Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Do you know? Which fish has green and blue blood? Do you know about a fish whose poison can kill even half the population of a city? Have you seen a fish with a human mouth, whose teeth and lips are like ours and yours? If you do not know, then we are going to tell you about 10 such unique and rarest fish in the World, which you will be surprised to know about.

List of Rarest Fish in the World

1. Goblin Shark

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Found almost all over the world, the Goblin Shark fish lives at a depth of 100 meters from the sea surface and does not cause any harm to people. Goblin Shark is also called ‘Ghost Shark’. Its scary face is very dangerous and its jaw is enough to scare anyone.

The goblin shark is considered the rarest shark in the world. It seems that the head of a goblin shark is similar to that of a rhinoceros. At the same time, its texture is also completely different and is of rare species. Its presence in the sea was detected in 1897. Its skin is very soft instead of hard. In India, it is also found in the Ganges river

2. Red-lipped Batfish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

The Red-lipped Batfish is a deep-water fish commonly found near the Galapagos Islands and the specialty of this rare fish is that it has red lips. Looks like she’s wearing lipstick.

However, the color of this Red-lipped Batfish is beige to brown. The body of the Red-lipped Batfish is like that of an airplane and all this makes this fish quite strange but unique to look at.

3. Glaucus Atlanticus

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Some people do not consider “Glaucus Atlanticus” to be a fish, but it is called the Blue Dragon. This is a very small fish that looks like a dragon. You can hold it in your palm. Black bands are made from its head to tail and this band can be seen only on dragon-like wings. The rest of it is sky blue.

It is said that due to the gas being filled in its stomach, it appears to float on the surface of the lukewarm water of the sea. Its special thing is that the blue dragon looks so beautiful to see that seeing them, people wish to lift them in their hands, but that is a mistake because its sting can also kill. That is why people are advised to keep their distance from this creature.

One of the beautiful creations of nature is Glaucus Atlanticus. These Blue dragons found in the sea are small, rare and very cute to see. These fish, which eat bluebottles and jellyfish, swim from top to bottom and move around on the surface of the water.

4. Lung Fish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

You must have heard that fish cannot survive without water. But you will have to change your thinking because the lungfish found in Africa survives even when it is dry. Yes, she buries herself in the ground during this time. This fish is so special because it has both lungs and gills to breathe. Meaning this fish can live in both water and land.

Lung Fish is considered the most rare fish in the world. You will be surprised to hear this strange thing. That is, lungfish can survive in the soil for more than five years without eating anything without drinking water. Yes, whenever a river or a pond lives wherever. If the water there dries up, it forms an earthen shell inside the ground and imprisons itself inside it and when the water comes back it comes out of this earthen shell.

5. Sperm Whale

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Whales are a variety of fish, which is distinguished by their massive head. A fully grown sperm whale can be bigger than a school bus. They get 49 to 60 feet in length and 35 to 45 tons in weight. Of all the creatures that have ever lived on earth, the largest brain is that of the sperm whale.

Apart from the brain, the lungs of the sperm whale are also amazing. It can dive for 90 minutes at a time. At this time, while searching for food, it descends to a depth of one kilometer in the sea. Massive sperm whales are also big eaters, they like to fish, especially cuttlefish and squid.

6. Stone Fish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Stone Fish is the most poisonous fish in the world, which looks like a stone, that is why it is also known as Stone Fish. Seeing the stone fish, people make the mistake of thinking of it as a stone. As soon as they touch it, they die.

If someone accidentally falls on Stone Fish, then it removes a poison named neurotoxin in the amount of weight falling on it. It is said that its poison is so dangerous that in order to survive, one has to immediately cut the part where it has bitten. If the organ is not amputated, the person dies within a few seconds.

As soon as it touches the body of Stone Fish, this fish releases its poison in 0.5 seconds. In the blink of an eye, it can kill someone within a few seconds. It is said that if even a drop of the poison of this fish is mixed in the water of a city, then every person of the city can die. The stone-like cover on this fish looks like the face of some humans.

7. Trigger Fish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

The lips of this unique fish with a human mouth are just like humans. Seeing this fish, the scientist himself is also surprised that how the lips of this fish are exactly like humans. Scientists have named this fish a human-like triggerfish.

Tigger Fish has human-like mouth, in which lips and teeth are visible. 40 different species of Tiger Fish look very attractive. Most of these have a large head and oval body. They are known for their strong jaws, mouth, and teeth.

8. Gollum Fish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Scientists have named this fish Gollum after the character of J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel “Lord of the Ring”. It is being told about it. Aenigmachanna gollum belongs to the dragon’s snakehead fish family and this discovery is also important because scientists claim that this type of fish has not been seen anywhere before.

Gollum is the world’s unique fish that hides in rocks underwater and is only visible on the surface at that time. When there is heavy flood due to rain. Apart from Gollum, another species of this family has also been discovered, which is called “Aenigmachanna Mahabali”.

9. Cuttle Fish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

The specialty of cuttlefish is its blood. Its blood is green and blue, and this fish living in the deep sea can also change the color of its body. Because of this, it is very difficult to see it in the sea.

The most surprising thing about Cuttle Fish is that this fish has three hearts. When it is attacked, it emits a dark smoke, due to which the enemy is almost blind. Tell that Cuttle Fish is the most intelligent creature in the sea without a backbone. It also has eight arms like an octopus.

10. Betta Fish

Top 10 Rarest Fish in the World

Betta Fish is such a fish with dense fins that is rarely seen anywhere. Do you know the name of this cute little fish? If you do not know, then we tell you that the name of this cute-looking fish is Betta. Because of the beautiful fins, this fish is kept in special aquariums. Usually, these fish prefer to live alone and in mildly warm acidic water. It does not like very cold.

The shape of the tail of these fish is different. Someone’s tail looks like a half-moon and others like ground tail, it is a fish native mainly to South East Asia and it is found in the frozen water of rice fields. It is very beautiful to see fish of red, blue, purple, and white colors moving in the container.

Betta fish is the rarest aquarium fish, it ranges in size from 6 to 8 cm. Although it is as beautiful as it looks, it is also aggressive. That’s why two male betta fish are not kept in the same container as they keep fighting with each other.

Hope you liked the given information about the rarest fish in the world. You can share your thoughts about this article with us by commenting below.

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