World Population Growth – Reason, Effects & Solution

The number of people in an area is called the population of that area. Today, world population growth is a serious problem.

World Population Growth

The number of people in an area is called the population of that area. Today, the world population is increasing rapidly. World population growth is a serious problem. If the population grows in this way then a demographic explosion can occur.

When the death rate decreases and the birth rate rises rapidly, this situation is called a population explosion. Because of this, countless problems arise around the world. Right efforts should be made to curb population growth, otherwise, the world may suffer its bad consequences.


Due to the growth of the world population

1. Marriage at an early age Due to marriage at an early age, the couple becomes parents very quickly, so the population increases rapidly.
2. Longing for a son or daughter People tend to ignore the increasing number of families and give birth to children, in the desire of a son or daughter. With this, her family increases, and the population also increases.
3. Illiteracy The problem of population growth is found mainly in developing countries. Lack of education causes people to increase the population because they are not aware of the fact of family planning.
4. Superstition Some people believe that children are due to God and make no effort in family planning. This is also a reason for population growth.
5. See their children as their power Some fundamentalists see more of their children as their power than others.
6. Lack of knowledge of family planning Most people are unaware of family planning and the benefits associated with it, due to this the population is increasing.


Advantages of world population growth

  • The correct means of development: with the policy of a child, the responsibility of the parents and grandparents falls on a person, as well as stagnation due to the lack of youth in production. The measure of development is not to stop population growth, but to eliminate illiteracy for employment.
  • Appropriate political change: Due to the increase in the youth population, due to the increase in population, this puts the country’s workload on the shoulders of the youth, who have all the potential for proper political change.
  • A population is a form of power: Bangladesh is a developing country with a population density, but today it is climbing the development ladder with the contribution of its qualified young people. At the same time, it remains a major challenge for the Singapore Government to motivate people to produce more children.
  • China is an example in terms of production: China is the most populous country in the world. To control the growing population, 1979 under the leadership of Deggs Gooping, China took appropriate measures and implemented a children’s policy. If the policy was denied, the couple had to pay a heavy fine and, if they did not pay it, they would be forced to abort. As a result, China’s growing population declined and benefited China.


Disadvantages of world population growth

Problems arising due to world population growth in terms of the environment can be solved through various efforts. By increasing the production of the youth population, developed countries are counted in the category, but by any effort, the natural resources we have lacked cannot be attained.

Considering that the depth of natural resources is limited, all countries with high populations must make efforts to stop population growth.


Effects of population growth

  • Environmental pollution: The main cause of environmental pollution is population growth, increased industrialization, and the machines (AC, Frize) we use to pollute the gaseous atmosphere of the vehicle.
  • Struggle of life: A qualified person has to struggle a lot for the job due to overcrowding, as the number of claimants increases enormously.
  • Unemployment: The main reason for unemployment is population growth, the increase in the number of illiterate and uneducated people in the growing population is also causing unemployment.
  • Poverty: Unemployment is born as a result of excess population and poverty is caused by unemployment.
  • Uncertain climate change: due to the large population, the excessive exploitation of natural resources causes great damage to nature, its clear result can be seen in the climate, without rain, excessive heat, etc.


Measures to reduce the population.

  1. Family planning: The benefits of family planning must be promoted globally as a propaganda movement.
  2. Increasing the Age of Marriage: Increasing the age of marriage will reduce the population growth rate.
  3. Determination of the scope of childbirth: the government must determine the extent of the offspring in their compatriots.
  4. Dissemination of education: When a person receives an education, her mindset changes and she understands the benefits of family planning.
  5. Sex education: from the beginning, we try to hide things related to sex, Children do not want to talk to the elderly in this regard. This results in a lack of knowledge that people become parents or give birth to more children.

The conclusion

Just like every currency has two aspects, both the gain and loss of population growth affect society, but the loss is much more than profit, so we must all take the problem of population growth seriously. for a secure future. Many types of problems increase with the increasing population in the world. Which fills our lives with difficulties. To solve the problems, we must first make reasonable efforts to control the population.

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