10 Great Fun Facts About Antarctica

Fun Facts About Antarctica

There is a place in the southern part of the Earth that covers an area of ​​14.2 million sq km. Even though these places are bigger than Europe and Australia, there is nothing but snow here.

A place due to which there is life on earth. Otherwise, if its ice melts, it will destroy humanity. This place is not limited to snow only. Antarctica has hidden so many secrets and facts inside it that humans have not yet discovered. So today we are going to tell you some fun facts about Antarctica that you have not heard yet.


1.The snowiest place on earth

Even though Antarctica is the snowiest place on Earth, it is also the driest place on earth, “Dry Valleys” in Antarctica is a place where not a single drop of rain has fallen for nearly two million years. The humidity here is so low that snow does not freeze even after the cold. and the place remains completely dry. Its more dry place is nowhere in the whole earth.


2.Melting of all Antarctica ice

We know that the temperature of the Earth is increasing and we ourselves are responsible for it. By the year 2100, the average temperature of the Earth will increase by 2 ° C. Not only this, the temperature of the earth will increase so much that all the ice of Antarctica will not remain as a glacier and it will start melting due to which the sea level of the earth will increase by 70 meters and most of the earth will be underwater.

According to which we are destroying the earth, according to that, in the next 5000 years, all the ice of the earth will melt.


3.The first person born in Antarctica

There are 5 to 10 thousand people living in Antarctica who have gone there only for research, but on 7 January 1978, a girl named Amino Marco Palma was born in Antarctica and became the first person to be born in Antarctica. At the same time, ten people have been born in Antarctica.

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4. In Antarctica, lakes, and mountains exist under snow

You may have seen the mountains just above the ground but in Antarctica, 4800 meters (4.8 k.m) below the snow there is a mountain named Gamburtsev Mountain which is 3000 meters high. Not only this, but there is also a liquid water lake called Vostok 3.7 km below the ice sheets of Antarctica. At the same time, 200 lakes have been detected in Antarctica.


5. fun facts about penguins in Antarctica

The Penguin population is the largest in Antarctica. About 40 million penguins live here, and three percent of the glaciers in Antarctica are made up of the penguin’s urine because the urine accumulates as soon as it comes out of the penguin’s body. In Antarctica, in winter, Female penguins go to the sea to escape the cold, and the mail penguin guards the eggs in the cold. That is, the mail is tortured everywhere.

Well, this is not the case with penguins because Mel Emperor penguins are warm-blooded due to which they feel less cold. In the Female penguins go to the sea to escape the cold,1994, a rule was made that no human being outside of Antarctica could take the animal species there.


6. Earth’s tilt in Antarctica

Just like we have night and day here in 24 hours. This is not the case in Antarctica. Once the sun rises there in September, it takes time till March to wane. At that time there is a summer season. The winter season is from March to September. At that time there is only night and the sun does not come out for six months.

This happens in Antarctica because these locations are in the south pool of the Earth, which is only able to withstand the sun for six months due to the tilt of the Earth and it has to spend the next six months in darkness.


7. There is no evidence of Antarctica greenery

You can find greenery on every continent on Earth, but Antarctica is a continent where there is no evidence of greenery. There you will not even find a leaf.


8. Antarctica also has an ATM machine

You may not have expected this thing, but there is also an ATM or Automated teller machine in Antarctica where two ATM machines are installed. It has been installed at McMurdo station of Antarctica where around one thousand people do research.


9. Finding fossil evidence in Antarctica

A few years ago a fossil was found in Antarctica. This fossil was a cocoon from which the butterfly originated and this cocoon was five million years old. The butterfly cannot survive at such a low temperature. But cocoons have been found here five million years old, so it is clear that the view of Antarctica was different from 50 million years ago. Perhaps there is greenery here too.


10. Mammals are not found in Antarctica

Antarctica is the only one. Where no ant is found nor any mammal is found. So friends, some interesting facts related to Antarctica, how did you like the article, tell us in the comments and like and share the article.

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