The mysterious valley of Shangri-La | Those who went to this lake did not return

Shangri La Valley


There are still many mysterious places in the world that have not been discovered and their mystery remains till today. Then whether we talk about the Bermuda Triangle or the, in the Himalayas.

You will be surprised to know that there are many mysterious places in our country, which have not been solved yet, and these are the places most people are unknown.

Today we will talk about one such lake, which is called a bloody lake, Like the Bermuda Triangle, this lake also swallows anything that comes around it. The name of this lake is Shangri La lake(The lake Of No Return), so let’s start.

Most of you will be unaware that India is a mysterious lake in the area of ​​Pangsau near the border of Burma which is famous for its mysterious events.

The length of this lake is about 1.5 kilometers but its width is not the same everywhere. If we talk about its maximum width, it is slightly less than about 1 kilometer.

In ancient times, this lake was 2.5 kilometers from Stilwell Road, which is today known as Ledo Road.


Story of Shangri La Valley

It is said that a very big story is hidden behind the name of this “Shangri La lake”. According to the story, there was a major incident during the Second World War in which American planes made an emergency landing of the lake at night time considering the area as a flat area, killing many employees. Since then the lake came to be called “Lake Of No Return”.

Let us tell you that the Shangrila Valley Lake exists on the border of Arunachal Pradesh in India and falls in the Pangsau area of ​​Myanmar which is home to the Tangsa tribe.

Many stories related to this lake are famous. It is said that there was a fight between the British and the Japanese during the Second World War. At that time, the Japanese wanted to occupy the whole of Assam, but to thwart these intentions of the Japanese, the British sent a large army consisting of artillery and armored carriages beside the troops which were sent to Burma by this route. But suddenly the whole army mysteriously disappeared as soon as they reached near the Pangsau Pass.

On the other hand, the Japanese also sent a large army to occupy Assam. She too disappeared as soon as she reached this area. No one could understand where the two armies went. There was a lot of effort to find those soldiers from both sides but no one could get success.

Later, when the help of helicopters was taken to find the missing soldiers, the crew made a very surprising statement. He told that this lake looks like a huge marsh when viewed from above.

According to another story, when some American soldiers working here went to test this lake, they could never return.

Due to this, people living in the area say that sometimes strange and mysterious voices are heard here at midnight. The most surprising thing in all these incidents is that several attempts were made to take a photo of this lake, but no one got any success in that. Some people speculate that this lake emits some strange and mysterious “Electromagnetic waves” that prevent the camera from taking photos.

Some researchers who have researched about this lake say that there may be a base of aliens here and they do not want any human to come here to do research on them and get any kind of information.

Talking about the people living around this lake, they say that there used to be a village on the banks of the lake. Once the people of the village caught it by a fish from the lake whose size was very large. In the joy of fishing, it was decided to have a celebration in the village.

Everyone was invited to the ceremony, but an old woman and her granddaughter living in this village did not participate because they did not like it all. They felt that something was wrong somewhere and due to this fear, both of them went from the village towards the forest.

It is said that the same night, it settled in the lake. There is another story similar to this. Long ago there used to be a village near this lake and the people of the village used to come here to catch fish. One day the people of the village decided that they would have a celebration in the village. They started preparations for this and the people of the village caught much fish from the lake for the feast.

But among those fish were the children of three Gods who took the birth of the fishes. This was told by an elderly man of the village because the Lord himself had said in his dream to leave those fish in the lake. The elder told his dream to everyone and requested them to release the fish in the lake but the people of the village did not listen to him. Unhappy with this thing, he left the elderly village and went somewhere.

It is said that the next day when that old man came back to the village, he saw that the whole village had been destroyed and he could see water instead of the village. Local people believe that there is a huge organism in this lake that swallows every human going to the lake.

Today, the same place has become a tourist destination for both Indian and Burma countries, but still, the area around Shangri La Lake is barren. Even after much research, no one is aware of this lake.

The awe of this place is not only in humans but also in birds and animals here. They are afraid to go near this lake. If you ever went to see this lake, you will see that no bird or animal is seen here far away.

Friends, this lake of “Shangri La Valley” is as mysterious as the time of the second world war. It has been many years that have passed but still, this lake has not been solved to date.


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