahakal ride

The king of Ujjain visits the city every Monday in the month of Sawan and sees his subjects that no person is involved in the ride of Mahakal by taking any kind of intoxicant. On the day of Mahashivratri, the whole city becomes Shivamay. The echo of Shiva is heard all around, the whole city becomes a procession and participates in the marriage of Shiva, the planet Mars was originated in Ujjain, that is why the importance of this district increases even more.


Mysteries of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga

There is a story about this. That once a super-powerful demon challenged Indra, Indra killed him, but then due to the fear of Andhakasur, he reached the shelter of Bholenath and asked him for the boon of Abhay. Shiva not only gave him a boon but also fought with Andhakasur on his behalf.

During the battle, a drop fell on the earth from the forehead of Shiva. To whom the red-armed Bhumiputra Mars was born. This land was the land of Ujjain itself. At this place, Brahma ji also established a Shivling named Mangaleshwar. This temple is known as Mangalnath Temple.

The world-famous temple of Mahakaleshwar which exists today is the gift of the “Ranuji Shinde” rule. This temple is so ancient that there is no exact mention of it in any text.

When the scientists and the people of the temple committee excavated around the temple, such things were found, seeing which everyone’s eyes were torn apart. About 6 times, deep excavations were done around the temple from 1980 to 2020. During this, some secrets also came to the fore.

Nandi Hall was constructed in the temple during the Simhastha Mahaparva in 1980. Ancient sculptures were found in the excavations during this period. Re-excavated in the year 2004. This hall was extended to the Juna Mahakal temple complex. Many idols were also found during that time.

Male skeletons were found when deep excavations were done in the temple for the 2014 facility center and tunnel construction. It is said that the tombs are located in the temple premises themselves.

2019 The temple committee did the work of expansion of the hall. During this excavation, an ancient sun instrument was found which later got broken due to lack of maintenance.

2020 The main gate of the temple and the surrounding area were being excavated for the new construction. In this, the remains of a thousand years old temples were found. To find out what is under this temple, scientists are always doing research work so that the ancient things present here can be known.

Friends, whenever you go to the Mahakaleshwar temple, you will definitely think that this is not a man-made Shivling, but Lord Shiva himself is seated here in the form of Mahakal jyotirling. It is Shiva himself who controls even Kaal. With this feeling, when you will have a darshan of Mahakal, you will see that a different kind of energy will be infused inside you.

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