What Is Child Sexual Abuse & How To Prevent It

Child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is one of the most neglected social deformities facing our society. Due to its negligence, the incidence of child sexual abuse in India is increasing very rapidly. It should be noted that this evil has many dimensions because society cannot cope. Child sexual abuse not only leaves a profound impact on the child victim but also affects society.

Not many cases of child sexual abuse are reported in India, as the family is uncomfortable in making these cases public, there is a general belief that “such things should remain within the four doors of the house.” I want to. “When the issue of child sexual abuse becomes public, there is a constant fear of the deterioration of family dignity.

What is child sexual abuse? And its type

What is child sexual abuse? And its type

Child sexual abuse is a form of exploitation in which an adult or older teen sexually abuses a child for his or her enjoyment. Obnoxious by definition, it is truly shameful that India also comes to the infamous countries where innocent children are abused. Child sexual abuse is also defined as the molestation of children. Child sexual abuse occurs in many ways that can be prevented by making parents and children aware.

This is because children do not know about touching pornography or in the wrong way and then when children are victims of any kind of sexual abuse, they cannot recognize it, and therefore it is very important for parents. openly about ways to touch your children in all ways.

It includes crimes such as child sexual abuse, sexual harassment (where an adult uses a minor child to fulfill his sexual desires), and sexual abuse (where a child benefits from prostitution).

The child must be made aware of the wrong way to touch and make a child, including commenting, and obscene messages, the wrong way to contact and make contact, including sex, oral sex, prostitution, and pornography. Abuse time can be a single period or multiple misdeeds.

Origin of child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse is a global problem, not just in India. This problem has become a public problem since 1975 and 1980. This problem was closed before these years.

Problems related to sexual abuse were first reported in 1948 and in the 1920s, there was no formal study of child sexual abuse. As far as India is concerned, this topic is still banned because the problem is requested to be kept within the confines of the home and no permission is allowed to be granted at any cost.

In a conservative society like our Indian society, the girl feels uncomfortable talking to her mother about the issue of sexual abuse, it becomes completely unthinkable that if she is touched in inappropriate places, she is advised to remain silent. It is given. The same is true for children who are unable to speak freely with their parents about sexuality.

This is the mindset of the entire society that works to encourage bad people. Bad people take advantage of fear sitting in the mind of an innocent child, that poor innocent child who doesn’t even know about sexual harassment.

Laws to prevent child sexual abuse

However, the Indian Penal Code, 1860, provides for the provision to deal with many types of sexual offenses against women (for example Sections 376, 354, etc.) and for any type of unnatural sex against men or women. Section 377 establishes, but there is no special legal provision for sexual exploitation or harassment of any kind that occurs with boys and girls of both sexes.

For this reason, in 2012, Parliament enacted the Child Protection from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012, a special act to protect children of both sexes from this social evil and to punish perpetrators. Prior to this Act, work was done under the Goa Children’s Act, 2003 in practice. This new act criminalizes acts of shame or sexual abuse against children.

Who is the criminal?

Even today, most perpetrators are either close to the victim and known to the victim and the victim’s family. The criminal takes unfair advantage of this proximity factor because he knows that he is able to avoid any type of opposition, it is considered a family matter.

And after this, the author takes the form of repeatedly torturing the victim. This incident of sexual abuse has a negative effect on a child’s mental development. Its effects include depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, fear, etc. terrible symptoms.


Child sexual abuse is a crime that is ignored today because people refrain from talking about it. This phenomenon can be greatly reduced through efforts to raise awareness among people on this issue. It is necessary to instill fear in the minds of criminals, which is possible only when people are ready to face it.

Now the time has come for parents to discuss this issue so that their children are aware of such problems. Educational institutions should also organize awareness camps that will be useful in providing accurate information on the subject of sexuality. Although some efforts have also been made in this direction through films such as Slum Dog Millionaire, which introduces child prostitution, more efforts are required.

To ensure that the criminal does not leave without heavy punishment for the crime, the laws and sections should be stricter. Finally, the issue of child sexual abuse should not be treated as a more invisible topic, as it effectively affects the way society works and has a profound impact on the minds of young people.

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