Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Freedom on the soil of the world is the right of everyone. Whether it is animals living on land or birds traveling in the sky. This is the reason that no one has been given the right to keep and raise birds in captivity. Even if you are a bird lover, catching birds can be costly for you.

Well still, if you want to wake up a little chirping bird in your small house, then these are some 10 favorite pet birds that you can make a part of your family.

List of Favorite Pet Birds all over the World

#10. Budgies

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

These little Budgies can be the perfect pet if you aspire to have a chirping colorful members to your home. Budgies of 6 to 8 inches in size may look small, but they have three thousand feathers on their body. The bird is only 30 to 40 grams in weight, but when mixed, it can lift the whole house on its head.

Interestingly, budgies are seen as a popular pet in the UK, but it is actually an Australian board, also known as a parakeet. The special thing is that being a parrot species, it has the talent to mimic yours too.

Budgies Baby price in India ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.2500/-. If you are planning to have them as a pet, just keep in mind that they potty every 20 minutes. That is why it is also necessary to keep them in a big cage.

#09. Cockatiel

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Cockatiel bird is a perfect choice if you are looking for soft-hearted loving birds. You can find this bird in a variety of color patterns. The special thing about Cocktail is that it is very easy to take care of this bird and teach it things. Being from the species of parrot, it can also mimic your movements and voice very well. You can even teach them to whistle.

The cocktail remains active throughout the day. You can play it with you whenever you want, it is also available in many variants. But these birds were first found in Australia in the year 1770. At that time, its body was gray in color, face yellow in color and crest was orange, but due to breeding in captivity, many color mutations occurred in it.

Today, the cockatiel bird price in India starts from ₹ 4,000, but if you want to take a great breed of Cockatiel, then their price can go up to Rs 18000 to 80000.

#08. Zebra Finch Bird

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Zebra is definitely in the name of the Finch, but this bird is not black and white at all. With a beautiful red beak, black and white tail and gray feathers, this bird wins your heart at first sight. Buying it can never be a loss deal because there is magic in the voice of this bird.

With loving and caring nature, she is also highly social and speaks very sweetly. With the owners in the house, you can always see them in active form. Although it is only about four inches in size, it gets used to living in a large cage.

Today the Zebra Finch Bird is domesticated around the world, but first it originated from the costa rica and portugal. Even today in Indonesia and Central Australia, it prefers to live in very large herds. They love water and their partner very much. If they are given proper training, then they can become your great companion.

#07. Love birds

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Whether love is in humans or birds, it is famous. Now take these love birds which are one of the most popular bird pets. This native of the African Continent, today is also famous worldwide by the name of Pocket Parrot. Growing up to 5 to 7 inches in size, it measures 40 to 60 grams in weight.

The beauty of love birds is that they are known to create a deep bond with their owner. Although they are very small in size, but they have amazing activeness inside them. In the house where there are love birds, there is always a lot of activity. With its charming and loving nature, it always keeps the owner happy.

But if it is not taken care of properly, then it also becomes very aggressive. It can also give you a love bite with its sharp beak. Interestingly, color choices are also available in these birds. You can choose between green, peach, white and teal colors. In India, you can get it in the price range of Rs.300 to Rs.14,000 depending on the breed.

#06. Dove

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Dove is one of the most common birds in the world. You can see them flying in many places in India. Their unique sandy color and big eyes only attract people’s attention. Dove is seen as a symbol of peace, but believe me, it can fill your life with joy.

There are about 300 species of dove around the world, but ring necked dove is particularly preferred. Interestingly, Dove originated from Africa, but gradually it spread to all continents. Today there is a good number of them in India itself.

Doves are social birds from the beginning that know how to get along with family. For quiet people, these birds prove to be the perfect companion. Dove can be placed in any position indoor or outdoor. They are not very demanding towards their owners and in very few circumstances they show aggressive form.

#05. Canary Bird

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

If you are related to music and you want to hear sweet sound in the morning, then choose Canary Birds as your pet too. The magic of this bird’s voice can make you happy. Their intelligence can impress you.

Canary Birds got this name from its origin. Belonging to the French family, this bird actually originated from the Canary Islands and Madeira. It would be more correct to call the Canary Bird “Beauty with Brain” in the true sense because this bird can be easily trended. Because it mixes easily with humans.

From the 17th century, people started keeping this bird as a pet. That is why over time it has become quite social towards humans. If you want, you can buy them in pairs or keep them with another bird. Believe me, this bird 5 inches long and weighing 8 to 14 grams can easily become your best friend.

#04. Parrotlet Bird

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

If you are short on space and are Looking for a Charming Companion to Love You, then there is no better option than Parrotlet Bird. Their chirping can make your boring one from home life interesting.

Parrotlet Bird, one of the smallest species of parrot, grows to 4 to 5 inches in size and is found up to 33 grams in weight. Due to the small size, it is as adorable as it is cute. His vibrant colors and chirping always win the hearts of the people. Although they are quite sweet, but if you do not pay attention, they do not take time to become aggressive.

By the way, let us tell you that Parrotlet Birds are most intelligent bird in the world. If you want, you can also teach them to speak a few words through training. The people living in apartments today like this bird found especially in South America and Central America.

#03. Hyacinth Macaw

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Talk about based best pet birds and the name of Hyacinth Macaw does not come up. That cannot happen. This blue bird is actually native to Central and South America. Don’t take it as petty. It is one of the largest birds of the parrot species. Growing up to a meter in size, this bird also has a solid beak with a long wingspan, which allows it to crush even hard cells.

Hyacinth Macaw is commonly seen in bird houses, but you can also raise them yourself. The only condition is that you should have enough space . The most striking thing about the Hyacinth Macaw is its color, which attracts most people.

Hyacinth Macaw is considered the most expensive bird in the world, choose it as a pet when you have quality time and a lot of money as it sells between 40000 to 1 lakh. This bird from South America is indeed a threatened species and needs a lot of care.

#02. Cockatoo

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

Cockatoo is a parrot species that belongs to the family of Cacatuidae. As beautiful as this white colored bird is, there is as much drama in rearing it. This bird, which grows from 12 to 28 inches in length, weighs 400 grams. It has 21 species worldwide and all originated from New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

Although the Cockatoo species is known to create a strong bond with its owner, it is not everyone’s thing to keep it because the more socially and mischievous the Cockatoo bird is, the more it becomes irritated.

This bird has some Behavioral Issues. If these are not taken care of properly, then it starts screaming. Interestingly, this species is quite expressive in nature. From copying people, their speaking abilities are absolutely top class.

#01. Hahn’s Macaw

Top 10 favorite pet birds all over the world

One of the smallest and most famous members of the Macaw family, Hahn’s Macaw is a beautiful bird. This bird is one of the two varieties of red shoulder macaw. Although it is a native of South America, but is liked all over the world with its charm and intelligence.

From the very beginning, this bird has a habit of living in a lot of movement. So if you live in an apartment then forget about buying it. Apart from being in more places, it also likes to talk more. If it is given proper training, then it learns to speak many phrases and words.

Hahn’s Macaw requires a lot of attention. When nothing new is found, it starts scratching its own feathers and sometimes even goes into destructive mode. That is why if you have a lot of patience, then only make it a part of your family.

So these were 10 beautiful pet birds that you can consider keeping as a pet. Guys, which of these birds would you like to pet? Do let us know in the comment section.

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