Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

Most of us believe that big size animals are more dangerous than small size creatures or insects and if you are also among those people then you are wrong because there are many small size creatures around us. They are so dangerous that with a single blow they can kill even a large animal like an elephant.

For example, take the scorpion itself, which may seem small in appearance, but there are many species of scorpions found all over the world, whose sting can kill many humans or wild animals. So let’s know about the 10 most dangerous scorpions in the world

List of Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

1. Indian Red Scorpion (Hottentotta tamulus)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

Indian red scorpions claim the no.1 in the list of most dangerous scorpions in the World. and this is also because their poison is very deadly and if their bite is not treated as soon as possible, then the person loses his life.

By the way, it is not that the bite of an Indian red scorpion always leads to death, but sometimes along with swelling in the lungs, there is a problem like shortness of breath, and if the condition gets worse. So, in this condition, the life of the person who is their victim also goes away.

Let us tell you that the world’s most dangerous scorpions are found in India and they are also known as “red scorpions”. Besides India, those scorpions are also found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and other parts of Asia. Where many people knowingly or unknowingly lose their lives by becoming victims of scorpions.

2. Deathstalker Scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

You must have guessed by their name that they are the deadliest scorpion, due to which they have been named Deathstalker. These Deathstalker scorpions found in African regions, grow to about 2.5 inches, usually preferring to stay away from humans.

But if the person in front himself wants to cause trouble, then this scorpion is forced to save his life. They attack the person in front and once the most venomous scorpion leaves their poison in the body of an animal or human, then it is sure to die.

By the way, while other species of Scorpion remain active in the daylight, Deathstalker scorpions search for prey by being active in the dark of night, and for this reason many times they accidentally come face to face with humans. In such a situation, these scorpions lose their temper and make the person in front of them their victim.

3. Brazilian Yellow Scorpion (Tityus serrulatus)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

The Brazilian yellow scorpion found in Brazil and its surrounding areas is counted among the most dangerous and poisonous species of scorpions. Although they are a highly venomous scorpions, they release very little venom when they bite. This is the reason why even after biting thousands of people every year, the death toll remains low.

Well, in many cases it has also been seen where these Brazilian yellow scorpions release more amount of poison than what is released every year and the bitten human or wild animal has to lose its life.

4. Arabian Fat-tailed scorpion  (Androctonus crassicauda)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

Hearing the name of these scorpions, you may feel what kind of name they got: a fat-tailed scorpion. Actually, the tail of these scorpions is very thick compared to other species of scorpion around the world. This is the reason why they have got this name. By the way, due to this thick tail, the person in front has to face a lot of pain when bitten by these scorpions.

Arabian fat-tailed scorpions found in desert areas are of a very aggressive nature. this poisonous scorpion is also very strong. So fast that, if the bite of these scorpions is not treated at the right time, then the life of a person can also be lost. This is the reason why people avoid facing these scorpions. By the way, have you ever seen these scorpions found in desert areas? Will definitely tell us in the comments…

5. Arizona Bark Scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

Don’t go over the tiny body of the Arizona bark scorpion, which grows up to about 3 inches, because a particular type of neurotoxin venom is found in the body of these scorpions in North America. On their bite, it seems as if someone has been given an electric shock and if they bite someone by mistake, they may suffer from diseases like vomit and diarrhea.

In such a situation, if a person’s luck is terrible or he does not get treatment at the right time, then the person in front can also die. However, the matter of relief is that at present there is an antidote in the market to cut the poison of Arizona bark scorpion. That’s why compared to earlier, now the chances of death of the victims have reduced considerably.

6. Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

The Emperor scorpion found in African areas is considered one of the largest scorpions in the world. By the way, if we talk about the texture of their body then their color is black and shiny. The poison of these scorpions which grow up to about 8 inches may not be very dangerous, but their grip is very fast. Because of this, Emperor scorpions do not take any time to give deep wounds to the person in front of them when disturbed.

By the way, the age of these predators with large bodies is also much higher than other species of scorpions. That’s why while other species live only for a few years, Emperor scorpions usually wreak havoc by living for 6 to 8 years.

7. Tanzanian Red Claw Scorpion (Pandinus Cavimanus)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

Tanzanian red claw scorpions (Pandinus cavimanus) are found in large quantities in places like Tanzania in Africa. Due to the black and red claws present on the body of these scorpions. these scorpions look very dangerous. These scorpions which grow up to about 10 to 12.5 cm, are usually famous for hunting small fat creatures by living in moist areas.

The Tanzanian red claw scorpion has often been observed preying on rats and frogs and other small insects. But apart from hunting small creatures, these scorpions do not cause any special harm to humans, rather these scorpions are shy in nature and avoid facing humans.

These scorpions attack the person in front only when disturbed by humans. However, if they attack you too, then there is no problem. You just have to face mild pain.

8. Yellow-legged Burrowing Scorpion (Opistophalmus glabrifrons)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

The yellow-legged burrowing scorpion is commonly found in African areas. Even though these scorpions may seem small in appearance, do not make the mistake of taking them lightly. This is because these scorpions are very agile and if you try to disturb them, they can injure you badly. Although the good thing is that almost no poison is found in them and for this reason, they are not considered fatal.

Well, these yellow-legged burrowing scorpions may not be poisonous, but when it comes to hunting, they go to any extent. There have been many cases when these bloodthirsty hunters dig a meter in the sand to catch prey. Digs a deep pit. Apart from this, they are also known for making certain types of sounds. That’s why they are also called “Hissing Scorpions”.

9. Yellow Fat Tail Scorpion (Androctonus australis)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

The Yellow Fat Tail Scorpion is considered one of the most deadliest scorpion species. This is because the poison of these scorpions is so strong that once this scorpion bites someone, then the person in front has to lose his life. This is the reason why hundreds of people hunt these scorpions every year in Africa and many of them are killed.

People themselves also avoid facing these Yellow Fat-tailed scorpions. These venomous scorpions are identified by their twisted thick yellow colored tail which is bent toward the head. These scorpions which grow up to about 10 centimeters are poisonous as well as very aggressive in nature.

In such a situation, if someone tries to tease these scorpions, then along with leaving their poison in the enemy’s body, they breathe peacefully only after injuring him badly.

10. Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion (Parabuthus transvaalicus)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions in the World

The Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion found in African areas can grow up to about 6 inches. These most poisonous scorpion living in sandy areas use their tail as a weapon. These scorpions can not only give you deep wounds, but they also release a lot of poison while attacking. The amount of this poison increases, even more, when they get an idea that the enemy standing in front is of big size.

Not only this, the Black spitting thick tail scorpion shoots a thick stream of poison at the enemy’s eyes from a distance of more than a meter when it feels threatened, and anyone in whose eyes this poisonous stream reaches, his eyes are badly damaged If the eyes are not washed quickly, then the person also becomes blind forever.

So these were the 10 most dangerous scorpions in the world. By the way, have you ever seen or heard about these dangerous scorpions before? You must tell us in the comments. Which one do you think is the most deadly scorpion?

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