6 Unsolved mysteries of Himalayas that scientists could not solve

Mysteries Of Himalayas

“Himalaya” is such a place wrapped in a sheet of ice, where it seems as if someone has come to another world and the Himalaya is so big that its expansion is spread over five countries in which India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and China come. the Himalayas are made up of 1500 glaciers and inside it up to 1200 KM of clean water has accumulated.

In addition, one of the world’s largest rivers, the Indus, the Ganges and the Brahmaputra originate from the Himalayas. And there are many such things about the Himalayas, some of which you will know and some not, but today we are going to tell about those unsolved mysteries of Himalayas. Scientists are also constantly trying to know the real reasons for this.


1. Unexplained Atmosphere

Where the environment is going so bad all over the world that it is difficult to breathe properly and everywhere you will see pollution. But if we talk about the Himalayas, then the view is different because people living in the Himalayan valleys cannot even touch diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, arthritis, leprosy, skin diseases.

Where the environment continues to wreak havoc in other cities, the health of the people in the Himalayan region states such as Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh is far better than the health of the people of other states These people lead healthy lives.

If we talk about Tibet, then the people there live for an average of 100 years, which is a big deal in itself, why this happens, no one has come to know yet. But if you also want to lead a healthy life then you can definitely go to the lap of the Himalayas.

Friends, it is believed that most of the gods and goddesses resided in the Himalayas, and here was the place of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Along with that, the kingdom of Indra also used to be in the Himalayas. you will find mention of these things in mythology as well as in our Vedas and Puranas. Where you will find the place of many deities settled on the Himalayas Mountains.

Now think for yourself that the place where the Lord Himself resides, what wonderful powers will exist at that place. Because these are the places where for thousands of years those wonderful powers lived which are running our earth today and if you enter the Himalayas then you will feel the magic of millions of temple idols on one side of the world. The magic of Himalaya winds on one side


2. Human originated first from Himalayas

You may not know this thing, but some such fossils have been found in the Himalayas, which are the oldest of all the fossils found in the whole world and so far no older fossils have been found than these, From this, it is clear that the origin of man is from the Himalayas.

The biggest proof of this is also that human beings need fruits and others to survive in this world and both these things are present in sufficient quantity at this place.

Along with this, many universities have also done research on the Himalayas continuously and everyone gets stunned to know new secrets of Himalayas every time.

But as much as scientists have told so far. It is very clear from him that till now old fossils like the Himalayas have not been found anywhere else and This is proof of the fact that, it may or may not be the first human being originated from this place in the world and this is the reason, the gods also used to reside at this place.


3. Mysteries of Caves and Temples of Himalayas

If we talk about monasteries and caves, then so many secrets related to them are present in the Himalayas that humans will not be able to understand. But let us tell you that many monasteries and caves associated with Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu religions are present in the Himalayas.

It is believed that there are many such ascetics in these caves who have been doing penance for thousands of years and you must have heard many such stories and stories where most of the ascetics go to the Himalayan mountains and do penance so that they can attain God.

Gyanganj math, Joshimath, Hemis math, etc. There are such monasteries on the Himalayas, as well as thousands of such miraculous caves like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Amarnath, etc., where the common man cannot go and For this reason, till now we could not get to know anything about the sages doing penance at those places.

The most mysterious thing about the secret spiritual place in the Himalayas is that the age of the sages who do penance at these places comes to a standstill, due to which there is no bus of time running at this place. There is no force of time in those places where they have been doing penance for years.


4. Mysterious Animals of Himalayas

If we talk about the animals found in the Himalayas, the first thing that comes to mind is the Yeti. If you do not know, then let us tell you that yeti are those creatures who are also called snow humans, that is, whose body is much bigger than ordinary humans.

But the snowman is a little bit like monkeys and a little bit like us humans. And in a way, they are also considered to be very mysterious creatures, which till now are heard only in tales, but from the people living near the Himalayas to the mountaineers who climb Mount Everest, Everyone has claimed to see such snow humans.

Even more than 30 scientists claim that such snow humans are still present in the caves of the Himalayan mountains, but where and how they are, no one knows yet. Moreover, everyone is not even aware of how long they have been living in this place.

Those people who have seen these snow humans, strange incidents have happened to those people and then they came to life touching death. That is why no one has seen such snow humans in their fully awake posture. And even if they have seen, those people could not reach them and for this reason, even scientists are not fully aware of them yet.


5. Store magical herbs

Now if we talk about the miraculous herbs present in the Himalayas, then there is no doubt that these places are completely miraculous and how can the trees and plants of that place be deprived of this miracle.

For this reason, trees and plants growing in the Himalayan mountains act as wonderful herbs and we all know the biggest story related to it that Lord Hanuman had to bring Sanjeevani herb from the Himalayas to save Lakshman Ji’s life.

The Himalayas is the only region that has a wealth of herbs from all over the world. The forest wealth of the Himalayas is incomparable and millions of such herbs are present at this place which are not only effective for curing any disease for the individuals but can also double the life of a human being.

Yes, so many powerful herbs are present on the Himalayan mountain, provided no one has the right knowledge of them. Which herb is used in what way and for this reason, we have not yet fully known these herbs?

There are many other such herbs whose secret is found in Atharvaveda, Ayurveda, and other texts of herbs. Even Maharishi Charak has written in his Charaka Samhita mentioning the Himalayas that Himalaya is the best of divine medicines.

That is, you can say that the Himalayas is such a place that the treatment of any disease is contained within itself.


6. Mysterious places in the Himalayas

By the way, there are many such villages in the Himalayas where the mobile network does not work at all and your mobile phone is able to run only by going to some high peaks. But there are also mysterious places in the Himalayas from where if you go a step away, then your mobile phone will not work.

But when standing in that place, your mobile phone will work perfectly which is quite surprising. Now no one knows why this happens, but it is certain that there is a long line waiting to stand at this small place.


So these were some such unsolved mysteries of Himalayas, which scientists have not been able to find out yet. Now tell us what you have to say about the Himalayas by commenting.


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